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Lace Up Those Walking Shoes

By Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE – 

The time seems to have come round again. Marches, sweet hippies, marches! This weekend showed the way back to the beginings.

Hope, that’s what blossomed this weekend. Hope, and the spirit to try again. The powers that be may have thought they had us beaten down but it looks like they were wrong and that this is just the beginning! That’s the thing about a big multi- city event, especially when it includes D.C. it’s a crack in the dike of oppression of every sort. And, there’s a lot of oppression in that dike. I know that this weekend can be the start of the people rising up and remembering their power.

We let them take away that belief, that knowledge in the power of the people but it’s not too late! Sadly, there are a myriad of causes to fight for and oppression to fight against. All we have to do is look around us. The injustices are threatening to crush us but our spirits are strong. Watching these marchers and listening to their words gave me hope. When the people rise up and our feet hit the pavement even the robber barons and their pet congresscritters are going to have to listen.

RIGHT ON, sisters and brothers, all people of justice, truth and love,




Today’s Oligarch Curtain of Lies, Theft, Death and Destruction Are Exposed As Never Before

2010-10-29 WORD SUDOKU-OLIGARCHY classic veBy Joachim Hagopian,globalresearch.ca – 

In psychology our belief system shapes our perceptions of the world around us, in fact becoming our very sense of reality. Our primary caregivers, most often our parents, project their view of us and their world onto us and we in turn internalize their views as our own sense of developing self and world view. In this last century the influence of mass media has also come to increasingly shape our world and self-concept. As adolescents and young adults we often change and modify our perceptions of the world based on our own interpersonal experience particularly with peers and movement to finding resonance with a more authentic, individuated self in relation to our surrounding world. But with time and more adult experience often comes an existential dilemma and/or crisis if and when we encounter growing dissonance between what we thought we knew and changing reality input increasingly at odds with our old world view.


Currently in America and many places throughout the world many of us are undergoing a fundamental change in our belief system as we come to realize what we have been taught as reality turns out anything but. Many of us on the planet are currently undergoing a mind-altering, transformative shift in how we view life and our world, in effect causing a simultaneous global shift of belief amongst a sizeable portion of the earth’s population. An unprecedented shift is moving away from what we humans have traditionally and historically been told is the truth to a state of mounting disbelief, skepticism and doubt in what our political leaders, mainstream media and educational systems have been feeding us since we were young. Today more and more people around the globe are waking up to the new emerging reality and insight that what we have historically been taught, socialized and raised to believe politically as the truth is but a crock of outright bullshit. Continue reading Today’s Oligarch Curtain of Lies, Theft, Death and Destruction Are Exposed As Never Before