Shhhh, The Dirty Truth of Nuclear

By Edward Croft / Contributor – – Let’s put aside the safety issues exposed by Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima Daiichi. I would like to walk you through two of the least talked about issues with nuclear, the mining of materials, … Continue reading →

The Fukushima Nightmare ( And Main Stream Media Under-Reporting ) Gets Worse

By Harvey Wasserman, – , Just when it seemed things might be under control at Fukushima, we find they are worse than ever. Immeasurably worse. Massive quantities of radioactive liquids are now flowing through the shattered reactor site into the Pacific Ocean. … Continue reading →

Fukushima Nuclear Situation “Deteriorating”

by Richard Wilcox, – Were it not for certain nuclear whistle blowers and outside, independent experts, the public would have to rely on the glib and technically inaccessible reports from Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) or the Japanese government. Not that … Continue reading →