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80,000 Addis Ababa residents eat trash to survive (video)

From ethiopianreview.com – The video below shows a shocking story about 80,000 Ethiopians who survive on trash at the Addis Ababa city dump in an area called Korah. Many of the people who scavenge through the trash are children and women. These people are living under such horrible poverty not because Ethiopia is a poor country. Some of the reason is that Ethiopia’s treasure is being squandered and looted by Meles Zenawi’s ruling party, that educated people who can help develop the country are forced into exile, and that the country is being ruled by a government of idiots.
This video below will make any decent human being sick. The billions of dollars donation collected from around the world by the Meles regime in the name of these people is being used to keep them under such hellish poverty. This is done with the full knowledge and active collaboration of the poverty-mongers at the World Bank and IMF, as well as Western governments who are financing the parasite regime, and training its killers to keep it in power (see here). Ethiopians are smart, hard working people. With the right government, they can make a decent living. Ethiopians do not expect the West to give them their freedom. We are simply asking the U.S. and E.U. to stop giving weapons and money to the brutal, parasite regime that is sucking the life blood of Ethiopia.

And continued are some horrifying pictures of how tens of thousands of children live in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. These people live under such obscene poverty partly because the so-called “government” is busy buying thanks and fighter jets, and building concentration camps, instead of schools. The other reason is that the Ethiopian elite that has the capacity to do some thing about it simply chose to be indifferent. Read more…

Big Boys Toys opens in Dubai

By Alvin R. Cabral,khaleejtimes – DUBAI – Engines are ready to roar and luxury is being taken to a new level as Big Boys Toys 2012 continues to herald itself as Dubai’s premiere lifestyle spectacle, much to the delight of those “who want it all”.
With a throng of visitors flocking the event on its first open-to-the-public day on Friday, an air of excitement and anticipation complemented the best and brightest display off exclusive products and services in adventure, aviation, driving, fashion, lifestyle, marine, off-road, riding and wellness — fit for those who want to take fun several levels up.

And while the event’s title implies a “manly” flavour, it really doesn’t do justice to it; Big Boys Toys is for everyone, it’s that simple. Women and children make up a good chunk of visitors, eager to get into the latest and the best.

Khaleej Times has short-listed some of the very interesting products on display.

Ruluxpro Russian luxury products: Who says weapons are just for mangling each other? Combine a sword’s craftsmanship with jeweller’s art and you’ll be an elite collector up there with the wealthiest celebrities, politicians, government establishments and the largest museums. Starts at Dh37,000, by the way. Chessboards also included.

CXC Simulations Motion Pro II racing simulator: Just reading the comments from real-life professional race drivers tells it all. Full-motion technology, force feedback and state-of-the-art control systems are more than enough to make you feel ready enough to challenge Sebastian Vettel and the rest of the pack.

Seadunes marine boats:Tired of all those usual cruises at the Marina? Then get yourself one of these. A Southland pontoon boat will extend your personal space in to the water, while a Duarry boat will make you assert your “undisputedcauthority” while sailing. Wow! Read more…

Luxury gadgets up for grabs at Dubai’s Big Boys Toys show
RT news – Billionaires converged on Dubai earlier this month for the Big Boys Toys luxury goods show.

The two-day event was launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on February 9 at the Atlantis The Palm resort.

Muhammad Khatar, one of the VIP guests, said: “I came here to see some new technologies. This exhibition really shows us the technological breakthroughs”.

The collection ranged from supercars and private jets to high-performance bikes. An unusual item on offer was a phone number consisting entirely of sevens.

Global economic troubles have prompted producers of luxury gadgets to focus increasingly on oil-rich Gulf States.

The organizers say the Dubai tradeshow yielded record-breaking sales, and that they plan to establish more luxury goods shows in the Middle East.


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