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url-2By Sherry Pasquarello,CJE –

Honestly, I am one of the least cranky people you will ever meet. Even though I have depression and have had that black dog since childhood, I am generally the type that searches for the silver lining. This weekend I did my usual news hunt. I checked out cable and newsprint and the internet looking for a subject for today. Something I could give my thoughts on. All that I did was foul my mood. I looked and looked for some take on any of the big stories that might offer a little glimmer. Either I wasn’t looking hard enough or there just isn’t any.

Nope, from the congresscritters to the damn weather, nothing, NOTHING to hang my hopes on. It’s not just in our country either. It seems global. The greed and the fear mongering, the heartlessness and the calculating is everywhere. It’s people. It’s human nature. Some people can be amazingly cruel but they can be dealt with in time. What I’m seeing now is the small casual cruelties in many people. It’s the attitudes that add up. The petty and the everyday attitudes that we tend to overlook in ourselves and our neighbors.

I think those are the hardest to confront. It’s easier to point fingers and blame those congresscritters and the governments, ours and others. The thing is, they wouldn’t be able to do the things that they do to hurt citizens if WE changed our attitudes about the ways we think of those other than us and not just stick with the ones we feel comfortable about.

So, yes, I am cranky this morning. The weather? We can’t do anything about. Our attitudes, our casual cruelty? Yeah, we can. Today, I’m not feeling hopeful about that.



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