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By Linda Wolf, Worldwide Hippies- You remember the telephone game, don’t you? Think back. We all played it in school, usually in a social studies or gym class. When I was in college, we played it in one of our law classes. The first person was the start, another person was the last. The trick was to get the last person to say the exact same thing as the first person, or starter, said. Easy enough? Shall we? I’ll start. Let’s see if we can make it.

I’ll read my research from my index card. I tell Marie. “On his first day in office, some of Romney’s ‘promises’ are: “to ‘announce’ deficit reductions, demand that China play by international trade rules and repeal job-killing regulations”. Meanwhile, Obama’s ads reinforce his own support of clean air and water for everyone thanks to the EPA, which reinforces standards but costs big corporations money to comply. This leads to less profits. Obama’s ads also demonstrate Romney’s corporate raider attitude by leaving no jobs; reinforces Obama’s experience working to preserve Medicare ‘for now and the future’ and highlights his sacred trust for veterans”.

Marie’s one of my smartest friends. She told Guy, the jock behind her, pretty much what I, the starter, said. Guy listened, picking out key phrases. He would be telling it all to Cathi, the girl of his dreams, who sat behind him. Cathi was pretty with a great set of knockers. He leaned over, and whispered: “Romney and Obama are running for President. Romney has jobs, Obama has empty promises. Romney hates the EPA, which was started by Richard M. Nixon, a former GOP President”.
Cathi was glad Marie didn’t know how to whisper because Guy mostly talked to her chest. When it was her turn, she leaned across the aisle to tell the girl whose name she can’t remember, the one who ‘likes’ everything on Cathi’s Facebook wall. “Guy’s an idiot. Obama backs the EPA, which enforces a healthy environment. Romney ‘announces’ something, but hell, anyone can announce, so I will too. I announce that Romney and the GOP hate women.”

The whispers continue from person to person. The tale twisted it’s way down up and down, like a snake twists and turns. This tale was more like a chameleon, changing colors with each person’s personality and background. Tweets and Facebook Posts soon followed. Some whispered, some were loud. Some were part of the pack, others were leaders, some were individualists or non conformists.

Jan drinks too much. Her newest ‘buddy’ is Nash. Nash has money and buys her drinks, so she agrees with everything he says, tweets and posts. She turned and tapped the shoulder of the ‘nerd’ in front of her. Nash says he’s gay and doesn’t drink. She repeats everything Nash told her. “Obama is the anti-Christ since he won’t present a ‘correct’ birth certificate and loves gays”. Jan giggled before continuing. “Are you gay? You look it.” Jan turned to high five Nash.

Nash was texting with Guy that women are stupid.

The ‘nerd’ was the guy whose math notes Jan borrows. No more, he vowed. Women! Perhaps Guy and Nash had a point? Nerd, whose real name is Brian, repeated a mixture of what Nancy across the aisle was saying with what he smelled from Jan and what Guy said, dutifully repeating to the cute brunette in front of him, Shayla. “Guys and women are stupid. Obama is not gay, Jan drinks, Romney loves corporations and Obama hates them.” “Oh yea, trade with China and announce something.”

Needless to say, by the time by the time it gets back to the starter, the story is watered down, warped and wrong. There are many articles written about this selective hearing and/or seeing. With the political ads that are already bombarding us, serious voters need to realize the moral of the telephone game.

Be careful what you read and hear, because you are only hearing one part of two sides. Don’t take every one else’s word for it, do your own research. Check your own sources and don’t always follow main stream news. There are many alternative news sites and ways to check. Inform yourself, otherwise you’ll still be playing the childish game of telephone.

Linda Wolf lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She is proud to call herself a hippie and lives believes in the true value of peace and love. Her motto: Why can’t we all just get along? 🙂


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    • Not only vote, but the telephone game works in real life and on fb! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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