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Student-Led Protests Spread Across Khartoum
Hundreds of university students from campuses across Sudan have led anti- government protests in Khartoum, Omdurman and Bahari for five straight days. The students and their supporters are protesting against recent budget cuts and austerity measures introduced by the Sudanese government early last week in response to its faltering economy.
The cuts have caused food prices to rise sharply over the past week.
Farruk Abu Issa, the leader of the National Consensus Forces, an alliance of Sudanese opposition parties, said the protests will continue until there is a regime change in Sudan.
‘’They are not approving the policies of the government [in which] they are increasing the prices of all necessary commodities and services.’’
Issa said the protests are spreading to other towns across Sudan, sparking fear among
supporters of President Omar Al Bashir that Sudan may be witnessing its own Arab Spring. More…

Protests against military continue in Egypt’s Tahrir Square
Cairo’s Tahrir Square relived its glory days of the revolution on Friday as tens of thousands of flag-waving protesters called on the Egyptian army to relinquish power, in defiance of a stern communique from the generals criticising the Muslim Brotherhood.
All day, through weekly prayers in the baking midday sun to an evening clamour for change, demonstrators, mostly marshalled by the Islamist movement and its allies, called on the military to make good on promises to hand over to a civilian and end the prolonged uncertainty over last weekend’s presidential election.

With the result of the run-off between the Brotherhood’s man and a former general expected by Sunday, there was an anxious mood as many vowed to follow their leaders’ calls to camp out until the army also cancels an order curbing the powers of the new president and revokes its dissolution of parliament.
“This is a classic counter revolution that will only be countered by the might of protesters,” said Safwat Ismail, 43, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who came from north Egypt.
“I am staying in the square until the military steps down.” More…

New Bahrain crackdown: Opposition leaders wounded (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Riot police in Bahrain dispersed protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets as disorder in the country’s capital Manana continued. The opposition claims its leaders have been wounded in the clashes.
The Opposition Al Wefaq organization claims its secretary-general Sheik Ali Salman was shot in the shoulder and back with rubber bullets during demonstrations in Manama. Another opposition leader, Hassan al-Marzooq, was shot and wounded in the chest.
The Bahraini Interior Ministry has yet to comment on the incident, but promised to prevent the Al Wefaq from organizing a protest in the Sehla suburb district of the capital Manana.
The ministry claims the rallies are obstructing traffic. The ministry further says Al Wefaq has already been licensed to conduct a number of protests this year.
“Security forces have been careful in dealing professionally with political leaders but this time was different. It seems a gradual crackdown is going on,” senior Al Wefaq party member Matar Matar told Reuters. “They are closing the small margin for freedom of expression.” More…

Protestors ‘occupy’ property owned by Olympic Orbit designer Anish Kapoor in anti London 2012 demonstration
Protestors have taken over a large property
owned by Olympic Orbit tower designer Anish Kapoor in the first demonstration
against the London Games.
Bread and Circuses, whose members opened up the expensive property in central London today for a celebration of art and music, is an offshoot of the Occupy movement that gave City of London officials a headache over the St Paul’s Cathedral encampment. Its name is a reference to the apparent smokescreen that the Games will offer to politicians looking to avoid more serious social and economic issues.
Members have already created a Facebook page, Twitter account and a blog. Their chief complaint is that the Games are “being used by the government and corporations to take our minds off austerity measures, the global economic crisis and the commodification of everything, even art”.
The group’s members, including a homeless man, claim to have been in the property for around a week. A message on its website said of Kapoor’s “meccano on crack” tower on the Olympic Park: “Apparently ‘public art’, it costs £15 to visit.”
The controversial red observation tower cost £22.7m to build, but the project was helped by the financial backing of steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal. More…


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