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‘Kids die, govt lie!’ Ex-mayor exposes real scale of radiation in Fukushima

2014 April 23
by Citizen Journalist Exchange

RT LIVE Nearly three years ago, Fukushima nuclear plant disaster forced thousands out of their homes. This also led to deaths of many more. Tokyo claims the effects are all but gone; however disturbing facts sometimes rise to the surface. To shed some light on the mystery of Fukushima Sophie Shevardnadze talks to former mayor Katsutaka Idogawa.


Hippie Digest; new illness affects aging hippies – Marijuana: The Natural Viagra? – trash rise after 4/20 – Grateful Dead Live at Market Square

2014 April 22

a_3x-horizontalMarijuana: The Natural Viagra?

“I discovered the cure last night,” my friend Celia* announced. Ever since going on antidepressants, she’d been suffering from a common SSRI side effect: difficulty achieving orgasm. “And the cure is, wine and weed and half a tablet of Cialis.” She’d discovered it “by accident” while dating a jazz blogger who liked to toke. She needed all three components, working in concert, to achieve that which had once come naturally: “Smoking weed has always been awesome for my sex life. It makes orgasm much easier. I felt like a teenager, only I was also using a drug meant for elderly men, so I guess I felt like a retiree?” A retiree in California, I suggested, or another state where medical marijuana soothes the elderly. “Yeah, like those cool retirees you see on CNN these days,” she agreed. High and sexually enhanced — the ideal here was an aging hippie with a medical-marijuana card and a boner-pill prescription.

Marijuana has been cited as an aphrodisiac in ancient texts and folk medicine, but treating sexual dysfunction is not among the approved uses for medical marijuana in the states where it is legal. But that doesn’t mean users — both legal and illegal — aren’t enjoying sexual side effects. “I believe there are three broad categories of usefulness for this remarkably nontoxic drug. Two of them are quite available, namely, recreation and medicine,” explains Dr. Lester Grinspoon, the retired Harvard Medical School professor known as “the grandfather of modern medicinal cannabis research.” “But there’s a third category, the capacity to enhance a variety of human experiences. There’s one that comes to everybody: the capacity to turn an ordinary dish into an extraordinary culinary experience. And the second is sexual experience.” More…


Woodstock reunion but no sex in VW camper vans please, we’re pensioners

Woodstock reunion but no sex in VW camper vans please, we’re pensioners

Doctors say they’ve found a new illness that affects aging hippies in their 60s.

Nostalgius Betterus, a symptom mostly suffered by those who miss the good old days and who believe life was so much better, has no cure but concerns are growing after an increase of men and women – who are now grandparents and great grandparents – and their unusual behavior.

Richie Sadmore, a 67-year-old pot-bellied bespectacled man riddled with arthritis still wears his Jimi Hendrix T-shirt.

He said: “It only recently hit me how much I miss Woodstock. If I could turn the clock back I would. I’d put on my sleeveless Afghan jacket, get fucked out of my head and swim in mud slides.” More…

Mountains of trash rise after 4/20 pot party in S.F.

After the masses departed and the smoke cleared, workers descended Monday on Golden Gate Park to bag up and truck away all that was left behind by those who celebrated the pot holiday of 4/20 – an annual event that again tested the patience of some residents and city leaders.

While thousands enjoyed Sunday’s informal smoke-out, police arrested 11 people around Sharon Meadow, and paramedics tended to four others. Traffic in the area was jammed all day. And officials estimated the cleanup cost would exceed last year’s tab.

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“Our goal is to provide clean, fun, safe parks, and there’s a lot about this event that certainly isn’t safe, and it’s certainly not clean,” said Phil Ginsburg, the general manager of the city park department, as he watched employees scoop up piles of trash.  Read and view More...

Grateful Dead Live at Market Square Arena on 1981-12-05

Alabama Getaway-> Promised Land, Friend Of The Devil-> CC Rider, Cumberland Blues-> El Paso, Ramble On Rose, Passenger, Bird Song-> Let It Grow Shakedown Street > Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance, Big Railroad Blues > Playing in the Band > Drums > Space > The Wheel > Playing in the Band > Stella Blue > Sugar Magnolia, E: One More Saturday Night

Collection: GratefulDead
Band/Artist: Grateful Dead
Date: December 5, 1981 (check for other copies)
Venue: Market Square Arena
Location: Indianapolis, IN


