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 ‘Immunity’ For ‘Sovereignty’ in Afghanistan? 

From rupeenews.com/ – Andrei Sakharov warning against Soviet expansionism by invading Afghanistan “Super militarization of our country, especially disastrous in our difficult economic conditions, is increasing,” Sakharov wrote. “As a result, vitally important economic and social reforms are not being implemented.” Andrei Sakharov Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1975 — writing in an “Open Letter” to Leonid Brezhnev in 1980 .

Soviet authorities arrested him and exiled him to the remote town of Gorky.
“Any future secretary of defense who advises the president to again send a big American land army into the Middle East or Africa,should have [his] head examined.” Robert Gates speaking to cadets at West Point after he retired as Secretary of Defense in 2011.
Michael Hastings has written a prodigious book titled “The Operators”. Hastings’s new book stresses the impossibility of controlling a country like Afghanistan, a point so many have made before.
The Afghan people, first and foremost, are having to pay a price for a war that cannot be won for a continuation of war in defense of empire and also, as was mentioned, thousands of US and other troops have been killed, tens of thousands have been wounded. This doesn’t come close to the casualties on the side of the Afghan people.” Richard Becker, A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, from San Francisco.
Rupee News has always predicted that the US will leave Afghanistan before the 2014 deadline. This prediction has almost come to fruition.
In July 2010, “Rolling Stone” magazine published “The Runaway General,” an article by Hastings that profiled former Gen. Stanley McChrystal, focusing on his hubris, arrogance and his constant pressure on the White House to escalate military confrontations in Afghanistan. The Rolling Stone article quickly led to McChrystal’s resignation. General Petraeus had the same demeanor.
“Once we begin to leave Afghanistan, it will be warlords … who’ll take over.” Michael Hastings
Michael Hastings brings up ‘national discussions about our involvement in Afghanistan often ignore the key negative impacts wars have on Afghanistan and the future of the increasingly troubled Middle East.”
This is a war of empire. It’s a war for resources. It’s a war for strategic position. At the same time, when I say it’s a war for empire I mean that as the largest and most far flung empire that has ever existed, the US empire and the leaders of the US empire cannot tolerate, cannot stand for the idea of losing a war because if an empire loses one war then it’s vulnerability is exposed for all to see. They fear, the leaders of the US empire fear, that it will encourage rebellions elsewhere. Richard Becker, A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, from San Francisco. Read more…


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