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Take it Like A Bitch

serveimage-3by  Linda Wolf/WWH –

The other day, I heard something that bothered me  Someone was trying,  unsuccessfully, to plug their phone into a charger. Clearly it was not lining it up correctly because I heard him mutter, “Come on, take it like a bitch.”
What the hell does that mean?
Having a Bachelor of Science degree, my logic kicked in. ‘Tab ‘A” is not fitting into slot  ‘ B’. A former professor broke it down into simple terms. “‘A’ needs something to make “‘B’ work. So, why was it ‘B’s fault that ‘A’ didn’t fit?
There are reasons why this didn’t occur: ‘A’ was pointed the wrong way; i.e. a three way prong instead of a two way prong;  the device on the charger is turned upside down, not fitting into the socket; the wrong wrench is being used, the toner in the machine is loaded wrong or whatever, Bottom line? The two objects are not being connected correctly.  The reasons why  ‘B’ didn’t fit into ‘A’. is clear. No matter how its pounded, the round peg will not fit into the square hole.
That still doesn’t explain “Take it like a bitch”.
According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, ‘Bitch” is defined as: 1) “the female of the dog”  or 2) “a woman regarded as bad tempered, malicious, etc.” Per Urban dictionary, ‘bitch’ is defined as a “the act of whining..” “People who ride in the middle of a front center car meant for 2”; a “Modern Day Servant” and a “Term used to explain hardship”. Why is bitch so anti women? So whiny?    Further, how can an inanimate object be whiny?
Recently a  J.C. Penney Co. manager in South Dakota recently sent a sales person home because he deemed her shorts were ‘too short’.  Who determined what is ‘ too short’? More importantly, how did the length of her shorts determine her sales ability?  Want to take a bet of how many of her co-workers were coerced into calling her ‘a bitch’ by the management to the HR (human resources) department?  The funny part? Can you imagine the egg on his face when he found out she bought her outfit with her employee discount from J.C. Penny’s “Casual Business Department”?
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women in the work force outnumber the men. Sadly, even on the same ‘level’ as men, (i.e. doing the same job) women are STILL making  less than men, an 82% difference.. You want to blame someone? Blame the bureaucrats in the senate and the house. They consistently vote down equal work/equal pay. Either that, or blame her clothing.
Women and their appearance have been appearing all over social media.  somehow “HER” clothing caused impure thoughts.  For whatever reason, her shirts should not be low cut nor her shorts too short. That may cause a man to have ‘impure thoughts’. Heaven help us if she is raped, she must have  ‘asked’ for it by being too drunk or dressing “proactively”. After all, she didn’t “say” no.
This shit was thrown out years ago with the rape shield law where a woman’s dress or sexual history were not admissible in court NOR had a bearing on the case.  Scientifically speaking, there is NO logical connection to a woman’s clothing or her mental ability as in invitation for impure thoughts or rape. Yet, nowadays its the ‘B’s’ fault.
My friends and I define B.I.T.C.H. as: Beautiful, Independent, Truthful, Caring and Honest. B.I.T.C.H. We tell the truth and we speak our mind. If that offends you, we are not going to apologize. You chose to take offense.  For the record, speaking our minds is NOT considered whining. We stand up for what we believe in.
‘Sarah’ and ‘Chad’ were hired the same time in the same company. Years later, Sarah was passed over for a promotion despite the fact she had better ratings than Chad.  The reasoning? She wasn’t a ‘team’ player. Her opinions at the meetings were different than those in the majority. She just didn’t fit in.
‘B’ didn’t fit into A’s plans. A ‘bitch’.  Imagine that.
I smiled when I heard that same guy mutter in frustration. “Come on”.  Looking over, I watched him finally flip his charger to fit into his phone. I laughed out loud  when I heard him say “Ahh”.  I couldn’t help but wonder who truly was the BITCH.  :;-)


Banning Books

serveimage-1By Sherry Pasquarello/WWH – 

The 3rd of October was the last day of Banned Book Week. Every year I check on the new books added and the reasons why. Just now I checked in at the Library of Congress site online exhibition on books that shaped America.