Let’s Talk Equal Pay, Sex Discrimination, Harassment and Rape

2014 April 22
by Citizen Journalist Exchange

feminis_difference_lgby Linda Wolf ,WWH/CJE -

There’s been a lot of rhetoric and exaggeration about equal pay, equal civil rights and sexual harassment.  We’ve all read and heard how IF the ‘Civil Rights Act’ of 1964 were up for a vote today, it wouldn’t pass Congress as the  Republican/GOP (Grand OLD Party) wouldn’t allow it. God forbid, the ‘Act’ would try to level the field to make every person equal.  The GOP knows that isn’t supposed to happen. Recently, the U.S. Senate denied the “equal pay for equal work” act.  Seems they  truly believe that women should make less money than a man, even when they are doing the same job. The Republicans convoluted reasoning:’ it would let corporations be sued somehow, or that women who make the same as men won’t be able to find a man and get married.’ Basically, they’re “telling us women” that equal pay for equal jobs is “condescending” .  According to ‘them’, they are trying to tell me what I should or should not feel. That’s about as bad as telling a rape victim it was the victim’s fault.

None of their rabble rousing headlines nor speech make sense when weighed against the facts. So, let’s talk about the facts of  Equal Pay, Sexual Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Rape.

“Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964″ is known as ”Title 7′. “Title 7″ became federal law in 1964. In part, it reads “Congress guaranteed equal rights to all the U.S. Citizens”…to “confer jurisdiction”, giving the government the first ability to help those who are treated unfairly or different, to “provide in relief against discrimination”.  Title 7 explains being treated differently “because of sex” or “on the basis of sex” which includes ” pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions”.  The Act guarantees equal treatment in employment, health insurance, abortion, and health insurance benefits.  Read it for yourself at:

Those are the factsThe law. The law that explains what to look out for and who to turn to. The law that was meant to assist people. All people. Broken down in simple terms, The Civil Rights Act became law because it was to aid people, not corporations. All people. Not a certain few. Congress, the people we voted in to represent us, agreed and passed BECAUSE of Congress’ willingness to help those less fortunate. To give everyone the same rights, not a chosen few.    The law protected those who were ‘different’ because of the color of their skin, or for their sex.

Even though Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of law passed fifty years ago, we’re still fighting the same battle.  Discrimination because of sex/color/age/gender/. Statistics from the “BLS”  (Bureau of Labor Statistics), demonstrate that women make less money than men. Even when doing the same jobs.  The average is about .77 less an hour than men, give or take a few cents.

Yet, the GOP is telling us that as women the “equal pay” act is being talked down to us as “condescending”.  I’m still trying to comprehend that.  Are you telling me that because I make less money, I shouldn’t be upset and/or get it?  That somehow there are going to be MORE lawsuits if I make the same amount of money as say, ‘Pete’ in the next cubicle?  It’s no secret Pete has a tendency to sleep, drool and surf porno sites on company time, but BECAUSE he’s a man, he should make more than a woman?  Tell me how that’s fair. read more…

Could Mind-reading Technology Become Harmful?

2014 April 22
by Citizen Journalist Exchange

urlby Harry J. Bentham, posted at; -  

The increasing detail at which human brains can be scanned is bringing the possibility of mind-reading appliances closer and closer. Such appliances, when complete, will be non-invasive and capable of responding to our thoughts as easily as they respond to keys on a keyboard. Indeed, as emphasized in the Lifeboat Foundation’s 2013 publication, The Human Race to the Future, there may soon be appliances that are operated by thought alone, and such technology may even replace our keyboards.

It is not premature to be concerned about possible negative outcomes from this, however positive the improvement in people’s lifestyles would be. In mind-reading appliances, there are two possible dangers that become immediately obvious.

Danger 1: “Thought police”

Brain-machine interfaces have many possibilities that deserve to be explored by science. However, there are also potentially dystopian threats presented by this technology. Even technologies like personal computers, which were seen as liberating to the individual and not aligned with powerful governments, have also become windows that regimes can use to spy on their citizens.

If hardware eventually allows words to appear on screens simply because of a thought, and the appliances are still vulnerable to hacking or government pressure, does this mean minds can be read without consent? It is very likely that any technology sensitive enough to respond to our thoughts could be programmed by a regime to intercept our thoughts. Even if our hardware was not originally designed to intercept thoughts on behalf of the authorities, the hardware would already meet the requirements for any program written to intercept thoughts for policing and political repression.

The potential negative consequences of mind-reading technology are equivalent to those of “uploading”, the futuristic concept of transferring one’s mind to computers as popularized by Singularitarians, usually following the ideas of Ray Kurzweil. There is a real threat that a technological singularity, as depicted in Kurzweil’s The Singularity is Near, could strengthen a flawed social system by giving the authorities the intrusive ability to monitor what it sees as deviant or threatening thought.

