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Monday Monday

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Yeppers, another Monday! More Monday rambles:

I have to admit something- I had been pooh poohing this national obsession with raw greens, especially Kale. Might be a hand me down prejudice from my mom who refused to even say that word. She said that she ate so much of it growing up in a working class Italian family that she never wanted it EVER EVER again. Kale, well it grows like a weed so it was plentiful in their garden. My great aunt grew it in her teeny side yard and it looked nice but evil to me! Early this summer I decided to get a green mango smoothie from this little place where I usually get coffee. It had baby spinach and KALE in it. Surprise, surprise, surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say. It was delicious! So I decided to give it a go at home. I dusted off my old blender (a wedding gift in 1972) and bought some mixed smoothie greens WITH kale and used a big handful along with my Greek yogurt, a banana and a peach. Wow, tasty. So I have been having a smoothie as lunch every day for about two weeks now. I think I feel better. I really do. Cool huh? Never too old to learn something.

I’m hoping that it isn’t a placebo effect because it’s still a ridiculously long election season ahead. I have to admit that the past few days I have been enjoying watching Republican Party trying to solve a problem like the Donald; but I am NOT happy with some of the on-line Clinton sites bashing Bernie. I wish they would not go down that road. Let the Republicans bash each other. We need solidarity. The choices on the right are too dangerous to let win because we tore each other down.


Wow, we’ve picked up a goodly number of new folks on Facebook and our on-line magazine. Welcome, welcome all.

Peace (and Kale)


Baby boomers at risk of becoming problem drinkers in their old age, study says

By STEVE CONNOR/.independent.co.uk – The “baby boomers” are now at risk of becoming problem drinkers in their old age according to a study showing that one in five over-65s who regularly drink alcohol are doing so unsafely.

A survey of nearly 28,000 pensioners in London found a third of them are regular drinkers, and 20 per cent of them are drinking more than the recommended weekly safety limit of 21 units of alcohol for men and 14 units for women.

They found that unsafe drinkers within the age group were more likely to be younger males, white and of higher socio-economic status. Of the 9,248 people in the survey who said they drank regularly, nearly 2,000 were doing so at unsafe levels.

Scientists said that 60 per cent of the regular drinkers and 65 per cent of the heavy, unsafe drinkers were men. People who were ethnically white represented 59 per cent of the study population but accounted for 68 per cent of the regular drinkers and 80 per cent of the unsafe  drinkers.

Read more via…Source: Baby boomers at risk of becoming problem drinkers in their old age, study says – Science – News – The Independent

Taking a Deep Breath

serveimage-4By Sherry Pasquarello/WWH

Or, how First World problems won’t get me down!

Yes, it’s one of those times when I really have to pause, take a deep breath and remember that I am very fortunate to have been born here and not in a third world country were very little of my life is under my control including survival.

Yet, I suppose it is all in what one has become accustomed to having. Odd thing, it surprises me just how easy it is to become accustomed to having more than before. I grew up without a lot of the things that the other neighborhood kids had. That didn’t bother me until I realized it and found out that they knew it too. I suppose we would have had more if my father didn’t have a problem with alcohol but he went to work every day so it could have been worse. I’ve met people that grew up like I did who had it worse. The thing of it is- I grew up knowing how to make do and make it. For most of my married life my husband and I continued that tradition. We worked hard and our daughter did way better and that made it all worthwhile.

Now, we can afford a few things that we never could before. Things like computers and cable T.V. Wow, it is amazing how important those two things have become to us. Even more so when you realize that when we were kids there were three channels on a tiny black and white set and we had a party line when I first learned how to use a telephone!

Well, the other day the cable went screwy and after an hour and a half on the phone with the cable provider trying every trick the guy could think of- we have an appointment for a serviceman to come out mid-week. Oh, and somehow we are not covered for the in home cable even though we thought we were. Somehow it was dropped? Wasn’t by us but not surprised.

The second deep breath I took was over my upgrading to Windows 10! Everything was fine until I tried to use my radio connection in the living room. Nope, nada, nutt’n! I can’t figure it out, neither can my husband. So I sent an SOS to my nephew how works with computers and he’s coming tomorrow.

Me? I’m sitting here a little upset. My hubby is a LOT po’d. He hasn’t learned the art of breathing or of remembering that First World problems are annoying but not critical to staying alive and safe.

Although- if Game of Thrones was still running THEN I might just be one of those privileged folk that people in other countries roll their eyes at.

And, I’d deserve it.

Peace (and prospective )