I found that there are many on this list that I read in jr. high and high school that I did not see listed as books to read before 12 th grade graduation.

Then I looked up the list of banned and challenged classics.

Damn Skippy! THE CALL OF THE WILD by Jack London and FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS by Hemingway, THE JUNGLE by Upton Sinclair, THE LORD OF THE FLIES by Golding, 1984 by Orwell, THE GREAT Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, OF MICE AND MEN, Steinbeck…

WTF? I read all of these and more before I got out of school. No, they were not assigned but they were available and considered classics. I don’t have a problem with age appropriate guidelines but that is all they should be – guidelines for parents but every child is different and these books and others should be made easily accessible. I think they should be required reading in high school but that is just my opinion. As it was I read books that I bought from the paperback book circular list that we got in 7th and 8th grade that would probably have some parents up in arms today. I loved those book order circulars. They were discount priced because we ordered from the school. I remember reading A RASIN IN THE SUN and WEST SIDE STORY years before I saw the films. Geez, we are either not giving kids today credit for having brains or we are dumbing them down, by accident or design.

I think it’s far better to let kids read and then discuss with them if they have questions. Start with the classics and branch out. There are lists of new books that have been banned as well. Books aimed at teens and tweens that I find no fault with. Think how ass backwards we’ve become. We ban fiction and scare the hell out of our youth with terrorist boogeymen around every corner. We see kids killing kids every damn day on the news and school shootings almost as frequently but we ban Steinbeck? What a bunch of spineless hand wringers we have become. If our schools and local libraries have been frightened by the censors and their shrieks then please take your kids and grandkids to a bookstore and let them pick up a banned book-or two.


All Pope ALL of the Time!

serveimage-2By Sherry Pasquarello/WWH – 

Geez, now you know from my last column on the man that I have an admiration for the message he is trying to convey BUT wow, the media really needs to cool it. If you think its overkill where you live you should try living here in Pittsburgh right now. Not only are we close enough to Philly to drive, I think the local news channels are working with a skeleton crew because they’ve sent so many of their on air talent to cover every movement of this Pontiff.

Pittsburgh is still a Catholic town. You should have seen the coverage when the man two popes ago died. I swear even my gramma would have been flinging her rosary at her television screen!

Me? I swear they are negating all of the good things he has said while here by driving most folks crazy every time they turn on their T.V.

Think on this; IF we lived in a Theocracy (pick a faith-ANY faith) this sort of thing would be an everyday event. Minor I agree from faith based laws but still this is the type of thing that really wears on a person. Imagine coming home from a long day and instead of having a hour or two to unwind before bed and another work day, you get some anchor yammering on and on about what the head of the official religion decided to say that day. Folks tend to forget how religion can creep into everyday life. Remember the Blue Laws? I do, I’ve even read posts where some have called for them to be reinstated. Imagine your schedule as it is now and not being able to run to a store on a Sunday. Nothing is open and you just about have no entertainment but your T.V. WHICH will be chock full of holy and not much else.

Sound like your idea of life in America? If not, now is the time to make sure it doesn’t become our future. Vote!


The ’60s, Through the Notebook of a Rock Critic


 LORI MACK/ – Sex, drugs, and rock & roll — now there’s a phrase that conjures up images and memories of the 1960s. But of course it wasn’t all peace and love. The counterculture was completely intertwined with the serious challenges and changes that swept America in that decade, from civil rights and women’s rights to the trauma of Vietnam and the anti-war movement. The violence, turmoil, and clashes between the generations paved the way for a surge in self-expression and creativity. We saw it through protests on college campuses, we watched it in the marches, and — maybe most of all — we heard it in the music that would become the common thread that wove it all together.

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