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A Family Hits the Road

2014 August 31
by Worldwide Hippies


The family on the road.

The family on the road.

By Jessica Lehrman,NYT - 

RUSTED ROOT’s song “Send Me on My Way” is blaring as my sister, Cassidy, winds our little Nissan Sentra through the serpentine roads of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. The fresh basil my dad bought as a “car freshener” is wilting on the dash, adding to the smells from our dirt-covered clothes, rich with the odors of helping out at a friend’s farm.

This is our last big stretch in a six-week summer vacation. I crossed 3,365 miles with my sister and my parents, now asleep in the back, resting their heads on the stack of clothes and food that has created a thick median between them.

My life has always been a trip. I’m actually the only one in my family who currently has a home, a Brooklyn loft I share with three roommates. When this family road trip began, my sister had just returned from a nine-month trip to Europe where she tried out rural life in Ireland. Before she left, she shed her home in Los Angeles, where she is an actress. My parents had been on the road for almost a year, traveling and looking for the next place to land, for a bit at least.

Our lives have been this way, in constant motion and flux, since I was 9.

It began when we were living in Tucson, having moved there to be closer to my dad’s family. My mother wanted a bigger, safer car in which to drive us to school. One day on the way home, I spotted the most perfect vehicle that a 9-year-old Grateful-Dead-T-shirt-wearing child could ever imagine: a 21-foot Toyota Dolphin motor home with a “For Sale” sign. My mother and sister were just as excited as I was, and so we rushed home to get my dad. The four of us drove back to look at the Dolphin and as we got out of our small car and my dad took in what was before him, he gasped, “Betsy, you can’t take the kids to school in that thing! It’s a house! If we bought that thing we’d have to change our whole lifestyle.”

Then, as if I had just done a Vulcan mind-meld, his gaze turned to awe and he muttered, “I’d like to change our lifestyle.”

This wasn’t completely out of the blue. My parents were part of the Woodstock generation and both had backgrounds in experimental living and education. Dad was once the director of such new-age educational centers as Interface Foundation in Boston and the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, N.Y., and both my folks lived in the Findhornecovillage in Scotland, but at different times. (The fact that my parents were born next door to each other but didn’t connect until their early 30s is a whole other story.) As alternative as our lifestyle already was in Tucson, Dad was yearning to turn our family years into a life of adventure. Within two months, my parents pulled my sister and me out of school, out of our choosing community filled with hippies and artists, and into both the Toyota motor home and the great unknown of the open road before us. Continue reading and view slide show…


Enforced Silence: Uncovering the Steubenville Rape

2014 August 30
Deric Lostutter

Deric Lostutter

By Diana May-Waldman WWH/CJE- Deric Lostutter, 26, the Anonymous hacker, who was instrumental in exposing the rape of a 16-year-old girl in Steubenville, Ohio could face 10 to 20 years in prison for publicly posting photographs and tweeting information about the case.

The convicted rapists, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond were slapped on the wrists with one to two year sentences. They will both also have to register as sex offenders for the next 20 years.

Rapist Richmond served a year and has returned to Steubenville High School where he continues to play football.

The whole situation surrounding the crime reads like a bad movie. It’s apparent to me that this is one huge cluster fuck. The code of silence and cover up for this crime is huge.

See, when something bad happens, we get all up in arms. We re-post on social media, we make public outcries and demand justice — until it dies down and something else comes up. There hasn’t been any real justice in this case. I just can’t let this go. I want justice. Rape is a crime. A serious crime. All those involved in the rape and the cover up got away with it.

It was the summer of 2012 when Mays and Richmond sexually assaulted the girl who was incapacitated by alcohol. I don’t believe in re-victimizing the victim, so I am not going to go into detail about what these rapists did to her. They raped her and they photographed her and they shared those photographs on social media. They joked about it. Their friends joked about it.
Numerous adults and educators were charged for their alleged roles in the case, including a volunteer football coach sentenced to 10 days in jail for making false statements and enabling underage drinking. A wrestling coach was sentenced to 20 hours of community service for failing to report the rape. They wanted to sweep the entire crime under the carpet.

They almost succeeded.

