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imgresby Ken Gage,WWH/CJE – Something is definitely rotten in Oxnard, California. This is also the home (or former home) of some interesting and amazing people.

For example, César Chávez, the famed farm worker and civil rights activist, hailed from Oxnard. Charlie Chaplin had a beach house there. And John Carradine lived in “The Nard” (as it is sometimes called) for many years.

If you caught the news story about it this week, actor Tiffany Six worked in Oxnard too. Only she’s known there by her real name, Stacie Halas. She has been teaching eighth-grade science (Biology, in fact and somewhat ironically) at Haydock Intermediate School, until a recent ruling by the Commission on Professional Competence deemed her unfit for the job.

And how do you become suddenly unfit to teach a middle school science class? Was she teaching Creationism or making some kind of anti-science claims? Snorting Sea Monkeys in a darkened lab room?


Her major “crime” was that she had starred in adult movies. Movies that are available to her students and to the community and, frankly, to the entire world.

Her brief porn career lasted all of 9 months, from 2005 to 2006, culminating in films like Big Sausage Pizza. But as far as certain prudes in Oxnard are concerned, it might as well have been 9 or 90 years long.

In a 46-page decision issued last Friday [January 11th], Judge Julie Cabos-Owen said, “Although 73558_1321380732904_6327871_nher pornography career has concluded, the ongoing availability of her pornographic materials on the Internet will continue to impede her from being an effective teacher and respected colleague.” In effect, the Judge is saying that Stacie Halas may as well embroider a scarlet letter on her clothing: ‘A’ for ‘Adult film star’. And apparently Judge Julie Cabos-Owen (with the suspiciously hyphenated name that most certainly raises eyebrows with the morality police about her) feels former adult film stars cannot ever be respected. And that’s a pretty despicable, arrogant and judgmental attitude in itself, even for a human being who could find no better career than being a judge.

Instead of choosing a bold strategy of defending Stacie Halas’ former film work, her lawyer, Richard Schwab, attempted to distance his client from that work, claiming that Stacie was “humiliated by her previous experience in the adult industry.” But one cannot overcome prudery with prudery, playing up to the prejudiced for favorable treatment. Schwab blew his big chance to adequately defend not only Stacie Halas, but any American who may have held a job that someone in a position of authority simply doesn’t like nor respect. A good lawyer should be able to navigate this legal challenge and protect all Americans from such future prudery.

Stacie now has the option to appeal the commission’s decision to Ventura County Superior Court. I hope she does so. And I hope she gets a lawyer with balls. (Maybe she needs a female lawyer to find the proper cojones for a real defense!)

So who are these moral busybodies who so often claim that self-respecting women should get out of the porn business but, when women actually do, are also Hellbent on attempting to send them back into it? They are people like former Assistant Principal Wayne Saddler, one of over 20 “witnesses” who testified against her saying that porn stars cannot make effective teachers. And people like Board President Ana Del Rio-Barba who said her decision to fire Stacie Halas back in April was the right one: “Ultimately, we were looking out for the best interests of the children.” (Oh, those poor neglected children downloading porn videos on their Smartphones in school to rat out their Biology teacher.) Even the union representative assigned to the 3-judge commission to decide Stacie’s appeal did not side with the dues-paying union-member. (Now that’s worthy of an inflatable rat!) District superintendent Jeff Chancer agreed with the morality hit squad that Halas’ decision to “engage in pornography was incompatible with her responsibilities as a role model for students and would present an insurmountable, recurring disruption to our schools should she be allowed to remain as a teacher.”

As long as we’re experiencing witchhunts like this here in the 21st Century, no one is safe. Sure, we’ve always known that “at will” employees can be let go any time for practically any invented reason. But contract and union employees have generally been better protected. Judging people by a Kodak moment from their past and firing them for it is setting a bad precedent for a nation claiming to believe in freedom and rights and individualism. It’s a slippery slope toward more Fascist narrow-mindedness and arbitrary standards of thought control. Let’s see, who else can’t be an effective teacher? Maybe soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan can’t be good teachers based on the people they’ve killed in battle? Maybe casino workers aren’t up to the job because they’ve been an unrepentant tool of gambling? Maybe YOU can’t be a decent teacher because you read articles at web sites that promote free thought and civil dissent?

What ‘s next anyway? “Oh, we found a picture of you dressed as the Devil for Halloween. Sorry, we don’t think that’s a good role model!”

Stay strong Stacie Halas!!! De cabo a rabo, Judge Julie Cabos-Owen and her ilk are only fit to fellate goats!!!


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