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The True Price of a Pair of Jeans: Documentary Offers a Glimpse at the Grim Reality Behind the Outsourcing of Garment Production

Trailer for ‘The Machinists’ a documentary about garment workers in Bangladesh and the true cost of cheap clothing.. The documentary is seen through the eyes of 3 garment workers and looks at their every day lives, their struggles at home, the constant battles they face with their factory owners and puts a face to the men and women who make clothes for our high street.

1367976180_7562_IMG_0758Protesters bring human perspective to tar sands conference
Around 1 p.m. on May 7, 2013, several vocal protesters interrupted the Bureau of Land Management’s State Director Juan Palma as he began his talk on “Energy development on federal lands in Utah: Is government a development constraint?” at the Institute for Clean and Secure Energy’s 2013 Unconventional Fuels Conference at the University of Utah’s Rice Eccles Tower.
View slideshow: Unconventional Fuels Conference 2013
The protesters united against the conference’s theme “Oil Shale and Oil Sands Development in the Western U.S.” specifically protesting the U.S. Oil Sands project near PR Springs and its connection to global warming and the deaths caused by climate change.

“That’s the beauty of America,” says Palma. “We do have to listen to all people.”

While Palma handled the situation with grace, audience members were less tolerant, even going so far as to laugh at the expression of pain of one of the protesters as a police officer escorted her out of the area. More…

4.-Only-YOU-Can-Prevent-Faucet-Fireslowlow-resSmokey the Bear, Anti-Fracking Insurgent  Forest Service seeks to silence Smokey the Bear over fracking

Smokey the Bear thought he smelled a fire in the woods. But as he approached the clearing and saw a giant derrick jutting out into the sky, he realized that what his nose had picked up was the scent of hydrocarbons. It was another piece of evidence that the increasingly widespread method of oil and gas extraction known as fracking was poisoning the environment that he and his human friends depend on. He decided something must be done.

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At least that’s the way that artist, Occupy Wall Street veteran and environmental activist Lopi LaRoe sees it. But last week she received a letter threatening her with jail time and thousands of dollars in fines for enlisting Smokey to the anti-fracking cause.

In the fall, LaRoe created an image of Smokey that altered his famous invective “Only you can prevent forest fires” to “Only you can prevent faucet fires” — a reference to the phenomenon of flaming taps that occasionally occur near where fracking takes place. The adjustment seemed to her in line with the message of conservation Smokey has come to embody. More…

chile007Breaking Down The Barricades: Chile’s Defiant May Day in Photos
May Day brings activists into the street throughout Latin America. Labor has long dominated the social movement scene. As neoliberal reforms have privatized services and weakened labor unions, other movements have stepped up. Over the past two year, the students of Santiago de Chile have reinvigorated resistance to neoliberal reforms. This year, labor groups and students joined together as a crowd of more than 150,000 thousands filled the streets of Santiago to celebrate International Labor Day. More…

Spanish teachers, students mobilize in national anti-austerity protests
With unemployment approaching 27 per cent, Spain has seen no shortage of huge demonstrations – the latest of which led over half of the country’s teachers in a nationwide strike over austerity.

Organizers for Thursday’s demonstrations, which led to mass actions in the capital Madrid as well as Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza, reported up to a 70 per cent turnout by Spain’s teachers, though the country’s education ministry put the figure at 20 per cent.

Protesters, many wearing the green T-shirts that have come to be identified with the education-advocacy movement, marched towards the Education Ministry, calling on head minister Jose Ignacio Wert to resign.

Thursday’s action was said to affect all levels of education, and union pickets were visible across schools and universities throughout Spain. The trigger for the latest demonstrations was a set of changes to the country’s education system, set to be approved on Friday, that would enact new grading systems, enact further funding cuts and place more emphasis on Catholic religion courses. More…

world_01_temp-1367922616-5188d7b8-620x348Thousands in anti-Putin protests
Vow not to let Russian President turn the country into another Gulag
Thousands of Russians demanded an end to President Vladimir Putin’s long rule and said they would not let him “turn the country into another Gulag” at a rally yesterday intended to revive flagging protests.
The repression continues – they are jailing people

But many Russians are frustrated by the opposition’s failure to turn big rallies last year into a sustained challenge to Putin, and the joyous mood of the initial protests has given way to a subdued realisation that his grip on power has tightened.

