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Academic Prostitution

2015 January 26

By Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE –

Yep, hooking for college tuition. Well, servicing a sugar daddy to be precise. Damn, what is wrong with us as a country when you have two choices ; either work two or more minimum wage jobs and live like a monk or look on a site that pairs you up with a man old enough to be your dad and become his property.

I was reading the Sunday paper and there was a front page article on this sad state of affairs (no pun intended. An affair has emotion. This just is just financial agreement).

I’m not judging. If faced with that choice now I very well may have been looking up that website. Face it, how far can a young adult go in this country without an education. Imagine having the desire to attain an education and the drive to achieve and not have any way to pay. Our government has been cutting back on grants and loans. If a student can get a loan they are saddled with debt for decades after graduation. College has become something only the very wealthy can accept as a given at the birth of their children.

This is not only wrong ethically, it’s bad for our country in many ways. An economy NEEDS a populace that can afford to buy the goods it produces. That’s Capitalism 101. What the uber-wealthy seem to ignore is what happens when to an economic system when it can’t. Maybe they intend for the majority of us to work in sweatshops to produce goods to be sold to Saudi Arabia and up and coming, China. The robber barons here will still make out like fat rats and we will learn firsthand what it’s like to live in a factory dorm.

Yet, the Republicans would have us believe that paying for two years of a community college for our own kids is a plot from the pits of hell. Hey, remember how many of us bitched (and still do) about sending aid overseas instead of using the money to improve ourselves? Well, here’s to improving ourselves without our daughters having to find a sugar daddy. When are we going to wake up and see what is going on before it’s too late? Other countries have FREE education for their citizens. How about us?



Honalee pays homage to ’60s folk era in fresh way – Hutchbee: The Bee

2015 January 25
by Worldwide Hippies

By Ryan Christner For The Bee

Posted on Jan 13, 2015by Ryan Christner

When A Band Called Honalee takes the stage Saturday at the Fox Theatre, it will be a homecoming of sorts for the modern-day folk trio.

While the group is based in New York City, singer Sarah Randall Hunt is a Kansas native from Leawood. The performance at the Fox will be the first in Kansas for the band, which, as the name implies, honors the music of Peter, Paul and Mary and other 1960s folk artists while putting on its own modern spin.

“It just means a lot to bring this music … to a home crowd,” said Aaron Gandy, producer and music director for A Band Called Honalee.

It was Gandy who assembled the group in 2009, the year that Peter, Paul and Mary’s Mary Travers died. Each original member – Chris Ware, Eli Zoller and Hunt – comes from a different geographic background, but they all had an appreciation for the classic songs, and Ware said there was a “wow” moment when they sat down together to play for the first time and their voiced “clicked.”

Four new members joined Honalee in November, creating a seven-person team that can be divided to bring their music to more audiences. Saturday’s concert at the Fox will feature the founding three, plus background bassist Danny Stone.

The group’s name is taken from a line in the refrain of “Puff, The Magic Dragon” that tells of how the creature “frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honalee.”

Reintroducing the music of the ’60s to contemporary audiences was one of the primary goals established by the group, which believes that the songs of that era contain powerful messages that still resonate with people and are applicable to modern life.

“Bringing this music back to life was one of the things we all felt strongly about,” Gandy said. “It’s still relevant.”

“This music really speaks to people on a personal level,” Hunt added. “It’s music for the people. That’s what I like about it.”

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Provocative Chilean writer Lemebel dies

2015 January 24
by Worldwide Hippies
Chilean writer Pedro Lemebel poses for a portrait before a presentation at a local theatre in Santiago Chile.

Chilean writer Pedro Lemebel poses for a portrait before a presentation at a local theatre in Santiago Chile.

From Herald staff with AP , Télam, – Fervent activist for gay rights is best known for fierce critique of country’s dictatorship

Pedro Lemebel, a valiant critic of the Chilean military dictatorship who famously attended an opposition party meeting wearing high heels and a hammer and sickle painted on his face with the slogan “I speak for difference,” died yesterday at the age of 62 after a battle with larynx cancer.

Lemebel died around dawn yesterday at a cancer treatment facility where he had been hospitalized, said Héctor Núñez, a spokesperson for his family.

He said that the cancer in his larynx “tried to take his voice away, but what could leave Lemebel without a voice? His voice exists and persists.”

“Pedro was a tireless creator, a social fighter, a defender of freedom and a voice representing the forgotten that never went out. For many of those who feel that they are orphans or a country that does not represent or welcome them,” said Chilean President Michelle Bachelet in homage to the writer.

Bachelet’s Culture Minister Claudia Barattini also paid tribute, saying that Lemebel “opened up a path to freedom, broke double standards and obliged us to recognize a complex and diverse Chile.”

Isabel Allende, president of the Chilean Senate and daughter of former Chilean president Salvador Allende, said “Pedro Lemebel, a talented and and brave writer has left us.We owe him a great deal for the lifting of taboos, and being counter-dictatorship and close to the people.” Salvador Allende was the first Marxist elected to power in Latin America in 1970 and was overthrown by a military coup headed by Augusto Pinochet in 1973.

