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This  scum-bag would and is doing anything to feed his ambition to rule the country.

DownloadedFileHouse Renews Violence Against Women Measure

WS – The politics of beating women. How fu$king shameful… 138 “grown ups” actually voted against this. They all should be “Bitch Slapped”!

The House on Thursday gave final approval to a renewal of the Violence Against Women Act, sending a bipartisan Senate measure to President Obama after a House plan endorsed by conservatives was defeated.
The legislation passed on a vote of 286 to 138, with 199 Democrats joining 87 Republicans in support of the reauthorization of the landmark 1994 law, which assists victims of domestic and sexual violence. It amounted to a significant victory for the president and Congressional Democrats, who have assailed Republicans for months for stalling the legislation. More…

Today is “Peanut Butter Lover’s Day” – Got milk?


smallpox_poster_smMan Who Got Smallpox Vaccine Passes Milder Infection to Sex Partner: CDC

WS – The operant words are; U.S. Defense Department program.

(HealthDay News) — A man recently vaccinated for smallpox under a U.S. Defense Department program passed a milder, related form of the disease on to a man he had sex with, and that man then passed it on to yet another man, federal health officials reported Thursday.

The virus, called the vaccinia virus, is the virus used in the smallpox vaccine. It is related to smallpox and helps the body develop immunity to smallpox. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the smallpox vaccine does not contain the actual smallpox virus and cannot cause smallpox.

“The smallpox vaccine is a live-virus vaccine, and it’s not news that it can infect people, but it cannot convert to smallpox,” said Dr. Marc Siegel, a clinical associate professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City.

“It’s a different virus; it’s a kissing cousin of smallpox,” he said. “It can be transmitted if you are not careful.”

Smallpox has been eradicated across the world, Siegel said, so most people are no longer vaccinated against it. The only reason someone is vaccinated today is because of fear of bioterriosm, he said. More…

Public defender protests police officer’s tactics

WS – Stories like this put a knot in the stomach. Stories like this give me flashbacks. No much changed in the land of the corrupt in the past 40 years. Coconut Creek Officer James Yacobellis is a violent offender true, but state attorney Stafanie Newman,   should be put into a bathroom, made to stand in a tub and well… lets’ just say, given a “Learning” moment.

The young man at the center of a legal battle between Broward’s public defender and the county’s state attorney is speaking up regarding a disturbing encounter with a Coconut Creek police officer.
Broward’s Chief Public Defender, Howard Finklestein, is outraged the state attorney has decided not to charge Coconut Creek Officer James Yacobellis with a crime. Finkelstein said, “I believe that a crime was committed. I believe the officer should be charged with a crime.”
In August of 2011, Yacobellis was investigating the theft of jewelry from a home. The suspect was identified as 19-year-old Blake Robinson.
According to the state attorney’s memo, the officer took Robinson into a bathroom and made him stand in the tub. He then turned the water in the sink on to drown out their conversation. He then pointed his Taser, as he questioned Robinson about the theft.
After a court appearance where charges were dropped against Robinson, he recounted the ordeal. “He pointed the Taser at me, and I’m asking him, ‘Why am I getting into the tub?’ and he said, ‘It will clean the blood off easier, and it will be less of a mess.’ I was scared for my life.
“He took his Taser out and said, ‘I’ve never gotten to use it and would love to use it,'” Robinson continued. “He’s pointing the Taser at me, and I see all the lights all over me, and he hit me on the shoulder. I collapsed and hit the drain, and he told me if he shot me on my kidney I would collapse and hit my head.” Read more…

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TEPCO fails to submit dose data on 21,000 Fukushima plant workers

WS – Feeling baffled by bullshit?  If you really want to be baffled; Ask the US government for some data. Or a restaurant about where their tuna comes from.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. failed to submit radiation dose data to an industry database, compromising the health of 21,000 people who worked at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant after the March 2011 disaster.

The development shows that Tokyo Electric Power Co. remains lax about protecting the safety of workers, many of whom are employed by subcontractors. It also underscores flaws in the private records system to prevent nuclear plant workers from being exposed to dangerous accumulated doses.

