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Dr. Woody’s Fascinating Factoids. by John Konopak. Worldwide Hippies “official” resident scholar.

Shit you should know about. But mite have forgotten. And if you didn’t know about it, you do now.
Brought to you as a Public Service by Worldwide Hippies. ‘An educated and informed Hippie is a … well… Educated and Informed Hippie!

“Dr. Woody” is a nom du blogue used by John Konopak, Ph.D., rogue scholar and rhetorical handyman who operates Konopelli Enterprises, a blogging and real estate empire that spans Albuquerque, NM, from the Valley to the Heights. He has formerly been a professor at a couple of big schools, a journalism instructor, a high school teacher, a union carpenter, a laborer, a journalist/editor, a critic, a door-to-door cold calling Kirby guy, a radio announcer/dj, a car salesman and a junior executive in a mining and manufacturing concern who worked his way up from the shop floor. He regards himself as a renaissance man; his BiL says he just can’t hold a job.

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