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Hip Poetry: You Were There (Robert Priest)

WorldWide Hippies–:Hip Poetry 2012! The book is a compilation of some of the worlds best poets and writers.
  Excerpts from the Book Hip Poetry.

Hip Poetry 2012 dances and moves. It brings the challenges in life to the surface. The writers and poets meet today’s horrors, pain, and suffering in the world head on, without blinders, but with the reflection of an undying spirit of hope, peace and love..

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We wanted to offer hope and plausible, peaceful solutions to the world by dealing with them together, sharing as brothers and sisters in a world that sometimes seems to have gone beyond madness.

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You Were   There
Robert Priest

You were there
When the stars fell down
And burned my eyes

When the thirst was at its worst
You stayed without water
To be with me

You were there
When I was nowhere
You walked beside me in the abyss
And when I stood impoverished
With nothing to declare
You were there

I felt it in your touch
I felt it in your care
There was never a time
When I was unaware

of your presence
your essence

Every place I Ieft
You left with me
And when I got anywhere
It was like you had preceded me
It was like you had always been there
awaiting my arrival.


Churchill flashed his famous V sign
it wasn’t for victory
as everyone says
it was for vagina
for Churchill knew
what I know
that there is still not enough praise
for the lining of the vagina
he knew that if anything is a miracle
that the relation between the inside of the vagina
and the outside of the penis
is a miracle

Nixon knew this too
even as he resigned
even as he turned to face the music of his own destiny
he flashed that last peace sign “V”
but my friends
it was not a peace sign
it was Nixon’s way of saying
that the inside of the vagina
is as numinous as it gets

this secret is well known
the lining of the vagina
the shape of the vagina
is a sign
without which not a single
holy thing may be written

Robert Priest.  Priest, is the author of fifteen books of poetry, 3 plays, 2 novels, lots of  musical CDS, one hit song and many columns for Now Magazine .   His words have been debated in the legislature, posted in the Transit system, quoted in the Farmer’s Almanac, and sung on Sesame street. In recent years his stint as Dr. Poetry on the CBC and his poetry videos on youtube and myspace have helped him find a whole new audience. His most recent book: Reading the Bible Backwards  was recently charted at number two on the Globe and Mail’s poetry list. (ECW)
Reading the Bible Backwards can be securely purchased online here:http://www.ecwpress.com/books/reading_bible_backwards
Websites of interest: www.youtube/greatbigfaced
(wherein the author appears naked with horses)
a site where the author’s avatar can be prompted to speak aphorisms
poempainter.com        the author’s official website
Robert Priest also tweets as Doctor Poetry at



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