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  1. I had the pleasure of protesting a tea party event once. A man walked all the way down to the beach where I was with my sign and offered me coffee and to discuss views. The men accompanying me accepted his coffee, I did not. I wanted to spit at his perfectly polished shoes, I know awful. He debated bullshit that I could have easily refuted in my high school debate team years. He explained we were after the same things. Healthcare for all? No. Higher wages and more benefits? Hell no. A more even playing field for workers and Americans in general? Uh uh. Keeping religion out of politics? The answer made me go temporary deaf. We had so many points in common.

  2. Linda, thanks for the compliment. I guess my real intention is that socialism can work in harmony w/democracy since it is an economic system not a political system. So I believe that you can be a democratic society and yet practice economic socialism. Unfortunately, most people don’t know the real definition of socialism, as an economic policy and see it with as a totalitarian society.

  3. Phil, you have a masterful way with words! I know exactly what you’re trying to say. I learned in school that pure communism/socialism was a good thing, but people messed it up. You know I love you!

    Joe, I see what you’re saying. Socialism is a good thing, but people messed it up. You two are the ying/yang of the same coin!

    You BOTH write well and while I may not always agree, I respect your opinions.


  4. Phil,
    The best part of this supposed “conflict” between the tea “baggers”, and I use that term because they are like the carpet baggers who’s sole purpose was to steal money and keep the poor, poor, regarding “socialism” is one borne out of ignorance and subliminal hatred of anyone who is different.

    But, if you look at all of the programs they want and take advantage of, IE: the Veteran’s Administration (socialism), Social Security (socialism), Medicare (socialism), the Interstate Highway System (socialism), and Yellowstone National Park (socialism) they were all supported by Democrats/Progressives. Ooooooh, there’s that word again, progressives.
    Without PROGRESSIVES these programs would never exist, ( The Civil Rights Act too) The REPUBLICANS would never have supported, nor did they at the time, these programs.


    These white male “faux Christians” just don’t get it! They have what they get because the progressives got it for them. Not the right wing Republicans, not the conservative movement. That’s why you will never have a civil, intelligent discussion with “Tea Baggers”.
    They can’t stand the ideal that everything they get from the government came from PROGRESSIVES!

    Let’s be real, when these people stop with the “Capitalism, good! Socialism, bad!” and learn what these ideals really are maybe they will realize that when they support people who are the so called ‘patriots” in America, and no one else is because they are different, they will realize that those they put in office will only take care of themselves and the “trickle down” will not happen. Tea Partiers are supposedly well-educated”, I think not, racist, bigoted YES! Compassionate NOT!

    They support and herald Ronald Reagan as their icon, but look where his trickle down effect took America! Financially and morally in the crapper. Scandal after scandal, savings and loan, Iran Contra and a load of debt. Yet mention Bill Clinton and the Tea Partiers have a stroke. Why? not because he left office with a strong economy and a surplus, but because he had weakness in his moral character. Not the Tea partiers, no no, Newt, a converted Catholic, who is as shameful person as you will find, he a standard bearer for their party.

    OK, so lets bring religion into the picture, as you did. Jesus had a special sense of mission to the poor and oppressed people. At the outset of his ministry, sometimes referred to as Jesus’ mission statement, Jesus stood up in the synagogue at Nazareth and read from the prophet Isaiah:
    “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” (Luke 4:18-19)
    The biographies of Jesus depict him repeatedly reaching out to those at the bottom of the social pyramid–poor people, women, Samaritans, lepers, children, prostitutes and tax collectors. Jesus was also eager to accept people who were well-placed, but he made clear that all, regardless of social position, needed to repent. For this reason, he invited the rich young man to sell all of his possessions and give the proceeds to the poor. (Matthew 19:16-30, Luke 18:18-30, Mark 10:17-31)

    So where does Jesus say, the rich should get richer and poor, oh well? In fact Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” with regards to taxes. If you make a lot of money pay you fair share is what He meant.

    I find it interesting that whenever the right wing attacks it always attacks those ideals that will benefit others, the majority. Never make decisions based on what good for the most people, just for themselves. Oh, I forgot that’s socialism!

    So, to all those right “wing nuts” out there, remember it was on the backs of hard working poor and average people and the taxes THEY paid that build roads, water systems, mass transit, etc, that made you rich!

    Oh, excuse me socialism. BUT THE RICH GOT RICH because of SOCIALISM!


    Phil, I love ya buddy, don’t have a vertigo attack, just take a deep breath, a nice drag of some good bud and dream for a better place, because when you stop dreaming of that place you might as well turn it in and die.

    Keep the faith, we may be a lonely voice in the wilderness, but sooner or later, hopefully sooner, we as a progressive people will take our country back, making it a place for everyone and not just the few and the rich.

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