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 by ,You Tube – Noisey’s favourite music writer John Doran, hosts a brand new series entitled The British Masters, where he will be interviewing the most influential and colourful figures from British popular music history.

First up is Roxy Music frontman, and successful solo artist, Bryan Ferry, who is currently celebrating 4 decades in music by releasing an album of his own songs performed by a swing orchestra.

In John’s words “Some of these characters will be more famous than others, some better dressed, some will have better musical chops, some will have a firmer grasp on reality and some will have a better sense of balance but all of them will be masters. And by masters we don’t mean people who keep slaves — although we’ll be speaking to at least three people who like to chain visitors and tradesmen up for recreational purposes. Also we don’t mean the person in charge of a merchant navy vessel — although we can’t rule out the appearance of espadrilles and deck wear. These people are masters in two key senses. Firstly, they have exerted a control over us — even if this was perhaps most keenly felt during our teenage years – the control of our intellect, aesthetic, imagination and even our sexuality. And secondly, they are artists and performers of a rare and unmistakable talent. Bryan Ferry fronted the extremely successful and forward looking art school rock band Roxy Music in the early 1970s before launching a long lasting solo career.”

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