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Fascism Dances with the Stars and Stripes — 8 Comments

  1. AH YES to your article and do you know where the KOCH Brothers got their money??? Their dad worked for the Bolesheviks in Russia during the 1920 and 1930’s, brought the money back to the US and wanted to run the US as Bolesheviks did. The Koch dad trained his sons well, as they are now trying to do the same. Buy a DVD “Koch Brothers Exposed” Besides the destructive Koch brothers, we have the DISASTER of the Halliburton, Dick Cheney, George Bush JR and their OPENING the door to FRACKING HELL. 2001 George Bush appointed Dick Cheney to start a SECRET Task Force meetings with oil, gas and mining Companies and Lobbyists to write a National Energy Policy signed by Bush in 2005 Deregulating Safety Food and Environmental Rules and Regulations to protect people and the environment. OH… and Cheney added a “little clause” to the Energy Policy, “WATER, the life line to life, did NOT have to be protected.” I have been poisoned with Methane Gas Toxicity. NO ONE believed me in April 2009, it took a year to find a Doctor to test and diagnose me and another eight months for the Laboratories to compare my blood and breathing tests with the Toxic carcinogenics, immunotoxicants, neurotoxicants and pulmonary toxicants in Methane/Natural gas. Halliburton, Cheney’s Company designed, developed and produce and sell ALL the equipment used in the toxic hydraulic fracking that the 2005 Energy Policy OPENED the doors to the Destruction of the US. I have been in contact with several foreign Countries WARNING them NOT to allow this to happen to them. All my Michigan Government Agencies and Politicians have lied to me about the toxic dangers of Methane gas, so I have gone to the 99% through emails and websites like this to tell my TRUE story. Watch Gasland on PBS Internet, or the new move Promiseland, or get the Koch Brothers DVD. MONEY, GREED, POWER and CONTROL have taken over and these people have sold their souls to the DEVIL. Time for PEOPLE POWER. Gerry Seger, Michigan

  2. Susan – thanks for the link. War is a money maker for lots and lots of civilians – especially Chicken Hawks like Dick Cheney who are much more interested in the lithium under the mountains of Afghanistan than anything else. And when you consider the behavior of contractors like Blackwater (or whatever they are called now) it just burns me up. But I digress from the main idea here that corporations are running the show – which sucks for workers. Personally, I prefer the term Plutocracy, and I’m getting used to Oligarchy.

    Tommy, I was just singing that song. I swear it’s Harlan County all over again – except the thugs hired by the Owners are in Congress now instead of roaming the countryside beating union organizers to death.

    mac, I remember the middle. These days the dang Republicans are so far to the right they’d bitch about Ronnie himself being soft.

    Gail, thanks for your support. xo

  3. I get confused by how one man can be Facist and Communist at the same time as well.

    As my favorite history teacher explained it to me: Facism is when corporations take over the government. Communism is when government takes over the corporations. I think neither is preferable.
    No, somewhere in the middle is balance….perhaps a slightly left leaning balance 😉

  4. Many of the large corporations the politicians have allowed to fund their misadventures are multinational or international who have zero allegiance to the United States or it’s citizens. In fact, many few this nation’s workforce with contempt for having forged unions, demanded better pay, and benefits. So, now that they are effectively “taking the wheel” they are working fast and furious to dismantle these mechanisms built by the citizenry, leaving most who not wealthy with little say in the matter at all… it may not be the text book definition of fascism, but it may well be worse when all is said and done.
    Have you ever heard the ‘ole Tennessee Ernie Ford song “Sixteen Tons” about the “company store”? Well we all, plus our posterity, may well owe our “souls” to the company store before long. However, on a ruined planet, what difference will it make?

  5. Hi Patricia, that makes sense. I won’t take on whether the military spending is disproportionate or not, because I’m not sure. What I have been learning, in doing some investigating on my own on US military-civil relations since the Vietnam war is that contrary to what many Americans seem to think, we have the civilian government to thank, not the military, for our involvement in the military conflicts since Vietnam, per this new book by Feaver & Gelpi:


    Our civilian government is elected by a supposedly democratic process, but as we know, corporatism is on the ascendant influencing US politics, so it begs the question, why are corporate interests served by promoting politicians who push conflicts that our own senior military advisors advise against? It probably gets back to the gravy that flows to local constituents from the machinations of the military industrial complex (MIC). It is this sense, of corporatism influencing civilian military authority and of bloating the MIC that I see a kind of parallel to what happened in fascist Germany. Certainly the MIC in Germany got quite large pre WWII. But if anything, at the moment, our military leadership is more conservative — in the good sense of being less willing to engage in adventuresome foreign policy — than our elected civilian leaders. Those are the folks to focus on.

  6. Hey Susan – I didn’t mean to suggest that our military spending was like Germany’s. More that a disproportionate amount of our budget goes to the military. I have to say I struggled with this piece because I was REALLY trying to keep it brief. It seems a lot to ask folks these days to read more than 1,000 words no matter what the topic. And too, I am not particularly comfortable with all the “isms,” but people toss around these words so frequently I figured I better look ’em up. I may not grasp distinctions between “isms,” but I can tell when something is Fucked Up. The way corporations have hijacked our system of checks and balances, etc. etc. etc (I still choke about Citizens United) is seriously fucked up.

  7. Patricia, this is a fantastic piece of writing. I agree with a lot of it! We ARE moving in the fascist direction with corporatism. But I don’t buy the argument that our military spending levels are analogous to the German military and armaments build up preceding WWII. My main concern at the moment is the highjacking of the democratic process by corporations. That’s a serious step towards fascism.

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