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Hey… Who’s to say this fish got sores from BP oil? Could be lifestyle choices made by the fish.

Hey… Who’s to say this fish got sores from BP oil? Could be lifestyle choices made by the fish.

BP blamed for ongoing health problems

Gulf Coast residents and clean up workers have found chemicals present in BP’s oil in their own bloodstreams.

You won’t read, watch or be alerted to this ongoing crisis from any Corporate Media in the US. Europe is more informed about this scourge than Americans. And it’s deliberate. It is still a Federal Crime for US scientists to release any information to the public.

Gulf Coast residents and clean up workers have found chemicals present in BP’s oil in their own bloodstreams.Ocean Springs, Mississippi Not long after BP’s oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico began on April 20, 2010, Lorrie Williams knew something was very wrong with her health.She began getting frequent headaches, was experiencing shortness of breath, her eyes were burning, and she was having

Eyeless shrimp and fish with lesions are becoming common, with BP oil pollution believed to be the likely cause. ( 20-Apr-2012 )

nightmares.Williams, her husband Bud Waltman, and their ten-year-old son, Noah, have all tested positive for having chemicals in their blood that are also present in BP’s oil. Her 25-year-old son has been to the emergency room twice for hemorrhaging blood from his nose, and several of their neighbours also have experienced ongoing respiratory problems.

Williams and Waltman, both crab fishers, live less than a kilometre from the Mississippi coast, and blame the illnesses in their family on exposure to chemicals from BP’s oil and the dispersants used to sink it.Her two-year-old granddaughter has been sick constantly.

“I’m really sick, and I fear that I’m not gonna be here in a year,” Williams told Al Jazeera. “There are days that I can’t get up, and I can’t eat. And I can’t do the things that I used to do, with Bubba, and my grandbaby. And Noah. And then I worry about my mom. And I have nothing to leave them but a crab boat and some crab pots.”More…

Today is ‘National Roof-Over-Your-Head Day’

Egypt’s top court shuts down, blames protesters

Page 1195 CIA handbook

(Reuters) – Protests by Islamists allied to President Mohamed Mursi forced Egypt’s highest court to adjourn its work indefinitely on Sunday, intensifying a conflict between some of the country’s top judges and the head of state.

The Supreme Constitutional Court said it would not convene until its judges could operate without “psychological and material pressure”, saying protesters had stopped the judges from reaching the building.

Several hundred Mursi supporters had protested outside the court through the night ahead of a session expected to examine the legality of parliament’s upper house and the assembly that drafted a new constitution, both of them Islamist-controlled. More…

Environmental risk: UK protests over fears of fracking ban lift

The world is NOT a fu$king walnut. 

Campaigners protested in London against fracking, a controversial practice of shale gas extraction, amid reports that the UK is to lift the temporary ban on the method. Critics cite the environmental risks the practice poses, including earthquakes.

About 300 demonstrators turned out for a national day of action after a report from The Independent warned that the government had nearly two-thirds of British countryside marked for potential shale gas drilling sites that were now under active consideration for fracking.

Conservative MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is expected to announce the lifting of the temporary fracking ban this week after the practice was hauled due to two earthquakes linked to the method.

Activists have sent a letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron stating that fracking is a “an unpredictable, unregulatable process” that is damaging to the environment. More…


Safer and more politically correct than doing any real crime investigations.

With the breakdown of law in America still in process. Police find comfort in cold cases. To risky to investigate current crimes. (Unless the suspects are poor, black, brown, muslim or hippies)

CHICAGO (AP) — Detectives have long wondered what secrets serial killer John Wayne Gacy and other condemned murderers took to the grave when they were executed – mostly whether they had other unknown victims.

Now, in a game of scientific catch-up, the Cook County Sheriff’s Department is trying to be creative: They’ve created DNA profiles of Gacy and others and figured out they could get the executed men entered in a national database shared with other law enforcement agencies because the murderers were technically listed as homicide victims themselves when they were put to death by the state.

The department’s hope is to find matches of DNA evidence from blood, semen or strands of hair, or skin under the fingernails of victims that link the long-dead killers to the coldest of cold cases. And they’re hoping to prompt authorities in other states to submit the DNA of their own executed inmates or from decades-old crime scenes. More…

Corrupted Judge approves Hostess bonuses

No deal on workers pensions though. Someone has to pay the lawyers!

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Nov. 30 (UPI) — Executives at Hostess Brands overseeing the liquidation of the company will get a total of $1.75 million in bonuses, a U.S. bankruptcy judge said Thursday.

Judge Robert Drain approved the liquidation plan, CNN reported. The plan includes bonuses ranging from $7,400 to $130,500 for 19 executives and additional pay for rank-and-file employees involved in closing down the company. More…

Incubus chatting with Succubus. You guess which witch is which!
Hillary does look as if she was just touched by a demon. I’ve seen that same look on Billy’s face before.

Susan Rice for Secretary of State? VERY Bad For Liberals and Progressives
It looks like momentum is building towards Susan Rice being the next Secretary of State– and a lot of liberal people, particularly in the media, are reacting to opposition by John McCain and LIndsay Graham– getting behind Rice because she’s being attacked by right wingers.
That may not be a good idea. Rice could be simply awful, from a progressive, liberal, anti-war, anti-neocon, pro-environment point of view. She could be an appointment as bad as some of the investment bankers Obama has appointed. She could be the worst new appointment who’s come to light since he won his re-election. It’s ironic that the people who are attacking her from the right would be delighted with her if she was a Republican– she’s a lot like John Bolton, except with some international women’s rights thrown in. More…

Abuse reported at Indian garment factories

No reporting over here! Too many Multinational Corporations to f$ck with. And after the purge of real investigative reporters from all media in the US. The only reporter left is a third grader working for the central school newspaper in Peoria Ill. And she has to be home when the street lights come on!

Workers provide evidence of exploitation and harsh work conditions at a national tribunal.
Recent factory fires which claimed more than 100 lives in Bangladesh has raised safety concerns for garment factory workers in neighbouring India.
Workers are providing evidence of exploitation and difficult working conditions at a national tribunal.
However, laws are not being implemented and factory owners refuse to comment.
Al Jazeera’s Sohail Rahman reports from Gurgaon in the state of Haryana. More…

Flying into trouble? Drones to use US airspace as safety record questioned

Plausible deniability when the collateral damage (Dead People) results from their use here?

A newly-released internal investigation by the US Air Force has shown a plague of non-mission-related accidents involving drones in its foreign operations. Meanwhile, Washington is pushing ahead with plans to allow drones into US civil airspace.
The report shows Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) crashing consistently and unpredictably due to a wide array of failures from technical malfunction, to complications in dealing with air traffic controllers, to downright incompetence. The documents, obtained by the Washington Post, number several thousand pages, and show that at least seven drones have crashed near airports in the past two years.
One account from April describes a sub-contracted operator launching an $8.9 million MQ-9 Reaper from the runway at the Seychelles International Airport without getting the go-head from the control tower. The same operator then accidentally switched off the engine without noticing and then tried an emergency landing, but did not release the wheels. More…

POPE issues RFID ‘Mark of the Beast’ Chip to Vatican employees!!
Donation plates will be replaced with credit card scanners and all catholic women fitted with Vaginal Motion Detectors next.

They are claiming it’s for ‘security’ from ‘leaks’.

trying to hide their 2000 years of Murder, Satanism, and Fraud.

Vatican introduces new security measures after Vatileaks scandal
Vatican clergy and employees will be issued with an identity card complete with a microchip-tracking device in sweeping new security measures designed to prevent a repeat of the Vatileaks scandal.
[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]


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