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funny-how-to-pick-up-chicks-comic-picsBy Cindi Silva CJE – I just watched a segment on Anderson Cooper’s show about promiscuity profiling although it wasn’t called that. It was treated as a new concept but one that has been going on for ages. Women have fought to get rid of these stereotypes and profiling forever. Get ready, y’all cuz here it comes …

Promiscuity profiling (just googled it to see if it would come up in a search, it didn’t) I did however just see a show that taught me how to do it. So, if I understood it correctly there are now male dating coaches for men who haven’t already figured out how to – can pay to learn how to hook up with promiscuous women with the intention of a one time hook up.
This concept … I guess you could call it promiscuity profiling … how to spot a promiscuous woman based on hair color, free spirted nature; tats and other non-convent like appearance.  Really? This is considered a skill that male dating coaches are selling to single awkward guys out there that want to hook up without having it go anywhere by teaching them the way women should look when they want to have sex but more specifically one hook-up.
Cooper’s guest said the men should hook up with these women that wanted the same thing and then later when his students wanted to get married they were to look for a different kind of woman – which he apparently also teaches them non-promiscuity profiling … I wonder if that includes wearing convent like apparel and behavior?
No one in the audience thought that teaching men to manipulate women was a very good idea. The question was raised how is this different than the books written to teach women how to manipulate men into marrying them.  Really?!
Isn’t any type of profiling wrong on all levels … and one more thing … Ben Franklin was right … a fool and his money are soon parted. Peace. Until next time, you know what to do! Create joy! Go out there and spread it around!


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