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RT,London, UK – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since June, gave an exclusive interview to RT.

Assange believes that all the necessary physical infrastructure for absolute totalitarianism through the internet is ready – and the only question now is whether the process will go all the way.

“The people who control the interception of the internet and, to some degree also, physically control the big data warehouses and the international fiber-optic lines… Whoever physically controls this controls the realm of our ideas and communications, and whoever is able to sit on those communications channels, can intercept entire nations”, he said.

The whistleblower says it’s now cheaper to spy on entire nations than on individuals.

“The United States National Security Agency has been doing this for some 20-30 years. But it has now spread to mid-size nations … What’s happened over the last 10 years is the ever-decreasing cost of intercepting each individual now to the degree where it is cheaper to intercept every individual rather that it is to pick particular people to spy upon.”

Commenting on his ongoing standoff with the British government – which is refusing to grant safe passage to Ecuador, leaving Assange confined to the embassy – he said the situation is better than being behind bars.

“It’s affecting my ability to meet with other people in different countries and to proselytize and things like this. But we should keep it in perspective. There are others who have been in prison also in the past few years. I know that it is a much more serious condition than the one I’m in, and I am fortunately able to give interviews and so on. So at least I have a voice.”



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