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I’ve Been Thinking!

serveimageBy Sherry Pasquarello/WWH – 

Yes, I know, I get strange looks whenever I tell people that. Think about this though-

This is an unprecedented presidential Republican primary field. Not only because of the sheer number of people running but in the fact that not a ONE of those folks running would be even satisfactory at the job. Oh the pundits are having a great time with this group but honestly, the thought that one of them might become our next President scares me. I am certain that whoever becomes the nominee will take their direction from the robber barons that put them there ; that would be bad enough but think of the damage any one of these folks could do any time they make unscripted, off the cuff remarks dealing with other countries. I think that ever the puppet masters worry about that.

Recently I have been noticing little articles or small mentions in the media about Romney putting in his two cents on political affairs. Odd that, don’t you think? I thought so and then it hit me- what if later in the campaign season- after this crop of subpar people has begun to worry everyone, Republican and Democrat alike- Mitt comes in like a knight on a white horse? He would be the best of the bunch. I hate saying that, because he thinks he is better bred than anyone else. I truly dislike the old world notion of breeding. It is the opposite of what our country is supposed to stand for but yet it has lingered for centuries like a virus.

Far- fetched you say. Think on this, the Mormon Church just gave a donation to a LBGT group after the SCOTUS handed down its decision on marriage.

I am not sure if this whole Republican campaign is staged or if the puppet masters just have more than one ending to the play. All I can say is that I’ve been thinking and maybe you should as well and make sure to get out and work for your candidate and make it a priority to vote. I don’t like the thought of being manipulated.



Former pastor reacts to Cannabis Church: ‘1960s hippie’ | WISH-TV shows Pro-Cristian bias…

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 6.09.20 AMBy Howard Monroe/Posted at; – INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Some in the neighborhood surrounding the First Church of Cannabis are still unhappy it’s there.

“The guy has no developed theology, he has no doctrine of any version of salvation, no doctrine of end times, no doctrine of any sort,” said Ken Swan who lives nearby. “It’s basically 1960s hippie, lets-all-love-one-another-and-smoke-pot.”

The church is on South Rural Street, which is now lined with police tape and no parking signs.

Swan knows the church well, he was the pastor when it was the Hansing Park Christian Church.

He says when he was first told of the church, the first thing that went through his mind was grief.

Swan is blind, but he says he can see through the haze of what’s happening.

“Illegal activity under the name of a church,” said Swan.

Swan’s church closed in 2011 because of financial issues and declining membership.

By contrast, the First Church of Cannabis was at capacity Wednesday.

“Everybody gets it, everybody likes it so what’s a better birth for a new religion?” asked Bill Levin, the founder of the First Church of Cannabis. “We’re celebrating life’s great adventure and starting a new religion, it’s real simple, it’s a beautiful thing that everyone can wrap their head around. The deity doesn’t.”

Read more via…Source: Former pastor reacts to Cannabis Church: ‘1960s hippie’ | WISH-TV


serveimageBy Sherry Pasquarello/WWH – 

Yeppers, we have a SCOTUS judge that insults his fellow judges by calling their decisions “applesauce” and” jiggery pokery”, “argle bargle” and who knows what else. So here ya go sweet hippies…

Apple cake with streusel topping recipe

Why not, bake a cake in honor of one of the most inept bigoted and corporate bought Justices in my lifetime.

In other news; another clown for the car wedges his butt in. Christie declared. That makes fourteen and I think there may be at least one more bozo in the wings. I have to admit I’m waiting to see Christie and Trump try to out, “Godfather” themselves in a debate. One of my British friends has been asking me via my computer about this election because as he said, “Britain follows America’s lead like a puppy.” I told him that this election really concerns me because there is not one Republican running that is acting as if they would consider the wellbeing of anyone anywhere other than millionaires and billionaires. That is the sad truth of it. There is not ONE that I would trust in that position.

So, let’s eat some cake and read up on the French Revolution.



Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.50.46 AMBY BEN WESTHOFF/Posted at; –

Since its founding in 2008, Electric Forest has split the difference between jam bands and EDM. On Friday night Skrillex, playing a guitar, joined String Cheese for a medley of Doors’ songs “Break on Through (To the Other Side)” and “L.A. Woman.” It wasn’t as bad as it sounds!
Though Bassnectar, Kaskade and Big Gigantic also headlined this year, String Cheese Incident was the true main event, playing the final three nights of the festival, with sets that were scheduled to run from three and a half hours to over four. The co-producers of the festival, Madison House Presents, are the Colorado-based jam band’s management team, and String Cheese is the “original muse” of the event, in the words of festival PR.

