Internet Spammers

  • Worldwide Hippies is a Progressive Media platform for Citizen Journalist.
  • It is a privately owned company.
  • If you post Spam articles to drive our readers to your site or other sites, For any reason other than
  • what is stated in our Mission Statement.You personally,will be charged a fee for doing so.
  • And your article(s) will not be published.
  • The fee is to pay for the time it takes to remove your unsolicited Spam.


  • By your attempt  to Spam Worldwide Hippies (Weboutpost LLC),
  • You at the Email you used to register on our site. Agree to pay this fee.
  • A invoice (Bill) will be sent to the email address. Payment Due.
  • The charge for your malicious (Interference with commerce) Spam articles
  • is $45.00 per article.
  • Worldwide Hippies will pursue all legal ways to collect on this debt.
  • You also agree to pay all legal fees, incurred in perusing the collection of such debt.

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  1. BPatman October 1, 2015 at 2:01 pm - Reply

    This is like completely bogus. You are nothing but closet capitalists.

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