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UntitledBy Sherry Pasquarello,CJE –

Yes, I’m looking at YOU, the Congress of the United States. Romper Room kids were better behaved and it seems, smarter on the whole than you.

Whining and having temper tantrums and finger pointing. Wow, time out! Go sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done! While you are sitting there think about the fact that most of the country is on to you. You don’t care about doing what you are supposed to do. You care about keeping your cushy jobs and ALL of the goodies that go with it. You worked, what? 180 days out of 365 last year? Shame on you. We also have figured out that you forgot that you work for us, not “things” even if the SCOTUS declared them living, breathing beings. We also are on to the gerrymandering and the backroom deals.

You may think it’s too late. You may thing that you only need be concerned with your rabid fringe because they can be counted on to turn out to vote, but I hope you saw the writing on the wall with the thousands that stood in lines to cast a vote against your selfish and childish behaviors. We are on to you, just as an adult is on to a kid misbehaving. We aren’t staying home in 2014.

You’ve got one last chance kiddies, quit whining, take a deep breath and decide that doing your job and acting your age just might make you and us feel a lot better.



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