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Not Sure, Should I Laugh or Cry?

bbbb.By Sherry Pasquarello/WWH – 

True, I am not sure what I should do, laugh, cry or look for a man behind the curtain. Those of you that have been with WWH for a while know that I am a true political junkie. Make no mistake following politics is not a hobby. It’s an obsession. It’s been one since the late sixties/early seventies. Like any obsession it’s grown though the years. Now that I have an abundance of free time and internet access and a DVR I can do more than scratch at the chicken feed the mainstream media throws.

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist unless you count my deep hope that there really is a Loch Ness monster and that the Scottish government just doesn’t want us to know (a girl can dream).

Anyway, I have had a pretty good record over the years for ferreting out the reasons that, certain political parties or government agencies, local or national do what they do around election seasons. This time round, I am at a loss unless there really are some very convoluted schemes afoot.

What am I (or you) to make of this?

Palin interviewing Trump, why??? Now, a lot of folks laughed (it is funny/bizarre). Some people groaned. I’m sure a lot of the political big shots in the Republican Party may have thrown up a little and some of the other follow the leader wanna be types like Cruz may have been speed dialing Palin before the interview was even over. I want to know why this even found air time. Is it as it seems; just more ridiculous theatre from Trump? If so, what’s his game? Is it a shiny tinsel ball of deception so the electorate looks the other way? It’s so early in this political season is he a plant and if so by which party or which billionaire puppet master buddy of The Donald? Yes, he has money but with these folks there is never enough. Is he, by design so much of a complete loathsome jerk that he will make the rest of the pandering fools in his party look like sane alternatives? Or is he, like some of the normal Republican congresscritters and on air pundits claim a Democrat setting up the Republican Party for ridicule? I doubt that. This- go round the Republicans and their shills a FOX and right wing radio have done a damn fine job of that with no outside help.

So, what’s the deal? I’m tending on the theory that this is some sort of a covert plan. That isn’t good news but as they say, “forewarned is forearmed” and NO I don’t mean that second amendment bluster. I mean forearmed with knowledge and the time to really do something other than piss and moan about it.

All I do know is that despite what the fatalists in our ranks say, our vote, EACH vote must really count or the powers that be wouldn’t even bother with whatever theatre they’ve cooked up.

Peace, it don’t come easy!


Diary of a Teenage Girl, Sex Drugs and a 1970’s Hippie

By John Delia/ACED Magazine – Movie ReviewDIARY-TEENAGE-poster-new

Sex, drugs and 1970’s San Francisco, what more do you need to tell a story about a coming of age teenager? Fortunately there’s enough to make the movie The Diary of a Teenage Girl, a wild and wacky film that leaves nothing to the imagination. Easy to burst testosterone levels of male teens, this feature should sell a lot of tickets to any PG-13 rated film so they can pull off an auditorium shuffle. Although it may attract a number of voyeurs and jerks, seats may still be available for art house folks who want to express their rights as a film buff.

The setting of the 70’s includes hippies in bloom in nearly every park in Frisco, Patty Hearst pointing guns at bank tellers and parties brimming with young people wanting to get a quick high out of life. Even the location’s perfect for this story about Minnie Goetze (Bel Powley) a 15-year-old coming of age virgin who’s got her sights set on being a cartoonist in this free love atmosphere. Every day she draws in her diary or on whatever’s close by and with her hormones raging even her mind paints pictures of her sexual rage. Conveniently for her there’s a solution to her dreams, her mother Charlotte’s (Kristen Wiig) new handsome boyfriend Monroe (Alexander Skarsgård) and she’s about to seduce him.

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