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A major influenza epidemic is taking hold across much of the United States, but there’s a curious lack of coverage in the media. Dr. Kent Sepkowitz looks at the strain of flu hitting us and whether a vaccine will work.

New York City and much of the U.S. are a week or two into a major influenza epidemicBoston declared a public-health emergency Wednesday after reporting four deaths, and North Carolina is seeing its biggest number of cases in a decade. To place the problem into graphic corporate terms, the charts sent around to compare this year’s activity with other years’ have required rescaling to accommodate the scary red line going up and up.

Perhaps it’s not a surprise. After all, flu dillydallied last season, barely making a peep. So maybe we’re owed a compensatory wallop. But no one really knows just why this season is so bad. We try to do all the right things—we unceasingly rub our hands with waterless alcohol products, we have learned how to sneeze and cough into the crooks of our elbows, and of course, we are receiving more vaccine than ever: some states require it of their health-care workers, and the drugstore chains, with their wide reach and slippery advertising, have set about vaccinating everyone else. Read more…

Flu season takes dangerous turn in Boston The nationwide flu outbreak has taken a dangerous turn in Boston. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has just declared a state of emergency in his city.

Dallas-area school districts issue flu warnings as officials’ fears rise

Dallas Morning News
Hoping to stay ahead of any illness outbreaks, many school districts began issuing warnings to parents Wednesday as students settled into 


 Flu toll in Indiana rises Journal and Courier-

Meyer said the first few flu cases at IU Health Arnett were in October.  All of the 600 adult doses of the flu vaccine at the Tippecanoe County .

 SE Michigan counties report increase in flu cases

WDIV Detroit-
Polenha was otherwise healthy but became the fourth child in Michigan to die from theflu. Across the state, some 285 cases of influenza have 

More than 1200 hospitalized in Wisconsin due to flu

Today’s TMJ4-1 hour ago
Click on Associated Videos to find NBC’s Kevin Tibbles talk with a doctor from Wheaton Franciscan St. Francis Hospital on TODAY’S TMJ4’s 


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  1. Maine major out break in residential facilities, where I work 8 employee cases, 7 of the eight had the flu shot, numbers about the same throughout yet media is still pushing have you had your shot, and still available, get one. Enough said.

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