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American Dream or American Nightmare? — 4 Comments

  1. American Dream is not for illegal immigrants.

    Victoria’s story is one of heartbreak, she thought the American Dream was to come here and work hard, make money to help her family and have a family of her own. Yes, both her and Jennifer are illegal; however, this does not mean that they are not human beings. Instead of the “American Dream” they have gotten the “American Nightmare”. Victoria has been bullied, DCF stole her sister and her nieces, she wants her family but they say because she is illegal she can not have them, she can not even see them. This is not true and we have asked for this law and it has not been produced. She wants her family. And Ms. Jensen lawyer for DCF has taken both of these children and her sister and removed them not only from their family but their culture to give them to the “American” family she feels is more appropriate, the legal, white family. These children are wanted by family. Because she is illegal and Hispanic her civil liberties are worth nothing. I guess this is one way to stop illegal immigration, steal their children.

  2. Yeppers. :sigh: When I was still employed, before I was deemed an undesirable, I was amazed at the conversations that took place throughout the day in The Corporation that I was in. Upper Management having SERIOUS discussions about contestants on American Idol. Childlike anticipation of the show they would view that evening after work. People making at least 3-4 times my salary not including the extra perks they had. Yet *I* was the stupid one, the bad guy, cuz I did my job as an analyst and found half a million dollars that were wasted in a 4 month period. I didn’t know what I was talking about, so when layoff time came, they couldn’t shove me out the door fast enough. Being smart and honest are not qualities that anyone wants anymore. Smart people can see the bullshit. Most of the workers are afraid to say anything as they don’t want to lose their jobs. Better to stick to educating yourself about American Idol if you want to get ahead.

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