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WWH. Sometimes I just want to scream!
agoracosmopolitan.com – Ms. Moret reveals that her research has uncovered that the misleading radiation surveys and maps released by the Japanese government purportedly of radiation levels from the Fukushima area were in fact documents originally authored and created by the U.S. Department of Energy and then passed secretly on to the government of Japan, which made them public as its own.

Thus, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), under the directorship of Dr. Steven Chu (Secretary of Energy) and Dr. Stephen Koonin, is following in the Fukushima HAARP-radiation false flag operation the same methodology that they followed in the BP Gulf Oil Spill false flag operation.

Dr. Steven Chu received a $500 million grant from BP Oil prior to becoming Secretary of Energy. He nominated Dr. Stephen Koonin, chief scientist for BP to run the DOE’s science operations.

Ms. Moret states, “Together, DOE/BP’s Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and Dr. Stephen Koonin are doing the same thing at Fukushima that they did at the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Dr. Chu and Dr. Koonin increased the exposure of the population both at Fukushima (radiation) and at the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (toxins), and they acted within the U.S. government so that effective action to prevent exposure could not be taken. The U.S. Government at Fukushima, through Secretary of Energy Chu and Dr. Koonin is increasing radiation on behalf of the British crown and BP, the same result they did at the BP Gulf oil spill.”

Self-serving by Japanese government & Tepco officials

Leuren Moret states, “Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano declares on August 13, 2011 that the Fukushima area is safe, which is a lie. Fukushima Diary has reported that the Japanese Cabinet knew that a nuclear meltdown was happening at Fukushima and has kept Fukushima residents from evacuating the area. Immediately after the March 11, 2011 Fukushima event, it has emerged that Tepco and Japanese government took over all buses in the Fukushima area for their own evacuation and never notified the population of the radiation hazard to themselves and their families. Moreover, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano evacuated his family to Singapore after the Fukushima event and had their radiation diagnosis records sealed at hospital.”

Canada, U.S., and Japan are acting in concert

Dr. Moret states, “Canada is following the U.S. direction in covering up the Fukushima global radiation genocide event. Both the U.S. and Canadian governments shut down their monitoring in concert immediately after the March 11, 2011 Fukushima radiation event. Canada moved its radiation stations from the Pacific coast to the B.C. interior. Both the Canadian and U.S. governments continue to state that the radiation levels are safe, when in fact that is incorrect.”

Ms. Moret continues, “People in the Vancouver, BC, Seattle, San Francisco, and Arizona areas all had salty tastes in their mouths, which is a sigh of radioactive cesium salts in the air.”

Ms. Moret says, “Eastern cities in the U.S. (New York and Washington, DC) and in Canada (Toronto) were protected from radiation from Fukushima that had been targeted at the West coast of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico by means of high pressure zones that were created by the weather warfare capabilities of HAARP to protect Toronto, New York, and Washington, DC from radiation fall-out, while having hazardous levels of radiation targeted at the west coasts of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.”

Infant mortality spikes in the U.S., Canada, and JapanLeuren Moret states, “Infant mortality has spiked 35% along the west coast of the U.S. and of Canada in such cities as Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Spokane, Seattle, and the B.C. coroner has noted the spike in infant mortality in B.C. province (Canada) following the Fukushima March 11, 2011 event.  Yet Dr. Janette Sherman was attacked when she published these facts.”

Fukushima nuclear radiation false flag triggered by HAARP?

Leuren Moret states, “Scientific researchers have provided substantial scientific evidence that indicates Fukushima was a HAARP triggered event preceded by ionospheric heating from the Tromso, Norway, HAARP facility until three days before the earthquake, and shortly before the earthquake by the 2.5 Hz earthquake causing frequency from the Gakona Alaska HAARP facility (US). The Tromso, Norway HAARP facility was funded by the Wallenberg Scandinavian bankers and is owned by UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Japan, and China.

Ms. Moret continues, “A research paper published in “Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk” Volume 1, Issue 2, 2010, by two Japanese wireless transmissions scientists, provided new evidence that earthquakes suspected to be HAARP triggered (ULF anomaly) events, were preceded by at least a week of ULF frequencies, and the scientists were able to triangulate from the earthquake focus back to the actual transmitters that the ULF signals originated from, more specifically the Kobe earthquake (1995) and an earlier earthquake near Niigata north of Kanto or Tokyo region. Other earthquakes preceded by the ULF anomaly were Loma Prieta in San Francisco Bay area, Haiti earthquake, Sumatra earthquake, Izu swarm, Iwate, Kagoshima, Izu, Pitak, Miyagi, Guam, and Biak.

The scientists also identified a swarm of ULF/VLF/LF transmitters in the Kanto region (Tokyo) with various types of magnetometers. Two receiving transmitters in Japan (JJY, JJI) and three foreign transmitters (NWC (Australian), NPM (Hawaii), NLK (USA)) were also identified. Temporal analysis of wireless transmissions associated with SE Asian earthquakes identified transmitter/receivers in Japan and NW Australia that were involved in triggering the earthquakes.

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