Lostutter said he heard about the crime sometime in December. Donning a Guy Fawkes mask and using a computer generated voice, he then made a video. He posted it to the schools fan page. He threatened to release personal information of the football players, including their social security numbers if they didn’t apologize to the rape victim by Jan. 1, 2013.
“You have attracted the attention of the hive. We will not sit tightly and watch a group of young men who turn to rape as a game or a sport get the pass because of athletic ability and small town luck.”
Lostutter said he admitted being the guy in the video, but has always denied hacking Steubenville’s school page, Big Red. He said his goal was to stick up for a rape victim and expose the cover up. read more…

Revolutions Per Century; A brief history of American protest music

2014 August 29


From left, the Hutchinson Family Singers, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and N.W.A

From left, the Hutchinson Family Singers, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and N.W.A

By August March/ Posted at; / –  Driving home from the Black Spirituals concert this weekend, KUNM 89.9 FM transmitted Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” into the car. Back at the casa, events in Ferguson, Mo., continued to unfold on CNN. Popular American music continues to speak to issues affecting our culture. From perpetual war to police militarization to racial tensions and troubles afflicting our nation, music plays an essential role in defining, documenting and urging the struggle for social justice forward.

Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Full Band Version)

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Consequently the history of protest music in the United States is particularly interesting these days. It can be observed as a cohesive and constant stream charting our culture’s progress or lack thereof. It’s impossible to speak to its historical impact comprehensively in one article, but even a brief discussion of its brightest practitioners reveals a national commitment to progress.

In the mid 19th century, the Hutchinson Family Singers established a dialogue about slavery, women’s suffrage and the effects of war. Focusing their efforts on pacifism and equal rights, the Family advocated for progressive change in four-part harmony well into the 1880s. This early American singing group offered a glimpse into the future of activism and popular American music.

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Predating widespread cultural awareness of social hierarchies preventing equality, spirituals gave voice to the oppressed. These songs served as symbolic iterations of the role of faith in survival under the dreadful conditions of slavery. In the dark soil of the American South, these “startling flowers” and “strange fruit” thrived. Spirituals provided a means of transcendence for enslaved African-Americans whose voices and intentions rose up through their song. This oral tradition gained strength as it traveled from ear to mind and back, providing an evolving basis for a belief in (and hope for) cultural change.

After the Civil War, it was plain to see meaningful revolution of values was a long-term goal. By century’s end activist/author James Weldon Johnson penned poetic lyrics that became emblematic of the nascent civil rights movement. “Lift Every Voice and Sing” debuted at a celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, and it’s still revered by many as the black national anthem.

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The dawn of the 20th century brought some advances to causes served by protest music, but necessary, radical change failed to manifest. This resulted in an increase in the output of music composed to elaborate on themes of social justice. The labor movement and Great Depression spurred an expansion of music created in the spirit of righteous revolution. Activist and IWW member Joe Hill contributed powerful songs calling for equitable wages and better living conditions for the working poor.

Continue reading at;

In Case You Didn’t Read It The First Time: An Open Letter to Steubenville Rapist and Coach

2014 August 28
by Citizen Journalist Exchange
Diana May-Waldman,

Diana May-Waldman,

By Diana May-Waldman -WWH/CJE-

An open letter to Steubenville High School, Coach Reno Saccoccia and Ma’Lik Richmond.Hey, Ma’Lik Richmond you kind of fell under the radar. Slipped right by. With all the news about Robin Williams, most barely noticed you. But, I remember you.You were a high school football player who was one of two guys who raped a 16-year-old girl.
You and your buddy raped her and others stood by and recorded it on their phones. It was a fun night, right? I mean, some of your friends even made reference to the girl being as dead as Nicole Simpson…talk about re-victimizing a victim.

Anyway, so now you’re back on the team and your coach said he really doesn’t feel they are giving you a second chance, but instead stated that you earned another chance.

Numerous adults and educators were charged for their alleged roles in the case, including a volunteer football coach sentenced to 10 days in jail for making false statements and enabling underage drinking. A wrestling coach was sentenced to 20 hours of community service for failing to report the rape. A coach gets 20 hours of community service for NOT reporting it? A football coach is sentenced to 10 days in jails for making false statements. Trustworthy bunch here, eh?

