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By  guardian.co.uk, –  Ed Young and his wife, Lisa, will not be practising what they preach during 24-hour stunt, which will be streamed online

An evangelical pastor and his wife will spend 24 hours in bed on the roof of his church in Texas this week in an effort to underline the importance of regular sex between married Christian couples.

Ed Young, who leads the Fellowship megachurch in Grapevine, near Dallas, will not be practising what he preaches during the event, which will be streamed live on his website.

Instead he and his wife, Lisa, will be “doing interviews, answering relationship questions and teaching about God’s purpose for intimacy in marriage”, he said.

Young’s book Sexperiment poses a “seven-day sex challenge” for married couples. After having sex every day for a full week, he advises, couples will be able to “experience the power of marriage done God’s way”.

Young, whose other books include The Ten Commandments of Marriage and Rating Your Dating While Waiting for Mating, first called for his flock to systematically reinvigorate their sex lives several years ago, and has developed his programme into a self-help guide.

On Young’s site one commenter, Cori, said: “Good on pastor Ed Young for talking about this in the church – for too long we’ve been embarrassed to talk about sex, and the devil has had a field day – time for the Christians to take back what belongs to us!”

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