A big problem is that many nuclear plant workers often switch companies—including unscrupulous ones–and they can be exposed to more radiation than legally allowed unless the dose data are kept at a centralized database.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has repeatedly told TEPCO to submit the dose data of the 21,000 people to the Central Registration Center of Radiation Workers, operated by the Radiation Effects Association, a public-interest corporation that manages dose data of nuclear plant workers in an integrated manner. More…

Go ahead "Ladies" make my Gay!

“Thats right punk” you feeling lucky?

Clint Eastwood to Supreme Court: Drop California’s ban on same-sex marriage

Clint Eastwood has joined about 130 self-described moderate and conservative Republicans in signing a brief to the Supreme Court arguing against California’s Proposition 8, which bans marriage for same-sex couples.
Former Bush administration officials, including Paul Wolfowitz, deputy secretary of Defense, and Tom Ridge, former Pennsylvania governor and Secretary of Homeland Security, also were among those who signed the brief, which argued that the Constitution prohibits denying same-sex couples access to the legal rights and responsibilities of marriage, according to a copy of the brief released Thursday by the American Foundation for Equal Rights.
Breitbart.com, which first reported that Eastwood had signed the brief, said he was a “long-time Republican with strong libertarian leanings,” who had “become increasingly vocal politically.” Eastwood’s conversation with an empty chair representing President Barack Obama on the final day of the Republican convention briefly became a major topic on the campaign last fall. More…

black-hole-spin-rate.siSupermassive breakthrough: Scientists now know how fast a black hole spins

WS – Almost as fast as a Fox news story. Or a presidential speech. Thats fast!

For the first time ever, scientists have been able to measure the precise spin rate of a ‘supermassive black hole’. The findings will provide some clue as to how some of the most mysterious objects in our universe began to form.

The black hole is located in the NGC 1365 galaxy, located 56 million light years away from us, and two million times the mass of the Sun.

By its very nature, a black hole is an object so dense that its gravity is strong enough to absorb the space around it. But in the process, as the incoming objects create friction and heat up, it emits x-rays.

It is these x-rays that astronomers measured, using the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), launched by NASA last year, and the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton.

“We can trace matter as it swirls into a black hole using X-rays emitted from regions very close to the black hole,” said the co-author of the new study just published in Nature magazine, Fiona Harrison of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

“The radiation we see is warped and distorted by the motions of particles and the black hole’s incredibly strong gravity.”

It turns out the supermassive black hole is rotating at approximately 84 percent of the speed allowed by the Theory of Relativity – close to the speed of light. More…

This  scum-bag would and is doing anything to feed his ambition to rule the country.

This scum-bag would and is doing anything to feed his ambition to rule the country.

NRA chief: Cuomo ‘sacrificing’ Constitution

WS – I am all for gun control but, NRA President David Keene is spot on with his complaint. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is part of the “old boy” political machine. If you want any justice brought back into the system. If you want any democracy brought back into the system. And if you ever want a government that works, even at the lowest level. Predators like Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Cinton need to be locked up for their crimes against our constitution and our election laws. At the very least they should be branded on the forehead with the word LIER and made to do public service, sweeping streets of Washington. – But I’m not bitter.

ALBANY, N.Y., March 1 (UPI) — The National Rifle Association chief told a gun-rights rally New York’s governor was willing to “sacrifice” the Constitution “on the altar of his own ambition.”

“New York has proven once again that it can top Washington in terms of the high-handedness of some of the people that hold its highest offices,” NRA President David Keene told more than 5,000 opponents of the state’s new gun-control law.

The law was pushed by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and enacted Jan. 15, a month and a day after Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings that killed 20 children and six adult staff members and wounded two others.

“I’m here to join you in protesting the fact that your governor is willing to sacrifice the Constitution, your rights as citizens and the prerogatives of his Legislature on the altar of his own ambition and on the ego of Michael Bloomberg of New York City,” Keene said outside the state Capitol in Albany. More…


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