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Hip Poetry .Hip Poetry 2012 is published by wind publications, available now on the Worldwide Hippies website, Amazon, and other fine booksellers.
 Hip poetry 2012 is an original work like no other, includes poetry, essays, and fiction from more than 50 of the most renowned and well-versed artists of our time, some representative of the “hippie” era, and some younger, fresher voices. all having the hippie ethos,that is the vitality and heart of Wordwide Hippies.


Founder of WWH, Joseph McEvoy

I would like to thank all of the wonderful people that volunteered their time and were committed to seeing this book become a reality.

And to all the great authors who donated their works to this book.

I personally Thank you. Your belief in WWH and your willingness to help support our efforts Leaves me humbled and forever grateful. (Joseph McEvoy, Founder Worldwidehippies) 

WWH – Citizen News Information Entertainment and community media outlet.

Who we are: – WWH is an online based privately owned (Website – Blog).
Started 2009.

The purpose of the site – to provide for the Citizen Journalist, the Artist, the Activist and the Individual – a new form of media outlet for their work.

Simply put, we are you and I together ~The People~
Who seek Peace, Justice, Love, Harmony – Promote Basic Human Rights and Positive Change in the world!

“To have a completely independent News and information Network, Worldwide.
Professional and non professional volunteers providing Information daily from the ground. This is my challenge”
Joseph McEvoy, Founder Worldwide Hippies

What We Believe: – Social Networks and current technology is a powerful tool to create change needed, so we work and gather, mingle, support and network and organize within a Online Community, while having fun doing so!

We Strive: – To embrace eclectic progressive people, from all ages and walks of life, with many diverse experiences, honoring each others experiences as useful, to foster positive solutions!

Worldwide Hippies Welcomes: – All Creative Free Thinkers
~by drawing from the spirit and history of hippies of the Sixties, while pushing forward from that retro era, to embrace NOW, with activism.

Worldwide Hippies invites You; ~Sharing your experiences is vital, as well as speaking for those who have no voice.

~We believe empowerment is crucial with accurate Media/News ~we the people~ reporting with opinion, as that vehicle, exposing tomfoolery and reserving the right to call foul where ever we see it.
~ We encourage each other to report on all levels ‘what’s happening’, through Neighborhood & Community News coverage not seen in Mainstream News being inclusive Globally.
~ Sharing the good news, those ‘bright spots’ that are working in our area’s that get us all through the day, in local communities as well as sharing the many silent injustices also is vital to our mission!

Worldwide Hippies HEART BEATS: – Through Activism.
~ By you sharing your talents, be that writing, crafting, art,graphic design, poetry, spiritualism, faith, photography, public speaking/ radio, education,music,video, film, career experience,hobbies organizing,encouraging others to use their talents. All efforts are welcome here and nothing offered is too small!
Worldwide Hippies is looking ; – for writers wishing to share content on this Site willing to own their words while respecting others opinions!

Worldwide Hippies operates as: – A grass roots community of volunteers world wide, who are happy for their service to receive an occasional bumper sticker, wrist band or T- Shirt for their efforts. And Love… Love is Love and we share it!
You are very welcome here!


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