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 by Dave Banks,Wired jezebel.com – All-Girl Team Wins Science Competition with Ingenious Pasteurization Contraption

Question: the Hippie Pandas are: a) a new-wave metal band that prominently features a harpsichordist, b) a team of budding scientists who created a way for Nicaraguan women to pasteurize milk, or c) a group of pandas that smoked a ton of bamboo in the 60s and now follow the remaining Allman Brother whenever he goes on tour? If you guessed “b” that means you have at least enough reading comprehension skills to understand the clue in the title of this post. Congratulations!

Dave Banks, writing in his GeekDad blog for Wired, offers the Hippie Pandas as a ray of hope for anyone who worries that America has fallen woefully behind in STEM education. The all-girl team from Rochester, NY earned top honors at the FIRST 2012 Championship last week in St. Louis, where thousands of science-savvy kids gathered to compete with robotics projects and keep hope alive that America will not slip gradually back into a Stone Age of crude technology.
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