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Dear Diary: Love Doesn’t Just Exist In Fairy tales Love is everywhere

love-is-everywhere21By Cindi Silva,WWH/CJE – Hello my brothers and sisters at Worldwide Hippies/CJE I am here to remind you that love is all around  us! Love is available to us at all times 24/7 just like the internet – ha ha – even though sometimes we may overlook love or miss it completely as we find ourselves caught up in the struggles and catastrophe of every day living. When you can see that you are working to hard and starting to lose grip on what’s really important take a step out of time and watch your trials and tribulations dissolve by themselves . . . here is an example of what I mean . . .  after reading this you know what to do! Go out there; create joy; and spread it around! Peace and love to you all, Cindi Silva
Dear Diary: Love Doesn’t Just Exist In Fairy tales
Love is everywhere
It’s 2:00 pm on Tuesday,
August 21, 2012
as I write this down
I’m only writing it down because
I don’t want to forget
the special details and highlights
of what started out as an ordinary day
with struggles and challenges
and quickly escalated to troubles
in the way of many inconveniences
as they rapidly lined themselves up
like beads sitting in a jeweler’s tray
waiting to be strung
looking back at it they weren’t that big a deal
yet at the time  . . .
I had enough beads in my jeweler’s tray this morning by 10:00
to start stringing a necklace
by 11:40 I had enough beads and had completed stringing my necklace
which was beginning to seem like a noose tightening around my neck
after getting the wrong day down for my son’s school registration
after we rushed to get ready and made it to registration barely on time;
because I forgot to fill out the registration paperwork the night before;
after going to the pharmacy while we still had the car rental
because there was an expired date on my child’s prescription
I picked up over the weekend
which was actually a mistake and the meds
hadn’t expired yet;
the pharmacy didn’t want
to change labels or correct it; they acted strange;
maybe they were embarrased that they made a mistake
they should have been happy it wasn’t a worse mistake
I was happy; so I let it go
yet I did feel like the noose had tugged at my neck
after I rushed to the bank; only to find out there was
barely enough money available to pay for the
extra day on the car rental which was rented
to move my oldest child back to college;
after buying gas to fill the tank up to 5/8 of a tank
the amount the car rental had when I first picked it up
to avoid over filling the tank required cash and two trips inside
to the retail clerk since I wanted the benefit of my cash