Domestic War on Drugs: more violence, more perfunctory dog killing, more careless tossing of flash grenades

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This Is Your War on Drugs | The Agitator

We have another video of a raid by the Columbia Police Department. The action starts at 5:30. There’s more violence. More perfunctory dog killing. (I didn’t hear a single menacing growl, and the dogs were shot while retreating.) There’s more careless tossing of flash grenades. (They threw five, then, bizarrely, two more “to prove that the previous 5 grenades had done no damage.”) This raid, once again, was for marijuana.

I’ve become somewhat inoculated to the outrage in many these stories. I think you probably need to in order to write about this stuff every day. But I was shaking while watching this one. Then I let out a string of profanities. Then I gave my dog a hug.

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  1. Jessie May 28, 2011 at 2:17 pm - Reply

    That makes me want to cry! The only reason they don’t legalize marijuana is because they haven’t found a way to tax it for everyone and keep people from growing their own plants. This is a bunch of B.S. My love goes out to the souls of those innocent animals that were brutally slaughterd!!!! STOP THE VIOLENCE AND THERE WILL BE NO ISSUE!!!!!!

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