One protester dressed as the Grim Reaper and held a scythe. Others waved banners declaring “Freedom, elections, democracy, peace” on the same square where baton-wielding police broke up a protest a year ago on the eve of Putin’s inauguration.

“A year has passed and nothing has changed. The protests have diminished and the repression continues – they are jailing people,” said Roman Bryzgalov, 24.

“I have friends who were jailed for the protest here a year ago – it’s personal for me.”
His defiance was typical of hardcore protesters who are determined to keep pressing for change even though Putin, now 60, has responded to none of their main demands for change and shows no sign of doing so in his third term as President. More…

nn20130509a1a-200x200Fukushima activist fights fear and discrimination based on radiation

Sachiko Banba aches for children in Fukushima Prefecture, who worry whether they can lead a normal life.

“Three frequently asked questions from children are whether they are OK to live in Fukushima after they get married, whether they can give birth to a baby, and whether their baby will be healthy,” said Banba, 52, who runs a cram school in Minamisoma, Fukushima, less than 30 km from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

Although tens of thousands of people fled their homes in Fukushima Prefecture following the March 2011 reactor meltdowns, many, including children, still remain. Most heartbreaking to Banba is the discrimination they face based on ignorance, and the likelihood it will follow them the rest of their lives.

628x471More arrested as NC legislature protests continue
More than two dozen members of the NAACP and other activists were arrested Monday as part of continuing protests of Republican policies in the state capital, bringing to nearly 50 the number of nonviolent demonstrators facing charges.

The protestors were arrested Monday by Raleigh and General Assembly police. The number of arrests, as well as the size of the crowd that turned out to offer support, grew from last Monday’s demonstrations, when 17 were arrested.

Many of those arrested last week, including the Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, were among the more than 80 people who crowded into the Legislative Building rotunda leading to the Senate chambers to observe and join in chants of protest.

General Assembly Police Chief Jeff Weaver said law enforcement officials decided to admit them despite last week’s incidents while they determine what the law permits. He said those arrested most recently will face the same charges of second-degree trespassing, failure to disperse on command and the displaying of signs or placards, which violates building rules. More…

DownloadedFile-1Preparing Stone Soup to Protest GMOs
The Stone Soup we made outside the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition last month tasted a lot like minestrone with a dash of free speech. Over 300 safe food activists from across America — including children, parents and retirees, as well as seasoned Occupy Wall Street activists — came together to prepare and enjoy a 50-gallon vat of GMO-free soup out on the sidewalk. The family-friendly approach to last month’s protest is largely due to the nature of who makes decisions on food purchases at supermarkets across America: parents.
Parents want to know if the food that they’re feeding their children has been genetically modified. They do not want to bring their children into harm’s way, so they will avoid protests where they have reason to believe that the police will be heavy-handed. Anyone can occupy a public street corner and hold up a sign, but they must first feel empowered and unafraid to stand in the limelight.

Of course, to solely credit parents like me is to ignore the wide swath of Americans who share the same concerns. Is our government doing enough to protect us from corporations like Monsanto, or working to line corporate pockets — and to hell with our health? Why is America lagging behind countries like China, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan when it comes to honest food labels? The answers to these questions are not only relevant to parents, but to all conscientious consumers. More…

ShowImage.ashxUN protests Israel’s violation of Lebanon airspace

The UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon has protested to Israel after it observed increased violations of Lebanese air space by Israel, which carried out raids in Syria to target what it said were Iranian missiles bound for Hezbollah militants.

Intelligence sources said Israel on Friday and Sunday attacked Iranian-supplied missiles stored near the Syrian capital of Damascus, awaiting transport to Hezbollah, an ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad.


“UNIFIL (the UN Interim Force in Lebanon) says that in the course of the past week it has observed a higher number of Israeli air violations over Lebanese air space,” UN spokesman Martin Nesirky told reporters on Tuesday.

“The UN Interim Force has lodged firm protests with the Israeli Defense Force on this matter asking them to cease the over flights,” Nesirky said. More…


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