Lemebel will be remembered for his resistance and criticism of the dictatorship.

Born on November 21, 1952, Lemebel freely expressed his homosexuality during a time that it was a taboo in Chile and almost nobody “came out of the closet.”

He wrote in Hablo por la diferencia (I speak for difference), “I defend what I am. And I am not that strange. Injustice sickens me. And I have doubts about this democratic dance. But don’t talk to me about the proletariat. Because being poor and gay is worse. You have to be acid to bear it. It’s to take on the machitos of the corner.”

via Provocative Chilean writer Lemebel dies –

Sex, drugs, ‘vices’ depict hippie culture in drama

2015 January 23
by Worldwide Hippies
Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

Posted at Northern Star Online: Scene

A drug-fueled adventure of a man searching for his ex-girlfriend — or what sounds like an average Friday night in DeKalb — is the subject of the film “Inherent Vice,” released Jan. 9.

Joaquin Phoenix stars as Larry “Doc” Sportello, a befuddled pothead and private investigator who is dragged into a web of infidelity and mystery by his ex-girlfriend Shasta, played by Katherine Waterston. Shasta warns Doc that her current boyfriend’s wife and her illicit lover are planning a scheme to rob Shasta’s boyfriend, Mickey Wolfmann, of all his money, and they want to cut her in on it.

Shortly after, Shasta goes missing and Doc investigates her disappearance, navigating through drug-infested ’70s California in search of answers. His search leads him to a brothel, a real estate mogul, a broken family and a drug cartel.

In a film filled with eccentric performances, Josh Brolin has the best as “Bigfoot” Bjornsen, a Los Angeles detective who has an unconventionally ambiguous relationship with Doc. Bigfoot ranges from trusting Doc as a colleague to actively finding ways to screw him over.

Michael K. Williams and Reese Witherspoon also have brief, forgettable appearances as a black supremacist convict and a lawyer, respectively. Read more…

Ask Old Hippie – How Has the Marijuana Culture Changed Since the Sixties?

2015 January 23
by Worldwide Hippies

legalize2BY  · “Over your many years of smoking, can you describe the prevailing attitudes and culture surrounding cannabis and how you think they’ve changed over the decades? Also, lingo and phrases you might have heard over the years would be cool too.”

Let me start with the lingo, because I wrote this up awhile ago and now is the perfect time. Beyond that…I never heard of “smoking out” or “smoking up” anyone until I found /r/trees. It was “getting high with”, “turning on”, “smoking grass with”. We called it “grass” among ourselves; “pot” was something parents or news media said. “Turn on”, of course, was part of the phrase that Timothy Leary made famous, and it was instantly used for everything from LSD to weed (another word we never used) to sex to hobbies (“I turned my friend on to playing guitar”).

We never had your generation’s terrifically descriptive word “hotboxing” (if we even had a word for that, I forget), or “nugs” or “buds”…because they didn’t exist then! All we ever saw was powder or crushed leaves (and twigs, and seeds…often all mushed together in what’s called “brick” today). Even on the rare occasions when we got good stuff (all the legendary names like Panama Red, Acapulco Gold, and Maui Wowie), it was pretty much in either of those two forms. Of course, this was “back East” in NYC, so anything had to take quite a long trip before it got there. Every once in awhile, some amazing stuff came by that was reputed to be home-grown, but I’m sure any growing amateur today knows more than virtually anyone did back then.

Anyway, my point is that there was another legendary type called “sinsemilla”, meaning “without seeds”, and none of us had even seen it. Fast forward to me walking into a dispensary for the first time this year…and the word is obsolete, because everything is sinsemilla buds! Just imagine how I felt after all those years…I didn’t even recognize the stuff — although all I had to do was smell it to know it was “the right stuff”

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Oink pt. 2

2015 January 22
by Citizen Journalist Exchange

0By Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE – 

Yes, I watched the Republican rebuttal to the SOTU speech. I shut my eyes at one point so that all I could do was listen to her voice. She sounds amazingly like Michele Bachman. Try it the next time Ernst is on. I’m betting you’ll have plenty of opportunities in the coming years.

She has the same wide eyed unblinking stare as well. Frankly, I don’t trust people that try to convince me of anything while not blinking. I think they are trying to look sincere but they just look guilty. She did manage to keep from breaking into a quasi- religious “come to Jesus”/REPUBLICAN moment.

Mostly it was the same old stale message the right wing has been shoveling. It was almost funny to hear the doom and gloom over “Obamacare” and jobs right after the President’s speech. I do have to say almost because really it’s just insulting my intelligence after 6 years of watching this President clean up the mess left by the last President.

What left the lasting impression after her speech was the tone. She talked down to the nation. It was as if we were children and she had that tone that a lot of adults take as they are explaining why the child had to eat liver and onions. Hey, liver and onions was thought to be good for us. Turns out it wasn’t so healthy. There were a lot of other ways to get iron in a kid’s diet. There are other ways that are better for our country, but those right wing hard liners just keep forcing us to sit at the table with congealed liver.