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2015 May 28
by Worldwide Hippies

0faab70ff626bcb9e8294a00f326515a664eec1626aa541cd8a783f4c5d685caBy Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE – 

It seems as I write this that today my ex- Senator (ugh) is going to announce that he is running for President, AGAIN. Now, I could chuckle along with the pundits that SANTORUM will be running. It does make for some well- deserved jokes but he did far too well last time out.

If I was confident that he and Huckabee and the other men that wave their pious reputations like a perv waves his prick to get attention (and book deals and speaking fees in their case) I could laugh as Lil Ricky wedges himself in that clown car. I’m not though. I have watched this guy for years and since he is still considered a hometown boy he has been on local news repeatedly. Nope, Rick believes in the repressive uber- pre-Vatican II Opus Dei Christo-Taliban world view. I’m older than he is and I was raised in it so I know exactly how he sees a perfect world and it isn’t remotely American. Hell, this Pope wouldn’t want it.

So today, sweet hippies I’m going to give myself and you all a little ditty to sing or hum to keep out any Santorum that tries to creep into your minds. I love this song. It’s from the late 70’s. Hope you enjoy it. FISH HEADS!



Leaking Fukushima containers could lead to hydrogen explosions

2015 May 26
by Citizen Journalist Exchange
Reuters / Kimimasa Mayama

Reuters / Kimimasa Mayama

Posted at; – Containers holding contaminated water at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant are at risk of hydrogen explosions, with 10 percent of them found to be leaking. As many as 333 containers may be defective, according to TEPCO.

The first leak was discovered by the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), on April 2. The discovery prompted an inspection of other containers at the site.

Twenty-six of the 278 containers examined by May 20 had some sort of leak or were bleeding from their lids. There are a total of 1,307 containers at the plant.

According to TEPCO, the leaks and bleeding were likely caused by hydrogen and other types of gases that resulted from the water’s exposure to high levels of radiation. Those gases appear to have accumulated in sediment at the bottom of the containers, expanding the volume of the liquid.

TEPCO reported its findings during a Friday meeting with a study group from the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA), which expressed concern about the potential hazards of accumulated hydrogen build-up in the containers.

“If the concentration level is high, a spark caused by static electricity could cause a container to [explode],” an NRA official told The Asahi Shimbun.

Although all the container lids were supposed to be fitted with pressure-release valves to allow gases to escape, the inspection determined that one did not have that mechanism. Further review of the delivery records showed as many as 333 others may also be defective, a TEPCO official said.

However, TEPCO stated that no radioactive water was found to have escaped outside the concrete structures that encase the containers.

“We think the possibility of an occurrence of hydrogen explosion from these storage facilities is extremely low, since there is no fire origin, or anything that generates static electricity nearby,” TEPCO spokeswoman Mayumi Yoshida told the Telegraph. Continue reading…

Memorial Day Thoughts

2015 May 25
by Citizen Journalist Exchange
Sherry Pasquarello,

Sherry Pasquarello,

By Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE – 

I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend in the comments sections of some on-line peace/anti-war groups. I see it quite a bit around holidays like Veterans Day and Memorial Day. I’m talking about the folks that have a, “demonize the solider” mindset.

These commenters, though well-meaning in their opposition to the horrors and in a lot of cases, stupidity of war, imagine the possibility of everyone just laying down arms and refusing to fight. Oh blessed day if that were a possibility!

I was of the age during Vietnam to see a lot of my friends and fellow classmates from area schools drafted. A lot of those, younger than my generation don’t understand just what it took to resist the draft. We were raised to believe deep down in our hearts that America could do no wrong. That whatever the government said was the truth. Some kids saw the lie in that. Some didn’t. Some avoided the draft. Some went. Some came back. Some didn’t. Those that came back were forever changed. We still knew nothing about PTSD and this was the first war where returning troops didn’t have time to decompress with fellow combat vets coming back from the battlefield on ships or trains, they went out and came back on commercial airlines, alone. Some were reviled but by and large it was their service being ignored that caused the most pain. We as a nation tried to ignore the whole bloody mess.