Danger 2: Accidents

It may be that manual or verbal control, still depicted in science fiction as gifts that will be with us for many centuries and taken with humanity’s distant descendants to the stars, are just more practical than mind-reading. Even when limited to practical uses like controlling a vehicle or appliance, mind-reading may simply be destined to take away convenience rather than create convenience for the vast majority of its customers. Read more…


My Life With the Thrill-Clit Cult

2014 April 21
by Citizen Journalist Exchange
What is the secret to unlocking your personal potential and creating a more harmonious society? A San Francisco company says you can find it between every woman's legs. Gawker's Nitasha Tiku investigates, step by step.

What is the secret to unlocking your personal potential and creating a more harmonious society? A San Francisco company says you can find it between every woman’s legs. Gawker’s Nitasha Tiku investigates, step by step.

h2ww2bsjrf8liqz1tyjaBy Nitasha Tiku, posted at; -
“You can’t see Hendrix anymore because he’s dead, so you gotta go see Nicole stroke pussy!”

It was a summer evening inside San Francisco’s Regency Center and Eli Block, tall and toned, was trying to round up spectators for what was being billed as the largest live demonstration, ever, of “a woman in orgasm.” Block used to be an Apple Genius Bar troubleshooter. Now he works for OneTaste, a company devoted to a practice called “orgasmic meditation,” or OM, as an orgasm coach. He wore a navy-blue t-shirt that read “Powered by Orgasm.”

OneTaste has been operating at the distinctively West Coastal junction of the carnal, the spiritual, and the theoretical for nine years now, expanding from a San Francisco commune to a multi-city business. Its work has been validated by South by Southwest—the annual marketer’s paradise in Austin, Texas, that helped popularize Twitter and Foursquare—and TEDx SF, one of the idea conference’s independently organized confabs. It also appeared in the Tim Ferriss bestseller The 4-Hour Body. “The 15-minute orgasm”? That’s OneTaste.

This was the first night of OMXperience, a three-day August conference meant to “kick off the industry of orgasm,” with speakers including Naomi Wolf, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Sara Gottfried, and Robbie Richman, the former “culture strategist” at Zappos. Roughly 1,400 people had paid between $200 and $400 to attend.

The conference-goers had just wrapped up an “Art of Intimacy” workshop, and Block was herding them downstairs to the gilded Beaux Arts ballroom. Nearly half a century ago, and however many social revolutions ago, this was the Avalon Ballroom, home of two live Grateful Dead albums—and, legend had it, a jam session where Hendrix himself had joined the Dead. Read more…

There Was a Lot of News I could Comment On…

2014 April 21
by Citizen Journalist Exchange

acid-reflux-stomacheBy Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE -

Yes, quite a lot of things went on but most of it either made me incredibly sad or pissed me off to the point where I was talking /yelling out loud to no one and upsetting my dog. I also know that all of you out there reading this are well aware of the things that went on last week so it’s not like I’m being remiss in not telling you.

You see, I’m writing this on a glorious Sunday here in the Burgh and I really REALLY don’t want to get myself or Max upset. Not to mention Angus, my “grand pug” who is spending the weekend with me while the kids are spending Easter in Jersey.

I will say this; as badly as I wanted law enforcement to kick the collective asses of that mooching “taker” cattle rancher and his gun fetish buddies, I was glad that they didn’t. I am so angry that those “freedom” loving idiots were actually thinking about putting the women in front so the news agencies would film the federal government shooting them first that I had to chew up 2 antacid tablets in addition to my acid blocking prescription pills! This rich white rancher doesn’t believe in a federal government. He isn’t a patriot. Hell no matter how many generations his family ranched his land they STILL stole it from the Native Americans so maybe he should just STFU?

Me? Well, today we had our traditional Easter brunch. We had a frittata that thankfully we eat only once a year because it is a heart attack on a plate but soooo good. This year, my nephew’s fiancé also made a baked French Toast casserole, using an Eastern European egg bread with raisins. It was amazing and so, we have a new dish to add to our celebration. That’s the way life should be. We can honor and remember the old and welcome the new. Throughout my life there have been years with empty chairs at the table and those chairs have been filled with new family and new traditions. That’s the way of life. That’s the way it should be.

Every time I see a debate or a petition about removing “In GOD We Trust” and going back to the original, “E Pluribus Unum” I always side with the latter. Not only because I believe in the value of the separation of church and state, and I know the backstory behind the change, but because I truly think we need to understand the wisdom in the meaning of “out of many, one”. It was a revolutionary concept for any country and it made ours a shining example of the way things could and should be. It made us unique among all of the other countries. It meant something and it needs to come back. That bigoted hateful rancher and his little crew of thugs that obviously never has a freshman civics class in their sorry bitter little lives should read this phrase on every dollar bill that they have. Maybe then they’d understand that we are all in this together. Every citizen in every state in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we are out of many- ONE.