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urlBy Paul Balles,gulf-daily-news.com – I’M tired of politics, of the injustices, the corruption, the assassinations, the gross illegal behaviour of the strong, the plundering of the poor and the indignities wrought on the weak.

While decent working people lose their homes, thanks to Wall Street’s Ponzi schemes, the market manipulators pay themselves outrageous million-dollar salaries and bonuses.

Millions of children go hungry as warmongering US Senate crusaders groan and gasp that not enough is spent (wasted) on military interventions around the world.

According to a Pentagon report, the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba – dubbed the most expensive jail on earth – costs Americans $903,614 annually per prisoner.

Meanwhile, millions of children in urban America, urban South America, urban Africa and urban Asia starve while $150 million annually is spent operating Guantanamo.

In a New York Times article, Scott Shane cited an independent review of interrogation and detention that says: “It is indisputable that the US engaged in the practice of torture and that the nation’s highest officials bore ultimate responsibility for it.”

He outlined some of the abuse that took place.

“The CIA not only water-boarded prisoners, but slammed them into walls, chained them in uncomfortable positions for hours, stripped them of clothing and kept them awake for days on end,” he wrote.

Celebrated human rights organisations blabber their disapproval and nobody listens, nobody cares, nobody acts.

Nothing changes except the rich get richer, while prisoners in Guantanamo would rather starve themselves to death than remain innocents locked up under threat of enhanced interrogation.

Politically disenfranchised children waste away without medical care or food, while the US government gladly pours billions of dollars into Israel’s military coffers.

America’s current agreement elevated Israel’s annual aid from $2.4 billion to $3.1bn and Israeli officials expect the follow-on package to provide incremental boosts to nearly $4bn per year.

Eight thousand structurally deficient bridges in America need urgent repair and maintenance, but American politicians ignore dire infrastructure needs while making overtures to buy drones to spy on the public.

During the Occupy Wall Street protests in the US, hundreds of journalists and people with mobile phone cameras were arrested for photographing the actions of police.

Americans are not stupid, but they are ignorant. They’ve been dumbed down in the schools and at home by the media.

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