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Hot Topics

serveimage-1By Sherry Pasquarello,WWH – 

Well, it is damn hot outside which means it is hot in here- no air conditioning. So these are “hot” topics in more than one sense.

Yes, NEXT Thursday the first of the Republican debates is scheduled. Oh, I will be watching. I will also make certain that there will be no heavy objects close at hand. I can’t afford to replace my television. I would hate it even more if I were to miss and hit one of the cats. My dog, Max will be safe in his crate before I start to watch. I don’t want to startle him with loud obscenities. Can any of you believe this train wreck that the Republican Party has become? Even when one of them says something unintentionally hilarious I can only chuckle halfheartedly. They scare the hell out of me. Every single one of them possesses the absolute worst attributes of the human species. ONE of these hateful clowns WILL be the Republican nominee! I might have been able to find comfort in that a few years ago but since the election that the SCOTUS and Jebby gave G.W. and the knowledge that the billionaires have dropped all pretense of respecting our election process- nope I am afraid. They will not be satisfied with anything less than another war and the profits it will bring. They’ve already made it clear that minority and women’s lives mean nothing to them. They have to rely on wealthy white males, bigoted poor whites and fundamentalist Christian women that were raised up to be subservient to men. I don’t think they can win with just that base but money BIG money has enough power to do almost anything. The ONLY way to make sure that it won’t is IF the rest of us show up at the polls. It’s up to us.

A word about cops, I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Just as the majority of ANY group are decent human beings, bad cops are very dangerous. Not ONLY to the public but to their fellow officers who have to bear an extra burden of being lumped in with the bad and with all that might entail. Yes, I know that it must be very hard to deal with the public in the situations police officers deal with day in and day out BUT that is what they signed up and what they trained for. No, I wouldn’t want to have someone yelling at me for doing my job. But hey, protocol is protocol and the officers should remember their training in defusing a situation before it escalates. You cannot act like a character in an action movie. If you find that you are please find another line of work; for your sake as well as the publics. I can promise you that I have and will continue to be respectful when pulled over but that’s because it is in my nature. I have grown up with self-doubt so that even in situations when I rationally KNOW I am in the right- there is a small voice that says I may be wrong. In all but one situation between an officer and myself things were just fine. I was stopped because it was late night and I had college stickers on my little beat up car. Yes- the officers thought I was drinking and driving because of that. Yes- I realize that the time of night and the stickers were not a reason to be stopped BUT I found a lot of humor in the fact that I was the stone cold sober designated driver taking impaired folks home. The other time- well I CAN understand just how quickly things get out of hand. I was in the front of a store in the passenger seat of our old beat blazer. My husband had stopped the car to run into the store for a few minutes tops (can’t remember why). Yes, it is illegal parking. The city officer (the Waterworks mall is city property in the suburbs) cruises up jumps out of his car and starts screaming at me to move the car. I tried to tell him that I couldn’t drive that car but he was having none of it. Thankfully my husband was coming out of the store and he was able to (frankly) kiss butt enough to be let go with a warning. So I do agree with the tweet from Spike Lee, “Telling black folks to “be respectful” to police to avoid dying is like telling women to dress “appropriately” to avoid rape.” That officer scared the living crap out of me along with pissing me off because every damn day there were and are high end vehicles (Beemers, Jags, even the occasional Rolls or Ferrari) parked in front of stores. No one bats an eye as long as someone is sitting in them. Economic status speaks almost as loudly as race in some places.

One last thing if you are in the MAJORITY religion in this country AND you are carrying water for the religious grifters and right wing media whores that insist that Christians in our country are being persecuted – SHAME ON YOU! Persecuted?? How??? You can go to church any time you want. Your churches are not taxed you have parochial schools, you can be reimbursed if you home school. No one is jailing you or shooting you. Government troops are not dragging you away in the middle of the night. You are not being forced into ghettoes or having your businesses or assets seized. You cheapen the memories of others worldwide that have or ARE being persecuted. Not only that but when you insist on a Christian government, you are no better that the people in other countries and of other faiths that are insisting on countries that are governed according to their faiths. You believe that your faith is the true one but SO DO THEY, and both of you have ONLY faith to go on. Each of you, have EXACTLY as much PROOF as the other. Think about it. As long as we here have freedom of or from religion (one specific religion or one of the many flavors of one) you are SAFE from persecution. You may not be the majority in a decade or so-

be smart.

Most of all- Peace


What Are We Becoming?

By Sherry Pasquarello/WWH – 

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.37.06 AMU.S. General Wesley Clark thinks that America should resort to the archaic tactic of putting “lone-wolf” terrorists into internment camps, similar to what Japanese-Americans endured during World War II, reported Talking Points Memo.


I am so ashamed of our selves. I read this and almost cried. Yes, I realize that he didn’t advocate rounding up Muslims wholesale (yet) but what, is his criteria for pronouncing anyone anti-American?

WTF are we coming to if we even entertain this idea. In the first place we should know just how well this works from seeing how Guantanamo worked out. Me? I see a very slippery slope- a slope greased with greed and fear and political ambition. It’s already a given that this damnable idea is un-American and truly about as “unchristian” as I’ve seen for quite a while.

Camps, CAMPS??!! The right wing loons have been yammering on about alleged FEMA camps ever since Obama was elected to his first term and here we have a life- long military bigshot coming out and saying that building re-education camps are a Jim-Dandy idea.

reeducation camps” where have we heard that term before?


Ah yes, communist China, not to mention some science fiction books and movies. I thought these “for profit prisons” we have here were an abomination. Can you imagine what reeducation internment camps would be like? I will bet they will be “for profit”, probably run by Haliburton! I will bet too that IF anyone is ever released their property will have been confiscated and the ex- internee will not get one penny of it back!

How low have we sunk? Pre-emptive war, torture, war profiteers screwing over our troops with shoddy work, and missing pallets of cash, while our troops had to salvage pieces of metal to reinforce their vehicles; Veterans coming home in pieces and our congress using V.A. funding as a negotiation tool- troops at home and their families having to rely on food stamps to supplement their pay- we SUCK as a country! We wave our flag and put stickers on our cars- WTF good does that do?

We kill Blacks and LGBT in the streets for being Black or LGBT and just breathing. We ignore children going to bed and to school hungry. We blame WOMEN for EVERY decision they make in life.

We let our congress-critters divide us using fear- fear of poverty, of other races, religions or sexual orientation. We know better. For pity sake, we’ve lived through being manipulated by these things for generations. We’ve watched the rich get richer and the middle class and the poor go from bad to worse. Some of this we’ve brought on ourselves. Scapegoats make us feel better about ourselves and its far easier to blame a scapegoat than it is to admit that we ourselves helped the 1 percent screw us over.

Face it- we really have no one to blame but ourselves. WE are adults. This is our country and if we are too selfish or proud or pig headed or LAZY to admit that WE are responsible for our fellow citizens and for making our country a beacon of hope and an example of what a nation can offer to the world than we deserve what we will soon reap!

We are running out of time sweet hippies and justice advocates. Oh and –

FUCK Fox propaganda”!

Peace? Not unless we do something – SOON.