On a personal note, I had many arguments with my dad (a WWII vet) over Vietnam. He was of the John Wayne era. In the end even his faith was rocked to its core. He saw the bodies on T.V. every night and he saw wounded boys at our V.A. every time he went (which was a lot). He saw Nixon at the end and realized the chanting protestors were right. I actually felt bad for my father. Imagine your bedrock foundation turning to sand.

There are those still that believe with all their heart that military service is a necessity. Sadly, I believe it too. Human beings as we are, I doubt we will be beating swords into plowshares anytime soon.

This being America we are entitled and free to have our own opinions. I’m not putting down those that look at our soldiers with suspicion but I’m just here to say that I don’t.

I will give time to thank and remember those that died. It is the very least I can do

I’m dedicating this column to my very good and much missed friend Steve M. he passed a few years ago from a cancer due to being drenched over and over by Agent Orange in Vietnam. Steven was absolutely tireless in helping fellow vets along with volunteering at his kid’s school and lending a hand whenever and wherever needed. He did the service at my father’s funeral. He left behind a wonderful wife and two sons and more friends than he could count. To me, and to the V.A., he died from his service to our country and I honor him this day.

Peace and understanding

Voting Works

2015 May 21
by Worldwide Hippies

th-1By Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE

Yeppers, if enough people get motivated for a candidate or an issue it does indeed work.

Here in the Burgh we have a Lord High Muckety who had a real hate on for someone already in an office. Why? Because this person took her position seriously enough to butt heads with the Lord High at times; now this person had little in the way of campaign finances and her opponent not only had the cash, he had the Lord High’s backing. The Burgh pretty much goes the way any Muckety wants but not this time. Nope, money and influence and the “old boy’s” network WAS trounced. I was thrilled.

In a smallish town in the Burgh they had yet another vote to stop being a “dry” borough. They’ve been trying to change that for years so that alcohol can be sold or bought. The business district really needed the law repealed. You can imagine why. Well, this time it happened. Voters turned out. They listened to the financial reasons and showed up instead of just complaining.

We can make a difference, sweet hippies and social justice advocates! We just need to show up. Don’t listen to the naysayers and the jaded pundits. Just show up.


Hippies, nudity, and Don Draper: Inside Big Sur’s Esalen Institute featured in ‘Mad Men’

2015 May 20
by Worldwide Hippies

1024x1024By Peter Hockaday, SFGate -Warning: Spoilers ahead. But if you’ve seen the “Mad Men” series finale you know Don Draper finds some modicum of peace along the California coast in the show’s closing scenes.

The stunning coastal views weren’t CGI. Jon Hamm, Matthew Weiner and co. were spotted filming around Big Sur in 2014, and the retreat where Hamm’s Don Draper lands looks a lot like the Esalen Institute.
The famed coastal center was started in 1962 by Michael Murphy and Dick Price, and counts famous musicians, writers, and spiritual thinkers among its famous visitors.

Here’s an article from the Chronicle in 2012, the center’s 50th anniversary, that paints a wonderful picture of Esalen along with some of the classic photos above. From the dawn yoga to the spartan cabins, hints of the “Mad Men” finale abound. So grab a Coke and read on:

4 Modern Hippies Communes

2015 May 20
by Worldwide Hippies

Posted at; -When most people hear the word “commune” they might not be too excited about the images they get, but what we see are communities that encourage a simpler lifestyle. More importantly, they encourage a simpler lifestyle with the goals to assist the environment or our common man. While not everyone has thought about joining one of these communities, we have pondered it, and here are some of the great communities that still exist today that we love!

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

1. The Farm

The Farm was founded in 1971 in southern central Tennessee and focused on the style of simple, communal living. Much of the community is solar powered, and it also encourages composting and living smartly with nature. While some of the original ideals haven’t stuck around, such as a total community living, much of this community is still still very intertwined with the central community ideas of nonviolence and some buddhist teachings. While each household now needs to provide support, it allows the community to still flourish. Currently The Farm consists of over 4000 livable acres, including both homes and businesses to allow income to both the residents and the community. Continue reading…