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2015 February 26
by Citizen Journalist Exchange

imagesBy Sherry Pasquarello, WWH/CJE – 

Yes, I’ve been unfriended on FaceBook. This is something that rarely happens. Oh, some folks drift away over the years but this was an unfriending with an explanation.

Now, I have to preface this by saying that I don’t segregate my friends by groups. I made it clear that everyone and anyone was welcomed and to just respect each other. I have political people alongside of my literary buddies and my friends here and abroad, my friends in my Neurofibromatosis and childhood cancer/brain tumor groups, B movie lovers, food groupies, religious/non-religious organizations, sweet hippies…

I figured we could all interact and enjoy learning from each other. That’s how it’s been- for the most part. I do have friends and family that keep me separate for the fact that I post A LOT or that their work place might not approve of my take on things. I fully agree with their hiding me.

I have trolls pop up. Who doesn’t? I post/ repost quite a few political articles. I have the time to find them and check them and dig if need be. Funny/sad truth- a lot of the time I find the original articles in the back pages of my morning paper-way down at the bottom by the edges. I can just about promise that if you get your news at the on-line version of a newspaper you won’t have the time to see those articles. Like I said before- being older and having the time I can find many things that most people are way too busy making a living to look for.

This man though, he wasn’t a troll or one that I really knew well. Want to guess at what made him unfriend me and tell me that (I am paraphrasing) the internet and FaceBook, I suppose, was an amazing thing and I was posting “EVIL” which he didn’t care to see. He wanted happy things. The article was about a televangelist that wants us all to know that buying Girl Scout cookies supports lesbianism and a host of other things offensive to his version of GOD. Me? I like to point out fanaticism in any sect including Christian ones. I think we need to see and accept that we have individuals and groups here in OUR country -that are rooting for a theocracy every bit as repressive as any in the Middle East.

Now, as to my former FaceBook friend, I’m not sure what he needs to see every day. I do post kitten and puppy videos and recipes, jokes and poetry and artwork but hey, I wish him well. I’m just not the type to pretend that America is chock full of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows along with the occasional unicorn farting glitter. I hope he finds his niche. I understand the need to decompress, or burn out. If Chuck ever stops selling jewelry on evine on cable I might not be able to drag my old carcass out of bed in the mornings. I don’t buy. I just watch.

Fair well my ex FaceBook buddy. You said we could be friends again if I stopped posting the types of things that I do. No chance so all I can say is,



Harsher Punishments for the Obese and Hippies

2015 February 26
by Worldwide Hippies

punishmentBy Matthew Hutson/ – We like to think of our moral judgments as consistent, but they can be as capricious as moods. Research reveals that such judgments are swayed by incidental emotions and perceptions—for instance, people become more moralistic when they feel dirty or sense contamination, such as in the presence of moldy food. Now a series of studies shows that hippies, the obese and “trailer trash” suffer prejudicial treatment because they tend to elicit disgust.

Researchers asked volunteers to read short paragraphs about people committing what many consider to be impure acts, such as watching pornography, swearing or being messy. Some of the paragraphs described the individuals as being a hippie, obese or trailer trash—and the volunteers judged these fictional sinners more harshly, according to the paper in the Journal of Experimental PsychologyGeneral. Questionnaires revealed that feelings of disgust toward these groups were driving the volunteers’ assessments

A series of follow-up studies solidified the link, finding that these groups also garnered greater praise for purity-related virtues, such as keeping a neat cubicle. If the transgression in question did not involve purity, such as not tipping a waiter, the difference in judgment disappeared. “The assumption people have is that we draw on values that are universal and important,” says social psychologist E. J. Masicampo of Wake Forest University, who led the study, “but something like mentioning that a person is overweight can really push that judgment around. It’s triggering these gut-level emotions.” Continue reading…

Who Are the Hippies? National Review. August 8, 1967 …

2015 February 26
by Worldwide Hippies

NationalRev-1967aug08by WILL HERBERG / – EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article first appeared in the August 8, 1967, issue of National Review.

