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By Sherry Pasquarello, WWH/CJE – I try to look for that silver and usually I can find it. Last night it was right in front of me and I was blind to it.

I went out and had dinner and a few drinks at my usually spot. I know almost everyone that is a regular there. I don’t go out much during the week. I’m a Friday night, eat early, home early bed type now. I was sitting at the bar having finished my dinner, just relaxing. There was a young guy about six seats from me and he was sitting with three people that I do know. Thin and dirty looking (though that could have been the lighting) with a sad looking tattoo on his neck he was getting louder as he drank. As he did I caught his words. His speech was woven with the N word and profanity but what made me pay attention was when he looked at the guys I know and said ,”I don’t care what you say, any man in here would shoot a N if you lined him up against a wall.”

THAT opened up my ears! There was some low mumbling and the guy looked surprised. Well, as surprised as someone drunk can be. He then went on to yammer about how much he loves his wife, saying , “even if she’s tiny, she can pack an F’ing punch!” Now THERE’S a skill to hold a marriage together! I was torn between anger and sorrow. He wandered out of the door and I went back to my evening.

It wasn’t until I was home in bed, still a little sick at heart when it dawned on me that the men that I knew, guys that had some bigoted notions from growing up where and how they did , well, they didn’t agree with that kid. I ran the conversation and the looks that passed between those men and I understood that they had disagreed with him. That’s why that kid had gotten so loud and with the tone he did. That is why he changed the subject to his petite but feisty (as it’s called in those parts) wife. It was quite a difference from four years ago when the president had won his first election. It was quite a difference from most of those men’s fathers and grandfathers.

This was my silver lining and it lit up my bedroom.



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  1. Beautiful, Sherry. Yes, you did get your silver lining. It’s all about people to people. Thank you for brigntening my day. 🙂

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