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Wake ‘N’ Bake 101 with Dr. Woody – The United States of Amnesia. — 4 Comments

  1. You are quite right- this is definitely not a case of the public deliberately dumbing themselves down- it is deliberate policy prosecuted by the ultra- wealthy, via their putatively independent think tanks and institutes of public affairs.

    An independent, thinking public is by no means in the interests of the financiers of these groups- who are also the owners of all the major media outlets, and the effective owners of the majority of the politicians in the clearly corrupted American political process.

    I would recommend the book “The Underground History of American Education” by the author John Taylor Gatto, for anyone wishing to read a scholarly analysis of why the education system is the way it is. The book is available online at Gatto’s website. It contains quotes from Andrew Carnegie, the Rockefellers and John Dewey- all emphasising why they do not want a populace of creative free thinking citizens. Manyy of these quotes exist in the context of letters as people like the Rockefellers lobbied to set up the education system to do just what it is doing now.

    The strategy to Dumb down America has been going since the 19th century- well before the hippie era. It did, however, really hit its straps when TV was introduced.

  2. It’s long been my opinion, that having a college degree does not mean that you are educated nor qualified for anything. It just means that you showed up most days to an assigned space for four years or more. I worked for many years in the corporate world as a grunt working for the upper echelons. Most could not even write a decent letter. I don’t understand a “business” degree at all. So much of what I saw was just the use of college words framed into complicated manipulations of data to make it seem important. But nothing of any real substance is actually done. Certainly many zeros and ones moved around on a lot of computer terminals, but at the end of the day, or the year, nothing was achieved, nothing was produced, and the whole illusion was continued. And somehow, we celebrated this as being successful in life. The sad part is, that most of those people believe it, that this “murkin” life as you so describe it, is the cat’s meow. Those people that are still employed at the management level are not “getting it” that I can see.

    Thanks for the great thoughts and words. I can only hope that we will be sparked into realization that we’ve all been “asleep” as I learned from Anthony DeMello, and it’s time to WAKE UP.

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