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Once Again, Hippies & Punks, Beatniks & Bums to the Rescue!
New York, November 2nd 2012–On Avenue C and Tenth Street in Loisaida, the power has just returned after four days of power outage following superstorm Sandy, which made landfall on the New Jersey shore on October 29. Compounded by a full moon and colliding with a low pressure system from the mid west, the storm sent a 14.5 foot surge up both the Hudson and East Rivers. According to Jerry the Pedler, featured in this video, immediately after the flood and power outage caused by the surge, resourceful squatters took their barbecue grills off the roof and emptied their refrigrerators of meat and other foodstuffs that might spoil and set up an open kitchen on the sidewalk. Other neighbors contributed and the ad hoc operation fed about 200 people everyday for four days. On Friday, the FEMA trucks finally showed up on Tenth Street between Ave C and D. However, in recognition of the local community effort, they passed on boxes of A Pack Emergency Rations, bottled water and soda to the street kitchen. Contributing the festivities on Friday evening were the Rude Mechanical Orchestra and two fire dancers.

Rant ‘N’ Roll: Frank Zappa Is Back
I’m so Zapped. Awash in the squirrelly humor, the odd time signatures, the lunacy and carnivalesque—almost otherworldly—soundscape that was and is Frank Zappa (1940-1993), I’m agog at this artist’s audacity to push all the right buttons on mankind.

It took years but Frank Zappa’s music is back where it once belonged: in the hands of the Zappa Family Trust. Zappa was incredibly prolific. In 1979 and 1981, he put out five albums each year. The agreement signed in June with Universal Music Enterprises is to put out 12 Frank Zappa albums every month until all 60 albums are back out there staring at you from the bins of record stores (yes, there are still neighborhood record stores, a fact that is celebrated on the third Saturday of every April and called National Record Store Day) just like he’s staring out at you from this very column right now. Zappa can see you.

There’s a reason his son Dweezil Zappa has been so successful with his amazing Zappa Plays Zappa tours. This music sticks to the roof of your brain and doesn’t let go. Like a pit bull’s bite. You want esoteric jazz rock fusion? You got it. You want hilarious comedy skits? You got it. You want profane nasty-ass shock value on the side? You got it. You just want some left-of-center oddball rock ‘n’ roll? Man, do you ever got it! I dare say there has never been anybody like Frank Zappa before or since and may never be. How much you want to bet that Tom Waits and Randy Newman must have been fans of Frank Zappa?

“Don’t Talk to the Police” by Professor James Duane

Regent Law School professor and former criminal defense attorney, James Duane, tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.

“No person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against themselves.”

There is a time and place to talk to and cooperate with the police, but this video outlines why and when it might be a good idea to exercise your right to remain silent.

From Wikipedia:
James Duane is a Regent University School of Law professor, former criminal defense attorney, and Fifth Amendment expert. He received some notoriety for his “Don’t Talk To Police” video of a lecture he gave to a group of law students, which instructs citizens to never talk to police under any circumstances. After gaining mild popularity on sites such as YouTube and Google, his lecture received criticism from The Weekly Standard.

In support of his “Don’t Talk to Police” mantra, Duane cites, among other things that: 1) police have the ability to lie to criminal suspects during questioning, and sometimes employ this tactic; 2) police may have substantial evidence against even innocent witnesses and; 3) individuals convinced of their own innocence may have unknowingly committed a crime which they inadvertently confess to during questioning. This follows the reasoning of Justice Robert Jackson in Watts v. Indiana.

He has also written about what he views to be bizarre legislative drafting errors in the Virginia Statute on Privileged Marital Communications as well as issues involving the introduction of hearsay evidence at trial (known as “bootstrapping”).


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