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By Brian McDonagh,Worldwidehippies –

An environmental poem I wrote in my teens:

“Help me” said the tree to the rain, to the air, to the earth, sun and sky
“Help me” said the tree, to a man who was just standing by

“I cannot” said the rain to the tree, “for my clouds are filled with such sludge
and debris”
“Nor I” said the air, “as you know, the clouds are so heavy my winds cannot
“Nor I” said the earth, “even with all my power I can no longer support a
mere flower”
“On me” said the sun, “you can no longer rely, as I can no longer burn
through the film ore the sky”
“Help you?” said the man to the tree as it moaned “Life’s too important to
help you alone”.

He walked away angrily scoffing at the tree pondering on how beautiful life
should be.
The rain and the air, and the earth, sun, and sky were quite puzzled by the
answer from the man standing by

The tree held on desperately until its last breath and pleaded with men right
up to its death
And when the tree withered and finally died…

It fell on a man who was just standing by!

Brian McDonagh – On August 15, 1949 I was born in a little Canadian town in Southwestern British Columbia, Canada. I began getting interested in music in my early years. I heard Louis Armstrong (Satchmo) on the radio and began playing a trumpet my Dad got me from a pawn Shop. Joint a small Jazz Band in my early teens until I heard the Beatles. Switched to guitar, mainly bass, and played in several Bands and a couple of “almost made it” Bands. After the Hippie movement all but died, I dropped back in and went to work for Canadian Pacific Railway. There was so much injustice in the work force at that time I became a Union Rep on night shift. There began my career as a Union Representative. Continued playing in Bands on the week ends right up until mid 1985 when I was elected to a full time Nation Union Representative Position stationed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I served as a full time National Union Representative for the rest of my career, until I retired at 60. I never forgot what my experiences and those wonderful ideals of the 60s. After a period of resting my head, I dragged out my old Bass and Guitars, cleaned them up and started playing music again with my nephew and some of my old friends from Bands gone by. Presently I am working on building a music room in my basement. Growing the hair I have left as long as it will grow.


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