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Worldwide Hippies is a Progressive Media platform for Citizen Journalist.

It is a privately owned company.

If you post Spam articles to drive our readers to your site or other sites, For any reason other than

what is stated in our Mission Statement.You personally,will be charged a fee for doing so.

And your article(s) will not be published.

The fee is to pay for the time it takes to remove your unsolicited Spam.

By your attempt  to Spam Worldwide Hippies (Weboutpost LLC),

You at the Email you used to register on our site. Agree to pay this fee.

A invoice (Bill) will be sent to the email address. Payment Due.

The charge for your malicious (Interference with commerce) Spam articles

is $45.00 per article.

Worldwide Hippies will pursue all legal ways to collect on this debt.

You also agree to pay all legal fees, incurred in perusing the collection of such debt.

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