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What Are We Becoming?

By Sherry Pasquarello/WWH – 

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.37.06 AMU.S. General Wesley Clark thinks that America should resort to the archaic tactic of putting “lone-wolf” terrorists into internment camps, similar to what Japanese-Americans endured during World War II, reported Talking Points Memo.


I am so ashamed of our selves. I read this and almost cried. Yes, I realize that he didn’t advocate rounding up Muslims wholesale (yet) but what, is his criteria for pronouncing anyone anti-American?

WTF are we coming to if we even entertain this idea. In the first place we should know just how well this works from seeing how Guantanamo worked out. Me? I see a very slippery slope- a slope greased with greed and fear and political ambition. It’s already a given that this damnable idea is un-American and truly about as “unchristian” as I’ve seen for quite a while.

Camps, CAMPS??!! The right wing loons have been yammering on about alleged FEMA camps ever since Obama was elected to his first term and here we have a life- long military bigshot coming out and saying that building re-education camps are a Jim-Dandy idea.

reeducation camps” where have we heard that term before?


Ah yes, communist China, not to mention some science fiction books and movies. I thought these “for profit prisons” we have here were an abomination. Can you imagine what reeducation internment camps would be like? I will bet they will be “for profit”, probably run by Haliburton! I will bet too that IF anyone is ever released their property will have been confiscated and the ex- internee will not get one penny of it back!

How low have we sunk? Pre-emptive war, torture, war profiteers screwing over our troops with shoddy work, and missing pallets of cash, while our troops had to salvage pieces of metal to reinforce their vehicles; Veterans coming home in pieces and our congress using V.A. funding as a negotiation tool- troops at home and their families having to rely on food stamps to supplement their pay- we SUCK as a country! We wave our flag and put stickers on our cars- WTF good does that do?

We kill Blacks and LGBT in the streets for being Black or LGBT and just breathing. We ignore children going to bed and to school hungry. We blame WOMEN for EVERY decision they make in life.

We let our congress-critters divide us using fear- fear of poverty, of other races, religions or sexual orientation. We know better. For pity sake, we’ve lived through being manipulated by these things for generations. We’ve watched the rich get richer and the middle class and the poor go from bad to worse. Some of this we’ve brought on ourselves. Scapegoats make us feel better about ourselves and its far easier to blame a scapegoat than it is to admit that we ourselves helped the 1 percent screw us over.

Face it- we really have no one to blame but ourselves. WE are adults. This is our country and if we are too selfish or proud or pig headed or LAZY to admit that WE are responsible for our fellow citizens and for making our country a beacon of hope and an example of what a nation can offer to the world than we deserve what we will soon reap!

We are running out of time sweet hippies and justice advocates. Oh and –

FUCK Fox propaganda”!

Peace? Not unless we do something – SOON.


I Just Dropped In- “…to see what condition my condition was in.”

By Sherry Pasquarello/WWH – serveimage-3I can hear it in my mind as I type. Anyhow, just some stuff that has disturbed my normal condition.

The stupid in TEXAS is astounding. Just this morning, I listened to a man explain why he believes that the military, conducting practice exercises there is really “Obama taking away our guns.” He thinks that if they were really military exercises the press and the people would be allowed to observe. Now, me? I figure that our military wouldn’t want observers that could show our enemies how we go about the mechanics of war and I can also bet heavy money that the first “observer or private citizen” that was acidentally injured would have a lawyer before the paramedics got there.

Every evening when I check the last of the political yammering before I go to bed I pray that the clowns on the right, candidate and pundit alike, don’t make us look anymore stupid and childish than we already are. AND WE ARE. Don’t get your hackles up. We ARE just that stupid. I know that some of that isn’t the public’s fault. Multiple jobs and economic burdens aren’t conducive to the ability to check out the truth of the yammering by main stream media. I ask you to just remember back a bit over a hundred years ago. That’s all. Just do a little research. Use Google to make it even easier. Check out sites that explain what everyday life was like for the working poor (there was NO middle class back then) versus the owners of the factories, mills and mines. I think you will see as they say- it’s déjà vu all over again. AND IT HAS BEEN PLANNED!

Trump! What can I say about him and his supporters that he and they haven’t already proven to be true? Remember a few paragraphs ago when I said we are stupid? Now he is supposedly in some sort of Twitter war slap battle with a Mexican drug lord. Jeebus, save us.

Oh and before I stop MY yammering-

Just a little personal note here, I belong to the ACLU. I also belong to the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center). I have belonged to both for years. Therefore, I defend the rights of all people to believe or not to believe whatever they choose as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s rights. That’s what the citizens of our country fought and died for. I also am an administrator for WORLDWIDE HIPPIES and I am usually around a few times a day on our Facebook page. I’m the one that most often spots the porn hacks and deletes them. I wish these folks would find better things to do. Years ago I was also an administrator for an international poetry writers group. Poets can get pretty feisty at times and free speech issues are fairly common discussions. Poets and writers, artists of all types have to grow a pretty thick skin. That said, a few weeks ago I received an ACTUAL death threat. Wow, I thought the troll that insinuated that I taught my kid to give BJs was out there but damn Skippy, having some guy threaten to “cut off my head” was a new one. Now, the way politics in our country is getting I could almost understand this guy’s rabid response to some things that I usually say but this wasn’t about politics. This was because I defended the right of another member to post a Wiccan themed meme. Who knew that we had fundamentalist Christians on a Hippie site? I could have carried on a rational conversation and asked why he felt compelled to threaten a beheading, but why? It’s just feeding a troll and that is what most of them want. I politely told him that if he became a member just because he supports weed he could find many other such sites. The boss (bless you Joe) banned him. We are Hippies, peace and love and do your own thing. We are also open to political activists. We had some things to do with ending the Vietnam War and championing Civil Rights back in the day and we are still here. Some of us are older and greyer some of us younger and stronger but we are STILL here.

Peace –

and whatever gets ya through…