While on the surface jam bands and EDM sounds like a culture clash waiting to happen – ravers in tutus, meet dudes who only wear hemp! – in reality it works out great. Continue reading…

And What a Week That Was

serveimageBy Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE – 

Yes indeed, the ACA upheld AND marriage equality throughout our land! It was a week filled with highs, and lows as the funerals for the church members murdered by that white homegrown terrorist were laid to rest under the shadow of the confederate flag.

Me? I have some things to say. First off, make no mistake about it; the Republican Party is thrilled that the ACA was upheld. Oh, they will bitch and moan and use it in their political campaign rhetoric but they had NOTHING to replace it and it would have cost millions upon millions to even try. AND they knew they would have to replace it. If they did nothing it would have cost their beloved health insurance giants big time profits and it would have sent the uninsured back to flooding the ERs across this country. Remember how most of us complained about going to the ER for emergencies and having to sit in a waiting room full of sneezing and coughing patients that could have been and should have been seen by a family doctor? ER visits cost taxpayers far too much for colds and flus and maladies like pink eye.

As for marriage equality- it’s way past time for it. From a purely economic position it is a great thing for our economy. For those of us that have never seen the sense OR the humanity in preventing people in love from getting married it was a week to celebrate. NOW, to prevent the other discriminatory laws that can let an employer fire anyone for being gay or a landlord to evict a tenant for being gay! For those out there that have a religious objection- no one, I repeat- NO ONE has ever said that they were going to force any Pastor or Rabbi or what have you to conduct a religious ceremony so STOP using that as a talking point. You are lying and that is one of those Ten Commandments you fight so hard to have in public spaces. You are free to teach your beliefs but you are NOT free to force them into laws that govern all of the rest of us. If you insist on politicking from the pulpit then I think you should be taxed. That goes for any political opinions even the ones I agree with.

That last one, the confederate flag. I haven’t liked it for quite some time. I will admit that when I was younger it didn’t really bother me as much as it should have. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and so for many years we never really saw it displayed anywhere except at Gettysburg in the museum. When country music became big the flag was seen more and more and I, like a lot of others just took it as a Southern thing. Sort of along the lines of seeing folks with an Italian flag crossed with the American flag, or any other nationality with our American flag. We are a nation of immigrants.

But, the confederate flag isn’t a flag from “the old country”. It’s one of the flags of a failed attempt to leave the United States, of declaring WAR on the United States. It’s not something to be proud of- unless you’ve decided to give up on the Constitution and the United States and working within our laws. If so, I hope that you’ve settled on how your new country will be governed and all of your agencies will be run. Oh, and good luck with your next natural disaster!

Yes, I know that some people claim that flag is just a symbol of pride but even though I have read the thoughts of the man that created that flag and he was very outspoken as to his assertion that the white man was naturally superior to the black man; I will take it as truth that some people did not know what that man said the flag represented. Well, they do now- or they should. Besides the fact that the South lost – every Black man, woman and child is just as much an equal citizen of the state where they live. They shouldn’t have to still be subjected to that flag or ANY version of that flag being flown in government buildings. If someone wants that flag in their home or flying from a flagpole on their property they are welcomed to do so. Just be honest in the reason you are. Just as a Native American and oddly, a Buddhist sign as well, was turned into the vile and hateful Nazi swastika ; so too has the confederate flag’s meaning changed. You might never have thought the confederate flag was racist but it is now.

One other thing, I’ve heard that Christie will be climbing into the clown car on Tuesday. That’s what? Fourteen? We should be so embarrassed.


Please, Spay and Neuter

serveimageBy Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE – 

I could try and be a smart ass and say spay and neuter your congresscritter but I’m talking about your pets.

I spend a lot of time on the internet and on FaceBook looking for articles and then checking to see if they are legit so I see way too many postings for adoptable animals and breed specific rescue organizations.

Please, please don’t let your pets breed. Seeing these beautiful dogs and cats with only days left at kill shelters or dogs that have spent a year or more at a rescue orgs. because they are a bully breed that has a bad reputation, is just heartbreaking and easily remedied. There are low cost spay and neuter programs available almost everywhere.

And remember, adopt, don’t shop.

Thanks and peace.