The hippie movement, if indeed it can be called a movement, confronts the curious observer as a strange paradox. On the One hand, it is generally held to be part of the New Left, itself a vague conglomerate of youthful and not so youthful malcontents, pronouncing the most frightful imprecations upon our society and culture, and threatening the most ferocious assaults upon things as they are. On the other hand, these hippies appear to be so harmless, so peaceful, so utterly absorbed in love and bongo. Where do they fit into the picture of the New Left?

Who are the hippies, what are they? Most emphatically, they are not to be identified with the old-line beatniks, with whom they may have some tenuous historical connection. They do not have the truculence, the menacing air, the ideological ferocity of the old-line beatnik; they do not congregate in foul dens in the slums. They are the “gentle people,” sun worshipers, love-mystics. No, they are not beatniks; but what are they?

THE SECESSIONISTS The sociology of the hippies is not yet well understood or sufficiently investigated. But what we do know suggests that they are largely young, though many approaching middle age may be found among them; mostly of good middle-class families, and with some education. They say they cannot stand the constraints, the conventionalities, and the hypocrisies of our society, and so they have determined to secede and establish their own “joy” society in the midst of ours, but inwardly dissociated from it. They are inner expatriates, going off to live their authentic lives, not to Paris or the South Seas, but to the sidewalks, parks, and beaches of our big cities, particularly on the West Coast, though we are not without our experience of them in Mayor Lindsay’s Fun City as well. They seem to associate in tribes with odd names — the best known of which is perhaps the Oracle Tribe — and they flaunt their tribal banners when they settle down in a park or on a beach. And they have their tribal beads, which they rattle. Their dress is unconventional, but not uniform, as was, or is, the case with the beatniks; one can find them in bathing suits, togas, sarongs, blue jeans, miniskirts, even leather jackets (the old beatnik garb). Lately, some of the girls have taken to disfiguring their faces with scrawls and inscriptions, relating to their hippie slogans or their tribal membership. The few children among them — they are still below school age — are brought up in the hippie way as “flower children.” In the wintertime, they are holed up in the “bohemian” quarters of the cities (the Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco near Golden Gate Park is widely known as Hippieland); or else they pitch their tents just anywhere, hungry and homeless. It is the warm parts of the year they really look forward to: life is easier, and besides they can worship the sun. Scores of thousands of hippies gathered on the public beaches of Los Angeles and San Francisco toward the end of June to welcome the summer solstice with appropriate songs and ceremonies. And many have remained there since.  read more…

Arlo Guthrie serves up ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ with wit, wisdom at Birmingham’s Alys Stephens Center

2015 February 24
by Worldwide Hippies

medium_Arlo Guthrie11.jpgBy Mary Colurso | / Posted at; – 

Let’s not call Arlo Guthrie a nostalgia act.

His brand of music is smart, funny and folksy, reflecting an admirable social consciousness. Although many of Guthrie’s best-known songs were written decades ago, they remain sharply relevant and highly entertaining.

All of this was evident on Feb. 21 when Guthrie, 67, performed with his band at Birmingham’s Alys Stephens Center. The 8 p.m. show, Guthrie’s first appearance here in six years, is part of a 50th anniversary tour celebrating the 1965 events that inspired his famous storytelling song, “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree.”

The 18-minute, 34-second opus made its initial appearance in 1967, as the first half of Guthrie’s debut LP. It tells a satirical tale of Thanksgiving dinner, garbage dumping, blind justice, draft boards and the Vietnam War. Performed in talking-blues style, the tune provides a satirical, “Can you believe this?” commentary on American politics and culture.

Because of its length and lyrical complexity, “Alice’s Restaurant” hasn’t been a staple of Guthrie’s setlists. But he’s resurrected it this year — much to the delight of fans — and made it a potent centerpiece.

