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By Inez Falipio,WWH – Asking the public to ban Black Friday makes people nervous. They are some who are on board, some against it and some sitting on the fence. The ones sitting on the fence think it’s a good idea but have no idea how to go about it or what it means.

Black Friday is how large companies get out of the red and into the black. They depend on you to shop on these days to raise their profits. By banning this day and all days to follow in shopping frenzy and spending money that many don’t really have sends a message to large corporations. Many Americans will either charge their purchases this year or spend money that they don’t really have. Don’t do it. Take a stand and fight back this year.

Ways to ban Black Friday:

1. Let your family know in advance that you plan on banning Black Friday. Ask them not to give you a gift this year, but instead make a donation to a charity of your choice.

2. Shop thrift stores. Include family and friends in a fun adventure this year and look for the funkiest thing you can find in your local thrift store and exchange your finds.

3. Cut down on the amount of gifts that you purchase, by doing a gift exchange instead. Put names into a hat and whatever name you draw is the ONLY person that you give a gift too.

4. Bake cookies, breads, pies and give as gifts.

5. Make a homemade coupon book offering coupons throughout the year: A free back rub, yard clean up, home cooked meal.

6. Over friends and family babysitting coupons and give them a night out free of having to pay for a babysitter.

7. If you speak a different language, offer to teach someone else.

8. Make and burn a special CD for someone. Personalize it.

9. If you absolutely feel that you have to buy, please buy from local mom and pop shops, local writers, artists, musician, crafters, jewelry and candle makers. Do not shop large retail.

10. Share, do, make, get creative and support one another.


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  1. Black Friday wouldn’t be so bad, but opening up a midnight and being open on Thanksgiving Day is not very employee friendly. I just found out that Bass Pro Shops is open all day Thanksgiving Day what a disappointment to their employees and their families. I’m sure they are thankful they have jobs but what a sacrafice.

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