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By Sherry Pasquarello,WWH/CJE –

You know the one. The family member or friend that is a pain in the ASS most of the time but once in a blue moon they will do or say something nice. Some thing , that the other people in our lives do every day without thinking about it. Yet when THEY do it we are surprised enough to be almost, if not totally, grateful to them. You know what I mean. The worst thing about it is that if, you happen to be the person that realizes and points out the fact of the misplaced gratitude for someone, simply being thoughtful, the rest of the family or group will think that YOU are the bad guy. Trust me on this.

The other day, our president called us a family. If that is so then at the risk of being thought the BAD guy, I have a few family members that I’d like to point a finger at and ask WHY we , especially the media, should be grateful and praising the members of our family, like-

Pat Robertson, because once a year or so he says something that makes sense. Like his last statement about carbon dating. All of the freaking ignorant hate that he spews every damn day on T.V. and we are making a big deal because he thinks science might have a point about time and dinosaurs! How about Lindsey Graham? Just when it seems as if he has completely turned to a lump of loose bowelled right wing ass kisser he says something ALMOST like a responsible American and people report it with far more weight than it deserves. Boehner, MY GOD, he on the other hand, should know better and have the spine to try to guide his party back from the abyss but with Cantor squirming with the anticipation of replacing him I suppose his lack of one or two verbal niceties that we could be thankful, for is understandable.

Norquist, hell,IF he would to throw a bone our way at this point, I’d throw it back at his head and pray for good aim! That little smarmy bit of snail trail isn’t worth my printer ink. But there have been some surprising moments of lucidity from a few of the yakkers at FOX. Maybe I should, be grateful for those brief moments, but ONLY if they weren’t scripted to give a whiff of respectability to Rupert’s house of ill repute. Oops, see how easy it is to be happy with a teeny bit of good when it’s from a disreputable character. I’ve had a few in-laws, one in particular, who was just a, nightmare that dragged on and on far too long. Almost everyone that had the misfortune to be related or befriended by him came to expect to be used in some way. So, if he did either do or say something kind, even if it was to his benefit to be kind, we overreacted with praise. If one of us didn’t, we were the petty ones.

That seems to have become our way of dealing with our government, local, state and federal. We are STUNNED when one of our elected officials actually does the job they were sworn to do. We make a, “big fucking deal” out of one of them doing the right thing for us instead of expecting them to in the first place. BASSACKWARDS, as my mom used to say. So, at the risk of all of us looking like the bad guys at the family gathering, let’s call it like we see it and point out that our family members aren’t deserving of praise for doing what they should when most of the time they behave like greedy, nasty little brats. Save the praise for the ones that do the job with honesty and humility each and every day.

If we expect it from our kids we damn sure should EXPECT it from the adults among us.



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