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The Who: Live in Hyde Park – Iggy Pop & Robert Plant on seeing The Who live for the first time

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.38.53 AMFrom YouTube – This October, The Who’s epic 50th Anniversary Tour finale show is coming to cinemas, recorded at Hyde Park this Summer.

In cinemas from October 7th. Check listings and book tickets:

Come and experience (or relive!) all the greatest hits on the big screen, including ‘Who Are You’, ‘My Generation’, ‘I Can See For Miles’, ‘Pinball Wizard’, ‘See Me Feel Me’, ‘Baba O’Riley’ and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’. Plus Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Iggy Pop, Robert Plant, Johnny Marr and others share their stories of the band’s history and influence as legendary pioneers of British Rock.


Hippie Bashing: Photos at TIME Keep New Age on the Fringe

Schapiro-bliss-600x399Posted at; – I can say flat out – because I’ve had my share of engagement with “the New Age movement”— these recent photos at TIME really brought me down.

If you haven’t seen them, the distinguished photographer, Steve Schapiro, and his son, Theophilus Donoghue (who apparently is into summer music happenings with a new age bent), went around the country shooting what they describe as “transformational festivals,” “neo hippies” and (biting my tongue here) “bliss ninnies,” ultimately turning their bonding experience into a photo book. To Team Schapiro, the latter term, as provided in the post, refers to “insuppressibly optimistic people” with the “goal of an earthly spirituality … mostly achieved through open-eye meditation and ecstatic dancing.”

Sadly Wiktionary, among others, takes a less ecstatic view, identifying the term “bliss ninnie” as pejorative (no surprise), referring to:

“a Pollyanna … who might seem to prefer to retreat from difficult situations by professing seemingly irrelevant platitudes, rather than to directly engage with the difficulty at hand in a meaningful way.”


“A student who may seem to be intoxicated with spiritual teachings, but is ungrounded or untrained.”

Besides the frivolousness, what concerns me most — since you don’t see much mention or visual depiction of the spirituality movement in its multitudinous forms in the media — is the way a complex constellation of movements, traditions, disciplines and practices seem to be lumped together and turned into kitsch. In this case, it’s all in the name of ’60’s vapor trails and a hand full of eclectic summer events chock full of Woodstock-y scenes, interspersed with some encounter group action and a couple shots of asanas thrown in.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s fine that father and son went to festivals, ranging from “The Beloved” camping, art, and music festival, to “Electric Forest,” a kind of woodsy music festival with an electronic music emphasis, to “Mystic Rising,” still another festivalemphasizing “yoga, ecstatic dance, and native traditions,” to the certainly less transpersonal or tie-died Burning Man, to document the doings there. What does rankle, though — the photographs mostly plying the silliness-to-eccentricity spectrum of consciousness — is how, by association, it ridicules the silent masses engaging in health, growth and spiritual pursuits that somehow continue to be perceived on the cultural fringe. (The fact the kooky phrase “New Age” is still a primary descriptor is a case in point.)

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Secret society of ‘Dirty Kids’ crisscrosses America, landing in Central Pa.: Special Report |

By John Luciew | – They come by rail, illegally hopping trains to traverse America and ending up in central Pennsylvania quite by accident. They hitchhike, too, pulling into midstate truck stops along with truckers kind enough to give them rides.

They are known as “Dirty Kids.” It is a reference to both their disheveled appearance and the pungent body odor that most wear like a badge of honor. These young, modern American drifters have rejected some basic tenets of American society, shunning aspirations of getting a job and having a home.

These millennial migrants would rather be free. Their underground movement has grown into somewhat of a secret society that hides in plain sight as they travel the country on the cheap.

READ THE SPECIAL REPORT HERECentral Pa.’s ‘Dirty Kids’  

This summer, PennLive photographer Emily Kask and reporter John Luciew caught up with nearly a dozen Dirty Kids, charting their stay in central Pennsylvania and documenting their counter-culture philosophy and their crafty means of making money — all of it fuel for their endless, cross-country travels.

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International Coffee Day: 10 Interesting Facts About Your Cup Of Joe

international-coffee-dayBy  / – September 29 was International Coffee Day . That means it’s time to get deals on coffee , and also learn a bit more about the caffeinated drink that’s essential to our day. From insider barista knowledge to the geography and contemporary economics of production, here are 10 facts about your café, cafezinho , or cup of joe.

Arabica and Robusta: There are two main varieties or species of coffee plants. Arabica is the most widely produced, comprising about 75 percent of world production. Most baristas say that Arabica varietals taste better. Robusta grows faster and more cheaply and it’s more caffeinated.

Brazil is the largest arabica exporter, producing more than two million tons (four thousand million pounds) per year. With the Brazilian Real dropping drastically in comparison to the dollar, that coffee is getting really cheap, and exports could boom in 2015.

Vietnam is the largest robusta exporter. The country has a surplus of low-quality beans, and some of the high-quality varietals are actually counterfeit, according to The Economist.

You can grow your own coffee. This company has a detailed DIY guide .

Climate change is a threat to coffee crops around the world. Temperature rises in Central America are catalyzing the growth of rust fungus, according to the Guardian . Humanitarian groups fear increased malnutrition among coffee farming families.

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