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I Want My Movement Back — 6 Comments

  1. 🙂 just borrowed a quote from this for updating my fcbk status, so thank you ~
    wonderfully written ~
    seeds wait until the right conditions ~ nature is wise this way ~ ♥ }}} ~
    the walls fall down and all can see the OZ is just a small, frightened person with a big machine and a curtain ~
    but even he must be Rehabbed ~ for we all count. 🙂
    blessings everywhere among us, thank you all ~ the world unfolds and the eyes of the hearts awaken ~

  2. Excellent energy and motivation.Diana I very much enjoyed reading your offerings here because the “Move” you so wish for is evident and flowinghere in your words.The media may have numbed us, muscles may be sluggish the spirit to move is still there.
    Peace Blessings Maria

  3. Like many things written by Diana-she makes you think, believe and want the picture she draws in your mind. She has a way of making words come alive and putting you in the middle of them as you are her, and you want more…every time.

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