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by Tip O’Neill,tucsoncitizen – As we enter the Hippie Day four day weekend I, along with millions of others, will use the opportunity to gather with family and friends. We will waste kilowatts flittering to the homes of loved ones, gather ’round the family hookah, stuff ourselves with tofu turkey and play hologames or watch futbol on the holo. And few of us will consider the meaning of the holiday.

This is a shame.

Every citizen of the United Americas owes the hippies a debt they can never repay – and that most don’t even understand. Today we live in a world that hasn’t seen a significant war in 40 years. The huge sums that had been wasted on armaments have instead been used to provide healthcare and social services to our population of almost a billion.

Compared to the time of the hippies we have almost no crime or extreme poverty or childhood mortality. Our Gross National Happiness ratings are now right up there with the European Union, despite coming from behind. We can vacation to L5 or even Moonbase Jerry Brown and Health Secretary Elders makes available to everyone Japan’s finest animatronic lovedolls in all genders and races.

It is hard to imagine the path that the Americas might have descended had not the hippies activism succeeded and Richard Nixon been elected President rather than RFK.

In those dark days young men were told that they should follow orders and kill people and that this was “honorable”. Churches were corrupt and in bed with the government, promoting nationalism and militarism. Our most respected Christian church, the Society of Friends, was looked down upon as a minor cult and Buddhism was practically unknown except as asian monks setting themselves afire.

In those days US Presidents could practically guarantee their re-elections by waging war against much smaller nations and had no difficulty in fabricating a lie ( in this case it was “Tonkin Gulf”) to justify the war and make it appear that the US was under threat from the small and defenseless nation. Read more…


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  1. From one radical gay activist to another, thank you for this homage to what was and what might have been, if only hippies had not been denigrated, dismissed, and co-opted by Madison Avenue. Perhaps with this new awakening happening as I write, we will be vindicated and what was will be what is to come. As always we will be there to help, support, advise, and act-up! Thanks for a stunning article.

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