Disney,Wal-Mart, Sears Faded Glory and the “Puff Daddy” Sean Combs used Bangladesh factory in deadly fire – How many politicians have stock or have worked for these companies? And why does Hillary Clinton get a pass,working for Walmart for six years?

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Has been Thug Rapper should be called out for his exploitation of child labor used to sew his Narcissistic Clothing line!

One factory out of thousands, used to exploit labor so assholes like Sean Combs  can flaunt their wealth! As your children unwrap their gifts on Christmas morning they will thank Santa. But the exploiters will thank you, for not caring enough to stop buying their junk. Who’s your Santa now?

FYI PUFFY; Slavery never ended. It was just outsourced… No matter what Spike Lee (The Great Black Exploiter) told you!

By JULHAS ALAM AP – DHAKA, Bangladesh — Amid the ash, broken glass and melted sewing machines at what is left of the Tazreen Fashions Ltd. factory, there are piles of blue, red and off-white children’s shorts bearing Wal-Mart’s Faded Glory brand. Shorts from hip-hop star Sean Combs’ ENYCE label lay on the floor and are stacked in cartons.
An Associated Press reporter searching the factory Wednesday found these and other clothes, including sweaters from the French company Teddy Smith, among the equipment charred in the fire that killed 112 workers Saturday. He also found entries in account books indicating that the factory took orders to produce clothes for Disney, Sears and other Western brands.

Garments and documents left behind in the factory show it was used by a host of major American and European retailers, though at least one of them — Wal-Mart — had been aware of safety problems. Wal-Mart blames a supplier for using Tazreen Fashions without its knowledge.

The fire has elevated awareness of something labor groups, retailers and governments have known for years: Bangladesh’s fast-growing garment industry — second only to China’s in exports — is rife with dangerous workplaces. More than 300 workers there have died in fires since 2006. More…

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