U.S. Corruption: A Summary of Recent Reports

corruption threat to liberty
(image by DonkeyHotey)

  By Eric Zuesse , opednews.com –  On 24 April 2014, Jake Bernstein at ProPublica headlined, “Judge Tosses Retaliation Lawsuit by Fired N.Y. Fed Examiner,” and reported that when Carmen Segarra, “a lawyer, was hired [on 31 October 2011] along with other examiners for her … Continue reading →


Revolution 99% Updates: Deny the People… Celebrate Evil…


Protest Targets Lt. Col. James Wilkerson, Accused Of Raping Kimberly HanksProtesters appeared outside a Tucson, Arizona, military base on Thursday to denounce the Air Force for transferring Lt. Col. James Wilkerson to the base after his rape conviction was overturned. … Continue reading →

Bernie and Matt Taibbi Take on Wall Street (Video)

Reforming Wall Street More than 700 people joined Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi during a series of two town meetings in Burlington, Vt., on Friday to focus attention on the growing power and influence of Wall Street.  … Continue reading →