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The Sexual Freedom of the New Woman — 12 Comments

  1. Really great article, Diana. I am still giggling over the use of your mom’s coochie cleaner. We’ve all done it though. Those things were too cool before we knew the actual use for them.

  2. great article–funny and tragic at the same time—i also grew up in the 70’s and i remember what it was like—my parents didnt bullshit me, but they never told me anything either

  3. ~ wow. very powerful. layers of generational mis-teachings all through the world, only now beginning to be unwrapped at the core, of what is Woman, what is sexuality, what is power, what is broken walking wounded ~ our mothers and grandmothers and daughters and toddlers all need to heal and help each other forward ~ just as many walking wounded among men, fathers and sons, as well. the oldest war on the planet, is Gender warfare. sad but true ~

    compassion and speaking truth to power are steps in the right direction ~ respect and thanks for your work in this lifetime to bring light into darkness, for many ~ namaste! ~

  4. My ex is very Catholic. She is still trying to control my daughters sexuality. I allowed my daughter to stay at her boyfriend’s because they were going to a party and it would be late getting home. I preferred her not driving. It was his parents house, and his parents also being religious said separate rooms. So I was cool with that. Not her mother, I got an earful. She went on about how she is trying to teach morality and I am going against that. I am turning my daughter into a slut. It is no wonder, so many women have issues with sexuality when it is demonized. The guilt that is laid on young women.
    I note also that you said about not going home and telling your mother about the incident in the trailer. That is one of the side effects of demonizing sexuality. You just don’t talk about it. That has got to change. Kids should be able to go to their parents with issues. My daughter knows that she can come to either myself or my wife with issues.
    In the end, it is like a psychologist told me. If we don’t break the patterns that our parents were tied to, then we will pass these same things on to our kids and perpetuate the situation.
    thanks for sharing.

  5. An insightful and eye-opening look at sexual inequality in American attitudes toward sexuality. There’s much truth and wisdom here. Something everyone should read!

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