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Deepwater-Horizon-Oil-Rig-Fire-300BP Falsified Data to Drill Doomed Oil Well, Expert Says

WS – Why no murder charges? Oh yea… Sometimes I forget I’m watching Kabuki theatre. Those murdered were “just” workers. And this is all show for a deal settled long ago. Sad but true in a lawless America.

An oil well drilling expert testified today that oil company BP “played fast and loose” with government safety regulations by falsifying the well pressure data it presented to federal regulators.

Dr. Alan Huffman, a geophysicist and Chief Technology Officer of Fusion Petroleum Technologies, Inc., accused BP of “truly egregious” conduct for continuing to drill the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico after collecting data indicating the well was unstable. Months later, the well would be the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion that killed 11 crew members and leaked millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf.

Huffman pointed out discrepancies between BP’s internal pressure test reports and the figures the company presented to Minerals Management Service (MMS) regulators. He said the fudged numbers offered a “very misleading impression” of the well’s stability.

Huffman didn’t mince words, describing BP’s actions as “dangerous,” “beyond imprudent” and “egregious beyond anything I’ve seen in my career.”

Today is “Public Sleeping Day” – You can watch on CSPAN…


bacteriaplate_320x245CRE Superbug Patients Could Remain Infected For Over One Year

WS -There is little chance that an effective drug to kill CRE bacteria will be produced in the coming years.

The Media and government health “officials” are doing what they do best with this story  folks. That is; Report the information, then wordsmith the information to make you believe, “It’s under control” – “We are on top of it” – We have a study to prove “We” know all about it, don’t worry”.

All bullshit! – It’s not. – They aren’t. – And if you possibly can, avoid hospitals, the ONLY place they have looked for it.

CRE infections already are endemic in several major U.S. population centers, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Smaller pockets of cases have been reported across much of the country, including Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina.

A new study has shown that patients infected with carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) could take over one year to be rid of CRE bacteria.

CRE, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are potentially deadly infections that are highly resistant to antibiotics, making them difficult to treat. Though the bacteria is not normally found in healthy people, patients on ventilators, patients with catheters, or those on long courses of antibiotics are at risk for infection. More…

nestleHorse DNA Found In Nestle Products

WS – Does this mean vegetarians can only eat Hershey bars?
Nestle has recalled six products made from beef provider Servocar after detecting that one of them, the microwave cannelloni The Cook, had traces of horse DNA on a percentage of 1 percent above the threshold that determines whether it is adulterated.

The discovery was made in meat containing products supplied by the company Servocar, located in Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo), which had certified that its products were 100 percent beef. Nestlé has decided to stop buying from Servocar and will act legally to demand responsibilities. The food contamination was found in Spain, where the supplier is responsible for providing beef products to Nestle’s line of industrialized food. More…

imagesThe Ku Klux Klan Protests as Memphis Renames a City Park

WS – Actually I saw the photo and thought this was a “Good Bye to the Pope” story. The hats and robes fool me. Pope Benedict XVI’s last general audience draws thousands

Many white Southerns have cherished the memory of Nathan Bedford Forrest — a Confederate general and founding Klansman. But a new controversy reveals how much Civil War remembrance has changed.
Earlier this month the city council in Memphis, Tennessee, voted to rename Forrest Park, a local site named in honor of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Since Forrest’s death in 1877, few names associated with the American Civil War have sparked more outrage among black Americans.

In contrast, white views of Forrest have long been mixed. “To many,” wrote historian Court Carney, “he was the quintessential Confederate hero, whose rough-hewn, unschooled martial style reflected the virtues of the southern “plain folk”; others, in contrast, found him an ambiguous figure at best.” More…

imgresUN human rights expert urges international probe into death of Palestinian prisoner

WS – Israel the United States and their apologists react in the same manner to the oppression of Palestinians as they did South Africa’s white supremacist system of apartheid … “Fuck’em!

– A United Nations human rights expert today called for an international investigation into the death of Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat, who died in Israeli custody just a few days after his arrest.

“The death of a prisoner during interrogation is always a cause for concern, but in this case, when Israel has shown a pattern and practice of prisoner abuse, the need for outside, credible investigation is more urgent than ever,” stressed the UN Special Rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, Richard Falk.

“The best approach might be the creation of an international forensic team under the auspices of the UN Human Rights Council,” he added in a news release.

Both the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Robert Serry, and the Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, have also called for an independent investigation into Mr. Jaradat’s death, which occurred on Saturday.

Mr. Falk pointed to the assessment made by the Palestinian Authority’s chief pathologist, Dr. Saber Aloul, who observed the autopsy carried out inside Israel, and found there were clear signs of torture on the body of the previously healthy, 30-year-old detainee. More…

How to Make a Homeless Man Cry
This video is beautiful. It’s what happened during an Anonymous protest in Nottingham.
He felt loved for a few minutes.

Kane_Debtors_PrisonsDebtors’ Prisons Make a Comeback

WS – In case you missed this story earlier this month, here it is again. If you have read it, pass it on to others.
Across the U.S., debts to private companies are landing poor people in jail.
Kawana Young, a single mother of two kids, was arrested in Michigan after failing to pay money she owed as a result of minor traffic offenses. She was recently laid off from her job, and could not pay the fees she owed because she couldn’t find another source of employment. So a judge sentenced her to three days in jail. In addition, Young was charged additional fees for being booked and for room and board for a place she did not want to be. In total, she has been jailed five times for being unable to pay her debts.

“It doesn’t make sense to jail people when they can’t pay, because they definitely can’t pay while they’re in jail,” said Young.

Debtors’ prisons seem to belong in America’s past. But if you think the existence of prisons for people who can’t afford to pay their debts in the past, think again. Young’s ordeal, profiled in an American Civil Liberties Union report, began in 2005, after she was ticketed because she was driving without her license. It all came to a head in 2010, when Young was arrested because she did not pay off all of her debts from traffic violations. That arrest led to the judge ordering Young to jail due to her inability to pay off the money.

Prison time for poor people in debt remains something that is practiced throughout the United States, despite the fact that a 1983 Supreme Court decision ruled that a prisoner on probation who could not afford to pay his debts could not be thrown in jail for that reason. The practice of imprisoning people for debt is being fueled by the economic crash that has decimated state and city budgets. Debtors’ prisons are also on the rise thanks to the zeal of private companies that “file lawsuits against debtors and often fail to serve them with notice of court dates or intentionally serve them at incorrect addresses,” as the Brennan Center for Justice’s Inimai Chettiar noted. “When debtors do not show up, agencies procure arrest warrants from courts, leading to incarceration of the debtors. Bail is usually set at an amount equal to or higher than the original fees and fines they defendants couldn’t pay in the first place. All this has amounted to a return of debtors prisons.” More…


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