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8357784097_763f30cd28_z1-e1357586455959By Michael Bastasch,dailycaller.com/ – Environmental activists are protesting at the headquarters of TransCanada in Houston, Texas against the Keystone XL pipeline, with some briefly storming the lobby of the corporation’s office there.

“Right now 100+ of our friends have taken over TransCanada’s Keystone XL headquarters in Houston, Texas,” says the anti-Keystone activist group Tar Sands Blockade on its website.

The group is also calling on volunteers to bombard the energy company with phone calls against the pipeline, which will bring tar sands oil from Canada to refineries in Texas.

“You can help shut down work in TransCanada’s offices by flooding the phone lines all today to tell them we don’t want their dirty pipeline in anyone’s backyard,” the site adds.

According to the activist group, two protesters have already been arrested. The first person was arrested for “impeding an investigation.”

“Earlier today, about 80 protestors briefly blocked public access to the Houston office tower that houses TransCanada’s U.S. Keystone XL and Gulf Coast Project teams,” Transcanada spokesperson Shawn Howard said in an email.

“Small protests also took place at a key contractor’s headquarters in Wisconsin and at two spots on the Gulf Coast Project right of way in East Texas,” he added. “Work activities were not disrupted at any location.”

FuelFix reports that activists stormed the lobby on Monday morning, and now dozens of police officers — including officers mounted on horses — are patrolling the area. Read more…


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