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By Jillian Barclay | OpEdNews –Tales Of A Female Nothing! – Prayer To The GOP God!

Dear GOP God,

It’s me, Jillian. Hope you are listening, because I need for You to hear me. I know that I have sinned. I know that as a woman, I am not smart enough to make decisions about my health care or my body. I can spell ‘uterus’, but am certainly not intelligent enough to know what a uterus is. I have a uterus, but I am not sure what it is designed to do. I have other female body parts, but am not capable of determining how to best care for those parts.

I do know what cancer is, dearest GOP God. I know You are aware that breast cancer killed my mother when she was only 56 years old. Her death tore a hole in my heart that has never been filled, but beyond that, I guess I don’t know anything about women’s cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or even strokes. I know what birth control is, but You obviously know more. I know that a woman’s right to choose is Satan’s flawed idea and demonstrates the presence of his evil on earth! I know that I have fought and advocated for women’s rights and equality my entire life. What can one expect? I am just a woman, so unworthy and so incapable of independent thought. How wrong I have been!

I should have believed in Your wisdom, as the one and only true Leader of our country. I am now ready to admit my wrongdoing and the evil of my ways.

I am ready to give up my godlessness and I will allow my GOP elected representatives to make my personal health decisions for me. In every GOP God state in this great country, Your holy and esteemed GOP governors are defunding Planned Parenthood, denying funds for free and low cost clinics that provide medical care, cancer screeings, mammograms and birth control. Even though these facilities primarily treat poor women, that must be Your will, because these governors and leaders speak to You on a daily basis. After the daily conversations that they have with You, then they make the rules that You must want. I am too uninformed and You never speak to me the way that You speak to them. After all. they are Your prophets here on earth. Most of them are men, so there is no doubt in my mind that they should have ultimate control over my life and death. That is what You teach, right? That women are unworthy? That women owe their very existence to men and must follow the rules that are handed down by You directly to them? You have provided us with free will, dear GOP God, but maybe that was just for men. I am sure that You will eventually tell Your GOP prophets that I should not be allowed to vote, either. And that will be okay, too, because I am just…

Your servant,
A Female Nothing
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