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Matala Festival 2: Crete Welcomes Hippies of the World Once More
By Marianna Tsatsou,.greekreporter.com – Do you know Matala? Because hippies love it and that’s the perfect reason why Crete plans the Matala Festival 2! The myth of Matala appears to be alive and it is expected that the famous caves will be full again.

In the 60′s and 70′s, old hippies used to spend their summer in Greece and more specifically, in Matala, which is a beautiful beach on the Greek island of Crete. Today, despite that there are less hippies, Matala remains the paradise for those left over.

In 2011, officials of Crete announced the Matala Festival 1, and thousands flower children joined the reunion. After almost half a century, last years’ event was successful and everyone said they were willing to return to Matala the next year. More…

Levon Helm, drummer for The Band who died of cancer, honored by fans and friends at Woodstock memorial
AP – Rock and roll Hall of Famer to be buried next to Rick Danko, The Band’s singer, who died in 1999

WOODSTOCK, N.Y. — Busloads of friends and fans of Levon Helm traveled to his home Thursday to say goodbye to the influential singer and drummer for The Band, who died of cancer last week.

The public memorial was held at the Woodstock barn where Helm held his Saturday night Midnight Ramble concerts in New York’s Hudson Valley. His closed casket, on the second floor of the barn, was surrounded by flowers and flanked by his drum kit and a piano.

Hundreds of friends, neighbors and fans filed silently past the coffin, set against a backdrop of a family photo slideshow. Nearby, family members greeted visitors.

Mourners — a crowd of mostly middle-aged people with a smattering of aging hippies and a few young people — were quietly encouraged to keep the line moving. Some carried flowers, and a few pressed handkerchiefs to their faces.

“He was an icon but also the guy next door,” said Al Caron of Woodstock as he waited outside the Woodstock Playhouse for one of the yellow school buses ferrying people to Helm’s nearby home-studio. More…

Doobie Brothers are still smokin’ after all these years 

By Patrick S. Pemberton | ppemberton@thetribunenews.com

After starting out as the bar band at a Hell’s Angels hangout in Santa Cruz, the Doobie Brothers made it big in the mid-1970s — today, they’re still rocking

In the liner notes for his new song “Chateau,” Patrick Simmons writes that the Chateau Liberte — the old saloon where the Doobie Brothers got their start — was a “really neat bar” that featured “no trouble” and “no fights.”

Yet, in a 1979 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Simmons said the Chateau was a raucous place, where “it was a general rule that a fight would break out.”

So was the Santa Cruz bar the happy, mellow hangout Simmons described, or the rowdy former bordello known for public sex and fisticuffs — which Simmons also described?

“Kind of like that,” said Doobie Brother Tom Johnston, referring to the latter. “It was kind of like the Wild West. It was a combination of mountain folks, hippies, bikers, college students — everybody kind of gravitated up there to party and have a good time.”

Given that it’s been more than 40 years, you can forgive Sim mons for having a little memory lapse. And let’s be honest — there’s a reason they’re called the Doobie Brothers; these guys smoked a lot of doobies back in the day.



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