As expected, “Alice’s Restaurant” was the highlight of Saturday’s show at the Stephens Center, prompting chuckles from audience members who seemed to revel in the song’s wry familiarity. Guthrie performed it with an easy confidence and grassroots grace, making listeners feel as if they’d simply ambled onto his back porch for a spell.

In fact, the entire concert had a warm and welcoming quality, as Guthrie moved through 15 tunes that ranged from “The Motorcycle Song” to “Highway in the Wind.” The mood of each piece varied — whimsical, wistful, cynical, joyful, funky, idealistic — but Guthrie took the rainbow of emotions and melded them into a seamless whole.  Continue reading…

Ranting on Rudy

2015 February 23
by Citizen Journalist Exchange

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 7.58.01 AMBy Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE – 

Where shall I begin? I think by now almost everyone has been reminded of just what Mr.” noun a verb and 9/11” past is. His shameful treatment of two ex-wives and his affair while still in the Mayor’s mansion is well documented as is his lending out a little place for poke and tickle for his buddy Bernie K. Even worse were his decisions for the safety and readiness after the first world trade center attack. The ONLY thing he was good at was acting the part of savior after the terrible events of 9/11. His demeanor was exactly what was called for during those dark days and weeks. Frankly given what we now know of his character it isn’t surprising that he could have pulled that off.

He is, in my mind a THUG. That is all that he is. A thug, who had great power but no different than any street thug with a powerful gang and good connections.

Like most with great power he let it go to his head. Many have been brought down by their own sense of self importance and he’s well on his way down that hill. His arrogance has made him open his mouth and say things publicly that a man with less of an ego would only say among family and friends and a wiser man would keep to himself. I am in NO way condoning what he said. I’m just stating the facts.

Like most egotistically people he refuses to apologize, even if it would be a lie. No, he is so convinced of his own power that he doubled down. Imagine having the gall to say that the President wasn’t brought up like you and me. The President was brought up by a grandfather that served in WWII and a grandmother that worked for the war effort. Who was Rudy’s dad? A convicted FELON!

Now, on to MY personal Rudy rant- I’m the granddaughter of Italian immigrants. I grew up with my grandparents. I saw them every day of my life until my grandfather passed away when my daughter was 5. My grandmother moved to Florida to live with my uncle a few years later but she came back to Pittsburgh every summer and passed on when she was 93. So I am well versed in how old world becomes new world. I also know how my grandparents and my mother and her brothers had to live down the stigma of the mob. Was it fair that my grandparents had to spend years disproving the belief that all Italians were thugs? No, it wasn’t but the people in the town came to realize that not all Italians were to be feared or looked down on. My grandfather had fifty years in a steel mill when he retired and my gram was looked on as everyone’s gram that walked through her door. They raised 4 kids that all went on to good middle class lives. The entire town showed up for my grandfather’s funeral. Not bad for a man whose neighbor slept with a gun when my grandparent’s first moved to the town because the “wops” were coming.

So, I take the very existence of an Italian-American man like Rudy as an insult. He’s a caricature, a stereotype in the flesh. Sadly, there are some like him. But, to me he is an embarrassment, not only to those of us with Italian heritage but to all of us as AMERICANS. We can do better.


Magical Streets Shaded By Flowers And Trees

2015 February 22
by Citizen Journalist Exchange

beautiful-streets-trellis-canopies-1__700by Lina D/Posted at; – The Japanese observe the spring blossoms as a part of hanami – the appreciation of the transient beauty – but you don‘t need a deep, philosophical meaning to enjoy a leisurely stroll down these picturesque streets. And for those of us still in the icy grip of winter, they‘re a nice reminder of the coming spring.

Walking down such a street can be mesmerizing, but there are practical advantages, too. Apparently, tree-lined streets help with all sorts of heat-related urban problems, increase evapotranspiration (evaporation and transpiration from the Earth’s surface) and encourage walking and cycling.

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View more images Here - This list is by no means complete, so if you have your own photos of beautiful streets, please add them – don’t be shy!