Richmond lawyer stated, “The past sixteen months have been extremely challenging for Ma’Lik and his extended family. At sixteen years old, Ma’Lik and his family endured hardness beyond imagine for any adult yet alone child.”

Endured hardness beyond imagine for any adult yet alone a child?

You’re an idiot. Sixteen months? And you call him a child? Hardness beyond imagine? My stomach is churning.

How is rape not “hardness beyond imagine?”

It’s not like you were caught stealing a music CD for Walmart. You raped a girl. It’s not like you cheated on a test or didn’t make your grades. You raped a girl. It’s not like you stole your parents car and took it for a joyride. You raped a girl.

THAT’S HUGE. Rape is rape. RAPE.

Not even sure why you would even want to play football. I would think you would kind of bow out gracefully and keep your head down. Keep it down in shame. I don’t know, I just thought maybe you would be embarrassed or something. I mean, you raped a girl. You are now a Tier II Sex Offender and have to register every 180 days for the next 20 years.

Yeah, you raped a girl.

I read that the Jefferson County Chief Probation Officer said that there was no law that says you can’t play and you weren’t violating an OSHA rules. Maybe the word “violating” should be the key word here. You violated and raped a girl. You raped a girl.

Then he added that he thought the “boy” should play. You’re 18 years old. You aren’t a boy and you weren’t a boy when you raped that girl. You knew better.See you get to go on. Maybe even get a scholarship or be a football star. You get to be rewarded.

But, what about the girl you raped and what about the message this sends to females everywhere?

See there is this thing about RAPE. Once the physical evidence is gone, the inside stuff stays for a long time. And people can’t get a grip on what they can’t see. If you have a black eye, it’s evident. You look at the person and see they clearly have a black eye. It’s the same with broken arm, or an open wound. It’s obvious. But, do you have any idea how to heal something invisible to the naked eye? Can you cut open a heart and remove the sadness? Can you stab into a brain and control the fear, the humiliation, the devastation?

The girl doesn’t get to go on unscathed. This will be with her for the rest of her life.

You shouldn’t play football. You don’t deserve to.

I did not forget what you did and I will keep fighting for women. I have to.

I will keep urging people to be outraged at what you have done. You raped a girl. It’s that simple. Take your lumps and move on.

I urge all others to sign the petition and let Steubenville Schools know that FEMALES matter. All of them. Rape is wrong. It’s really wrong.


2014 August 28


U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Keith Rumler, 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron, assists his son Bruce, 9, with a M249 Squad Automatic Weapon during Job Shadow Day, Kapaun Air Station, Germany, April 22, 2010.

U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Keith Rumler, 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron, assists his son Bruce, 9, with a M249 Squad Automatic Weapon during Job Shadow Day, Kapaun Air Station, Germany, April 22, 2010.

By Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE - 

What is WRONG with people? I don’t care if you believe in owning guns. I don’t give a “Rats ass” for your reasons. No one-

NO ONE, should hand an Uzi to a nine year old CHILD and try to teach her how to use it!!!! It is bad enough that her parents decided this would be a good idea, but the firing range owner that set the age limits and the instructor who paid for that decision by having his head blown up were equally at fault, maybe more so. After all, they knew the power and the kick back of that weapon. I will give the parents the benefit of the doubt- UNLESS the mom or dad fired it first and knew it as well.

A gun range is not an amusement park ride.

I’m not sure, is this some sort of a bragging rights thing among gun toting parents groups now? You know a variation the “my kid is an honor student” theme. At the next SECOND AMENDMENT meeting of the “Don’t tread on me” crowd- do they get bragging rights because little Suzy learned how to shoot a submachine gun over the summer vacation?

This little girl is going to have PTSD. Oh you bet she is. Childhood trauma can last throughout a lifetime. This I can vouch for first hand. Nightmares are the least of the effects.

This incident won’t be the last truly fucked up example of parenting but I hope at the very least it makes some gun lovers think twice.



The Taser Photoshoot Original (Stun Gun)

2014 August 27
by Citizen Journalist Exchange

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.01.56 AMFrom YouTube Fstoppers Fans - Photographer Patrick Hall films people’s reactions as they get tased with a handheld stun gun.